america and its fall

well well mission accomplished is what bush had long sneered at america and the world with. in those cocky and heady days of his when no country could dislodge him from his delusions. i remember i was in new york city and there it was as i joined left wing peace rallies in manhattan, in late 2001 and 2002, there were the jeering crowds of the investment bankers and their ilk who would call us tree hugging hippies and fiddle with their silk ties. they were the ones working in lower manhattan and earning money by the millions and they didnt want the party to stop. they were all bush supporters and they couldnt understand us as we couldnt understand them. their right wing radio stations would be blaring freedom fries and down with “the french”. those useless effiminate french. but over the years just as afghanistan would be the undoing of the mighty ussr, the poor ragged armies of iraq and afghanistan have once again brought down a super power. yes i say it loud and clear this is the beginning of the end of the mighty imperial power of america. brought to its knees by its zionist master. americas fall will only announce the imminent demise of israel. it was only once america went down , was degraded enough would israel be on its own. once israel unguarded by america, it would be at the mercies of the middle east neighborhood the one it foolishly denies belonging to. once egypt and syria, iran and the rest of the arabs close in on israel, cut off its water and electricity and its coastline be blockaded, israel will become another gaza. so its a pity that america has to go down on its knees before it can get up again. but when it gets up it will be a far different creature from that we knew. God bless America


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