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josh and yoni

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Kabul 77

Black Shark Valley

Saltzman was trying to draw up the battle plan when his adjuvant Yoni Greene came running to him. Yoni was an engineer and a good one at that. He had graduated from MIT and he had been picked up by the CIA for his grades and knack at hacking through communications.

“Josh, I’ve picked up something. I have intercepted some Russian communications here and I think they’re moving in faster than even we are” said 23 year old young Yoni.

“Tell me everything right now” said Josh getting excited. Their one week timeline just went out of the window. It was a ‘Go now’ moment. Josh inwardly groaned at what this meant.

“Apparently someone very high up in the Russian high command has sent out the ‘VDV’ from Sochi and a detachment is almost here above our heads as we speak” said Yoni with youthful excitement. He was in awe of the VDV, as he studied almost all the military formations and knew the elite status of the VDV Paratroopers.

“This could only mean Putin” said Josh looking at Yoni affectionately. He was proud of Yoni, not because he was also Jewish and so intelligent, but because he had been offered a job with the Mossad and he had turned them down. The CIA had gotten to Yoni first and Yoni had told the Mossad, that he was an American first and then an Israeli, since he had dual citizenship. The Mossad had then tried to recruit Yoni as a double agent then, and Yoni had reported them to the CIA and Josh his immediate boss. Josh had taken energetic counter measures to have all the involved Mossad men deported from the USA. Some of the Mossad men had held dual citizenships, so they had been stripped of the U.S citizenship and since they could not take this to the Press, they meekly left the United States. Josh had wanted to give these men jail time too, but then the CIA knew, AIPAC, a powerful rightwing Jewish-Zionist lobby, would secretly get involved and there would be a lot of Congressional pressure on the CIA leadership to release them.

It had been decided by the CIA higher-ups to deport these men with a permanent ban on them entering the United States ever again. National Security came first for Americans then Israelis.

After this whole event, Josh and Yoni had grown closer and Josh looked after Yoni as a father. He also had someone shadow Yoni day and night, in case some other Mossad agents tried to make contact, and also to protect Yoni from any possible Mossad retaliation. The Mossad were not known to be good losers.

Josh immediately looked at the ‘Intel’. Almost 500 ‘VDV’ men were on their way with the notorious Shamanov. The American Special Forces in the village were in trouble. They had to be warned. He sent out an immediate ‘Short Burst Data’ message to Angelino warning him of the imminent VDV attack and to take countermeasures. Also he requested ‘Intel’ on the village from Angelino, anything that could help him on making his Battle plan.

“Good work Yoni. Please inform Andy Griffin of the developments too. I’m going to be really tied up here now. I need total silence to make my plan’ said Josh. Yoni went out of Josh’s tent and hurried back to his communications tent.

Josh chewed over the facts. ‘Hell. We’re going to have to go in tonight itself. The Russians want this place too. They know about the Creatures. I think they want to secure these creatures for themselves. Fuck! The foolish human race was doing its best to get their hands on technology that might end up wiping out the human race. And no, he was not talking about the nuclear arms race’ he thought to himself bitterly.

Andy Griffin had already been informed of the ‘VDV’ movements by the NSA that had been one of its satellites monitoring the ‘Sochi’ airbase. The NSA were one step ahead and now with the new ‘Homeland Security Data Share Program’ regulations, the NSA was to share all info with the CIA concerning international events.

Andy had already given the order to the ‘Screaming Eagles’ to lock and load and be on a plane in an hour. It was ‘move out’ time. He wasn’t going to wait for Josh Saltzman the ‘peacenik’ of the SAD. He was going to let Josh think his precious SAD ‘Military division’ actually mattered when it was the Screaming Eagles that the Pentagon and Andy were counting on the most. The SAD military wing was made of old retired Special Ops who were almost done with their services. They had all been handpicked by Josh who was no fool but Andy wanted some young ‘gung ho’ battle ready men for his methods.

