10 US Invaders Officially Terminated in Iraq in 24 Hours

Two U.S. occupation soldiers have died in Iraq, one in fighting in the restive Anbar province and the second from injuries sustained in a Humvee “accident.

The U.S. military said Tuesday: A soldier assigned to Regimental Combat Team 7 died Sunday after being wounded in fighting in Anbar.

The US occupation military earlier reported that eight other soldiers also died Sunday in and around Baghdad, making it one of the officially deadliest days for the military in recent months:

According to AFP, the U.S. Army Command Headquarters in Iraq issued a statement Monday announcing that four American troops were killed following the detonation of a roadside hand-made bomb in northern Baghdad.

The U.S. Army also reported that three other American soldiers were killed in two separate explosions in southern and western Baghdad.

Another American trooper was shot dead by the Iraqi combatants in eastern Baghdad.

According to Pentagon’s official statistical figures, since the start of Iraq war on March 2003, 2,633 American troopers have been killed in Iraq.

However, the independent sources including Iraq’s puppets’ news agency announced that since the occupation of Iraq, 12,000 American troops have been killed and more than 15,000 American troopers have been wounded in Iraq. IRIB

No information on the real extent of US casualties on Monday, August 28, was available from independent sources till the filing of this report.


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