kashmir and muslims in general

hello there,

an interesting article with lofty ideals.however  if ur premises were correct then there would be no converts and islam would stagnate. but the opposite is happening islam is growing and is the fastest spreading religion in the world. what about these new converts are they fools ,misguided people not to remain christians, jews,or  hindus if essentially they will share the same fate as muslims in the end in the eyes of God.
do you not care for their souls or are you too busy trying to make the kashmiris bond with the baby killers of the indian army.
i agree that there can be better ways to solve issues and the best way is the Gandhian way of mass protest. for a wrong there has to be a reaction but be it non violent.
but there has been too much evil in kashmir for the kashmiris to forget. they need freedom from india. that is their choice. its like beating a wife and expecting her to stay and telling her its for the best.
indian muslims living in india have made their choice. they have dealt with the radical hindus with the help of the hindu left and have got a slightly better situation now but dont forget gujrat. the muslims in india live at the mercy of the indian moderates. is this a great way to live where u are fearful all the time, afraid of the police, afraid of the army.
bought over muslim politicians who care not for ur community.
show me a muslim country which tolerates  religious riots india style. any arab countries or  muslim ones cant ever be blamed for riots.it appears to be an entirely indian problem.
 so all i have to say is butt out and let the kashmiris make their historic choice.
most likely it will not be a paradise initially but later on maybe.
its the taliban and the mujahideen that have got the us and russia and almost everyone else on the run. its a great achievement for the taliban a ragtag army to do this. they will defeat the americans too if they carry on this way.
what ever means they may employ victory is what matters in the end and they shall write history, atleast if they can write.
the world belonged to the usa and  the ussr and then to usa alone. now islam wants a share of that world too politically, religiously and economically.
islam wants to assert itself. is there any shame in asserting itself being a power on its own. what is radical islam, al qaeda but a naked desire to share power. it is the manifestation of the hunger for power which the west knows all too well..
the europeans killed millions in their quest for power, the us built its superpower status on the deaths of millions and so did the ussr.
apparently power comes through the power of aggression. what has tibet ever achieved for itself.
look at palestine and lebanon  they have israel on the run and its only a matter of time that even israel that great mighty power that  india is in awe of will fall.
the fall of israel will only come after the fall of the u.s which doesnt look too far in the distant future.
islam also will undergo a reformation and the concept of shariat which is based on hadiths, which on the whole is discredited in the eyes of many, will be dismissed.
muslims will once again be known among the enlightened and just as the jews have realized their salvation lies in being learned so will the muslims of tomorrow learn that valuable lesson.
once muslims are learned and treated equally in the family of nations then there can be a new dawn for humanity and science and technology along with the arts will flourish. 
this world obsessed with brittany and paris hilton is not going anywhere till there is a massive shake up in the establishment of this planet.
islamic laws entirely compatible with a modern tolerant view with a scientific western outlook might soon be the reality and might infuse the people of this planet with a new vigor to become idealistic once again. for we are rich materially and so poor otherwise. where is the burning desire for an idealistic world. it has failed many times again but we really in truth need freedom from this so called freedom to do nothing.
maybe JUSTIA as the romans called it will be better served under a new islam. for in this world there is no denying that justice is at a abyssimal state especially for the worlds largest religious faction. the muslims cry for justice under their own governments and various others but it is a paradox that once the cheapest blood on this planet used to be jewish blood is now muslim. millions of muslims have died at the hands of muslims and non muslims. 
do you think that God would disregard the pleas of a billion and a half voices.
indeed i think that change commeth and it might come under a new Saladin.

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