The CDC under Dr Cannaris was also on alert and they were preparing to fly in their ‘Hot Zone’ equipment. This was the highest level of containment that the CDC had in their arsenal against Biological threats. All CDC personnel were armed with ‘Tranq’ guns or tranquilizers with a fast acting mix of Propofol and Ketamine with an added secret new anesthetic ‘Inducer’ that could knock out large animals instantly. Dr Cannaris had always favored Ketamine in his formulations, ever since he had gotten addicted to the substance in Medical School. He had gradually gotten off it, but only after he was threatened with expulsion by the School. Somehow he had conquered his addiction but he knew the effects of this powerful drug first hand. Now he wanted to extend this glorious high to his fellow animals too.

Griffin’s order to launch had come as a surprise to Cannaris and he was caught unprepared but the first thing was that he reached for his ‘Tranq’ gun. He knew that when the CIA said ‘now’, it meant now and there had been instances when entire teams had been kidnapped and taken by Helos to active ‘Hot Spots’ without them being adequately ‘prepped’. He was at least going to have his ‘gun’ on him. But he was organizing it as fast as he could. Lab equipment and suits were being rushed in the dark to the airfield. Equipment was going to be dropped directly at the coordinates by powered parachutes with GPS guidance. This was a ‘go go, personnel only’ mission initially. The military men anticipated a few hours of military combat before any contact with the Creatures or anticipated capture. So they were willing to wait for the equipment but they wanted the CDC personnel to be in place right from the start. ‘Yeah right. Good thinking’ thought Cannaris, ‘and what if we run into them right away, then we are on our own’ he thought cynically as he headed to the airfield to the waiting choppers. They were going in ‘Chinooks’.

101st ‘Screaming Eagles’ commander for ‘Eagle Watch’, Colonel Adam Petraeus was in command of the detachment of a 1000 men. The men had been shipped out of Afghanistan, all of them, they had been ‘kidnapped’, while walking the dusty roads of Southern Afghanistan, or ‘requisitioned’ as they said, by 10 Chinooks and taken to ‘Bagram’ airbase where they had been loaded onto giant ‘Galaxy’ transports and flown out. The men were thankful for the rest on the planes, as they had been conducting mundane and routine backbreaking journeys through the frozen wastelands of Afghanistan. The only thing they had seen was Poppy and lots of it. Hell some of them had even started their own processing to make it into Opium with the help of local Afghans. The local cooperation in the poppy business had turned the Screaming Eagles into an instant success story on how to handle the locals! Word had reached CENTCOM of their success and the Battalion had received a positive citation from General McChrystal.

Colonel Petraeus had even received a medal for his commendable local populace ‘engagement’, as he smiled sardonically when he received the medal. ‘Drugs man, it was the drugs’ he thought. He had even tried some of the Opium and it had made his days so much easier. Days had slipped by and the haze of pleasure had only deepened. ‘Stupid White men, thinking they knew all the answers to life’ thought Petraeus. Opium here was not a recent phenomenon but had been used for centuries. It was a way of life and almost every Warrior from this region was known to have been an ‘Opium Head’. The Opium highs had solved so many questions that Petraeus had for God and then after Opium he had none. He didn’t hate anyone, he was loving life and peace and it focused him, channeled his energies from everyday life. He saw the truth and beauty of Afghanistan and the answers that Alexander the Great to Babur the Great Mughal had seen on their Opium highs. Opium had not weakened them on the contrary had only made them stronger, but Petraeus was of the opinion that Opium was not for everyone and certainly not for the weak minded who could abuse it. Opium was a mystical mind opener and like LSD could open up realms of possibilities but only for the initiated.

There was however a huge withdrawal symptom from Opium and that was the only downside as it led to a crazy diarrhea. He was going crazy going to the toilet on the ‘Galaxy’. He was on his 2 day high when he had been shipped out. Now he was thinking of taking another hit when the order came to ‘rock ‘n’ roll’. ‘Fuck’ he thought, there went his chances for a cure for his diarrhea. He hurriedly went over to the toilet. He was in Manas airbase and the flight on the ‘Galaxy’ was going to be a couple of hours. It was 1500 hours. The men were armed with standard M16s versus the Special Forces SCARS. Damn but the boys knew how to do their job no matter what the weapon was. ‘They were tough boys’ thought Petraeus and he loaded his standard issue Beretta .45, checked its clip and holstered it. ‘This was going to be war and he was a warrior!’ he thought to himself as he left the giant Manas Airbase lounge with its fancy food, LCD TVs and onto the darkening airfield where the rest of his men were assembled, waiting for him. The men had their parachutes on and M16s cradled in their arms. They were raring for this drop into a ‘hot zone’. So few and scarce were the ‘hot zones’ these days. They wanted ‘True War’. Someone had said they were going up against the Russians and they were thrilled to hear that. ‘Kick some Russian Ass’ they thought eagerly.


Van Geert and his men on Trial

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Kabul 71

Black Shark Valley

Natasha was wondering what she was doing with her life, she had just shacked up with an unrepentant Nazi who was dreaming of World domination. Where was the world going if this was possible. Surely the man who had treated her so badly could not have touched her. But she had let it happen and he didn’t even have to try so hard. She had wanted it unfortunately. But then she began to think rationally. Ok it had been a psychological need and there was something hypnotic to this older man and she had not found him that attractive as hypnotically magnetic. It was as if being with Sepp would have given some of his powers to her. It was truly bizarre what the mind was all about.

Well she was disappointed with herself was the least she could think. Now here she was as mistress to Sepp, guarded by that crazy Werewolf who had been trapped for much of their lovemaking, before being let out. ‘The poor wolf!’ she thought. Well then there had been a knock on the door and there was talk of more men at the gates of the Village. Sepp was turning this village made of poor starving old Uzbeks into a Nazi base. She wondered at what the wind had brought along this time for Sepp.

Sepp was also wondering at what the hell he was going to do having so many soldiers in the village now. Surely everyone knew this by now. The satellites he knew were watching and it would be hard to mask so much movement and if the Americans were here then surely it would not be long.

“General Sepp, may I have a word with you?” said Wolff catching up with him, as Sepp strode back at a brisk pace to the village.

“Yes Commander what is it? Your unit is now complete and please inform them of my true nature and our mission. Also make friends with the Americans, they’re on our side now and we need them to be battle ready. We expect company any minute” said Sepp interrupting Wolff.

“Yes General, but that’s what I’m trying to tell you. We had radioed NATO about the creatures and everything. They know all about this place. Since they know about this paranormal activity, they will come in very strong” said Wolff feeling apprehensive. He knew the true might of NATO and now that they had betrayed the Americans, he was expecting massive vengeance.

Sepp read the apprehension in him and was kind to Wolff. “Relax, my man, we are men of destiny. Do not falter now. We are Germans. The Fatherland has a glorious destiny planned for us. Deutschland!” said Sepp

Wolff felt his spirits lift and an automatic ‘Heil Hitler’ came from him, his boots clicking and his MP7 dangled dangerously as he did so.

“Gather your men and you take the Eastern front of the village and prepare the ground defenses. We are digging as many tunnels as we can and the Afghans and Uzbeks are hard at work there. Delegate this work to Holm. I want you to join me on the tribunal. Come with me” said Sepp as his thoughts shifted to that pending judgment.

“As you wish General” said Wolff and called on Captain Holm on his radio.

Meanwhile at the police station Ahmed was managing the Tribunal as SS Major. Ahmed was looking severe in his uniform, a reflection of the somber nature of the trial that was taking place. Natasha had been asked to assume the Doctors role should there be summary executions. Natasha was looking grim and would not meet Sepp’s eye as he entered the police station court house. Just hours before they had been here in rather different circumstances as Sepp looked at Natasha. She looked ravishing in her angry way. Sepp couldn’t believe that her mood had changed within minutes. ‘Women’ he thought to himself.

“All rise for SS General Josef Dietrich” said Ahmed rising for the President of the tribunal. This reminded Sepp of Roland Friesler, the bloodthirsty Nazi jurist. ‘What would he have done?’ he thought.

“Right, let the prisoners be brought before this court” said Sepp with authority.

All eyes were turned onto the bedraggled Danes after almost 2 days captivity. They were relieved to be out of their cell, but already their eyes had the look of condemned men. The jury was made of Captain Angelino acting head of the United States Army contingent, Colonel Wolff head of the German Army, Waffen SS Captain Waheed of the IMU and Waffen SS Major Ahmed of the Taliban. The audience was made of Taliban and recent reinforcements from the IMU. The court house was full. Wolff radioed Holm to come on the double.

Natasha stood with Hamza, with whom she felt comfortable with and the big Afghan radiated enough warmth for Natasha to feel safe and cared for amongst this scary proceeding.

‘Just like a Soviet kangaroo court, but this one was Nazi style’ thought Natasha. She had never seen them, but she had heard enough about those courtrooms. This courtroom had the smell of death already.

SS Major Ahmed was incharge of Procedure. “Will the court read out the names of the accused?” asked Ahmed politely.

Rustom Ali of the Higher SS Afghan police stood up to read out the names. Natasha recoiled in horror. It was the same officer who had almost shot her. She looked at Hamza gratefully and he smiled reassuringly at her. ‘What a close shave she had there’ she thought.

“Major Hans Knorr, Captain Van Giert, Sergeant Christian Janssen and Sergeant Jorg Henderson. Stand up all of you and face the President and the charges.

“The charges leveled against you today Gentlemen are being AWOL, sabotage and indiscipline. How do you all plead?” asked Sepp sternly.

“Not guilty, Your Honor” said Major Knorr, and he looked at Colonel Wolff for understanding. Wolff averted his eyes. Major Knorr was going to be the Defense council for the Danes.

“Now let all parties understand, that this is an SS Shari’at court. Both SS laws and Shari’at laws will be applied here simultaneously” said Sepp. “Under both laws any offence listed here is punishable by death if found guilty” he continued.

The Danes looked stunned at this pronouncement. “We are NATO soldiers and we demand a NATO jury. Colonel Wolff is NATO and he knows the NATO laws very well. We are not SS officers and we are not Muslims. So these laws do not apply to us”

“Unfortunately for you Gentlemen, your crimes were committed against us and therefore we will try you according to our laws. The Taliban and SS laws are enforced here” said Sepp keeping his tone neutral.

The Danes had found out to their horror that the Werewolves and Sepp were from the Nazi past. But they had not yet given up hope. After all a lot of Nazism was alive and kicking in Denmark. Why some of them even voted for the right wing fascist parties of Denmark.

So it was then that Jorg Henderson sat up and asked to speak to the court. “Your Honor, I would like to ask for clemency from a fellow ideologue. You see I have a card in my hand. I belong to the Danish People’s party. It’s a Danish Nazi party. I wish to join the SS and be a part of this movement. And so does my friend Van Giert” said Jorg triumphantly pointing at Van Giert, who also had pulled out his membership card which he gave disdainfully to Rustom Ali of the SS Higher Police.

Rustom submitted it to SS Major Ahmed as evidence.

“Does Mr Van Giert also have anything to add to this testimony?” asked SS Major Ahmed.

“Yes Your Honor I wish to inform this SS court that I am a member of not only the Danish People’s Party but also the Dutch Freedom party and am a dual citizen of both countries. I am a loyal Nazi and would wish to serve the SS also in any capacity” said Van Giert, thinking that he was on solid ground.

“Let this court be reminded that we are a Shari’at Court as well as an SS Court” said Ahmed. “We wish to disclose to the Prisoners that some on the Jury are Muslims who might be influenced by your disclosures in their final judgment” said Ahmed trying to remain fair.

It was at that point that some of the reality sunk in to the Danish prisoners. They looked around fearfully, they were surrounded by Uzbeks and Afghans, all Muslims. They had not thought. Their prior elation now took on a somber tone. A dark nightmare descended on Jorg and Giert. They had just pissed off a lot of the jury!

“I understand Gentlemen your desire to join the Waffen SS, but we have strict standards and this goes for all soldiers that join the Waffen SS. I have executed about a 100 of my own Waffen SS soldiers for being ’30 Minutes late’. Do you understand the standards that I am talking about? You men have slept all night, dereliction of duty and you had no official leave. You made the decision yourselves forgetting that you are under NATO command under Colonel Wolff who has now transferred his Command to the Waffen SS High Command. Colonel Wolff agrees with the charges and he will make a statement.

“Colonel Wolff, will you please stand up and make your statement before the Jury?” asked Major Ahmed.

Wolff stood up slowly and looked around the court room, at Holm and the American, Angelino. Natasha stared at him horrified at this German. Her heart was in her mouth. This was the moment. She felt that he would hang these Danes. He was so brutal looking and he seemed full of contempt for the Danish Team 8.

“I am Colonel Wolff formerly of NATO. I was commanding these men and have since transferred my Command with the help of God to the Waffen SS High Command.  These soldiers can be and will be tried by the SS-Shari’at laws” said Wolff looking calm and collected. He looked at Holm and Holm had a big ‘O’ on his mouth. Natasha felt terrible. She was certain at the sentencing now. Why had the young Danish fools opened their mouths? But then they were Nazis and were Racist and Xenophobic. They hated Muslims and probably Jews too. They were not her friends either. But she saw they were young foolish boys with too much anger in them. They needed help not execution.

Wolff continued with his damning words, “I did not give them permission after we had survived the Werewolf attack, for Major Knorr to go to sleep”. The court laughed at this. The Danes didn’t have too many friends here right now.

“Furthermore, I distinctly remember telling Major Knorr to take care of the Medical teams at the mosque and take charge of relief efforts. Major Knorr at no point told me anything and was silent throughout the period and I had to send out Captain Holm to help find him. We found him in the lockup. That is all I have to say. Thank you” said Wolff.

“Now in an SS military court that is sufficient evidence. A Commander’s word against his men, the Commander himself has the authority under SS law to summarily shoot guilty men on the spot. This is the SS law during war time. This knowledge is for the Jury” said Sepp calmly. The Danes looked horrified. Death was coming and there was no mercy in the SS system for it was mostly a Wartime legal system. The Audience cheered and clapped, they were no friends of the Danes and wanted to see them hung.

“Hold on, I’m not finished yet. These were the SS laws. Now we will have to examine Shariat laws. The law states that the existing legal system will take its course, but it will add the element of clemency or a payment in lieu of the crime. Shari’at does not believe in capital punishment where there has been no blood spilled and such has been the case. Therefore in this case if we apply the Shari’at then there will be no Death penalty” said Sepp.

The Danes saw their first ray of hope suddenly but then realized that the SS law still applied to them and their hopes were tempered. Knorr was thinking how ironical now, that they wanted the Shari’at law applied to them versus the SS law.

“Will the jury deliberate and come to its decision please” said Sepp, anxious to get on with the village defenses before the impending attack. He felt the thrill of adrenaline as he could imagine battle again on a large scale.

Major Ahmed brought the jury members together in a huddle. What do you say guys? he asked looking into each of their eyes.

“What are our choices? Its death if we give a guilty verdict right?” asked Angelino. “I don’t want these guys to die for being AWOL”

“We can vote for the Shari’at system if we all want to avoid the death penalty” said Ahmed. He too wanted to show these guys mercy in the end. But he wanted to take into account the SS legal system.

Wolff and Waheed wanted to try the Danes under pure SS law. So there needed to be a compromise, thought Ahmed.

“Guys how about the village defense? We need all available hands in digging the tunnels and we need to send men to the front. We can have these guys dig the frontline tunnels. We give them hard labor and when the battle breaks out, an almost certain death penalty. So we give them a chance to live. If they survive the frontlines then that is their fate. So we have both SS laws and Shari’at satisfied over this sentence” said Ahmed, thoughtfully.

“Yes I love that idea. Its great” said Angelino, he was relieved that he didn’t have to vote to execute them. “I’m with this plan” he said.

“Yes, that’s fine, put those Danish bastards in irons and send them to the front. A soldier’s punishment” said Wolff, satisfied, but he wanted this Team 8 wiped off the Earth as a military formation.

Waheed agreed too, and he was happy with the punishment as he wanted these Danish soldiers to suffer for being so anti-Muslim.

Ahmed handed the judgment to Sepp who read it and smiled. He looked at Natasha who gave him a despondent look.

“Now Gentlemen stand up again all of you. I want to ask you all, before I read out the sentence. Why did you join the Danish Armed Forces. Don’t you know how we destroyed your miserable army in a few hours? How dare you take up arms to fight poor Third Worlders? Feel proud of yourselves? Or try to take out some of the rage that you feel at the Muslim immigrants in your land? What is it?” thundered Sepp.

“We were supporting the War on Terror. We were defending our civilization against the barbarian hordes of Asia. We want Europe to remain pure” said Knorr, knowing nothing could change the sentencing now, so he was honest.

“Ok to the Nazis among you Danes remember that we formed the Nazi party to fight against the oppression from the Jews and Freemasons, against their gangster financial systems, and against the insider trading that was taking place among International Financiers. The Nazi party was a result of the First Great Depression where we felt all the money was being stolen by the Jews. That’s why we wanted to get rid of the Jews. I now see the Second Depression and again I find out it’s the Jews behind the fall of the money markets. Exactly what our Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler had predicted then and which still holds true till this day” said Sepp.

“That is you opinion General, but I think the World Markets are more complicated than that. We all lost money, but I think we are all to blame” said Knorr wanting to debate with this General and spoke his mind freely. The rest of the Danes were actually nodding with Sepp. That was the Free Party position too but they could never really say it in this day and age.

“Well, tell that to Goldman Sachs, Major. Right, I will now read out the Verdict. GUILTY! Guilty on all counts” said Sepp theatrically. “By which law, have they been judged? The Jury has taken a mixed law approach. So we have the Death penalty from the SS law as interpreted by me, but the Jury has cleverly introduced the ‘Mercy’ clause of Shari’at. So now to include both laws the Jury has commuted the death penalty to ‘Forced Hard Labor’ at the front lines, till whatever time there is need for them. They are to be guarded by a Werewolf and the Werewolf is free to administer any justice it deems necessary. A very clever sentence skirting the death penalty, but which is worse, this life or death? Very clever sentencing. Yes I agree with it” said Sepp and banged a ‘Knee hammer’ belonging to Dr Natasha on the table. “Dismissed everyone!”

Sepp rose and stormed out of the room with about 20 Afghan SS men, their jackboots hammering the stone floor and the sound echoing in the tall gloomy building.

To the Front!

The Danes were elated and were hugging each other, after so many torturous hours, they had survived.

Natasha in the village with Sepp

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Kabul 76

Black Shark Valley

Natasha was wondering what was wrong with Sepp and why he was ignoring her. After the judgment at the courthouse, he had left without a word and had not said anything to her after that. She knew there was a war going on but, there was something about taking care of your lover!

Well she had been won over by Sepp again when he passed a merciful judgment on those Danes. And she could look him in the eye again. He had again redeemed himself and was not the monster that she thought he might become. God knows what kind of crimes he had committed over his lifetime in the Waffen SS and working so closely with Hitler, even driving Hitler around in his Mercedes all over Germany. Those two must have had some fun times together, planning and hatching secret plans against their fellow men while picnicking and god knows what. She meant to ask him more on that. She was curious to know what even Hitler was like when not waging total war against the World.

Anyways for now, she was taking a stroll in the village and she observed the harsh halogen lights and the men working like ants. The IMU men she could make out had oriental features and were shorter men than the towering Afghans and easy to differentiate. The Germans were spacemen from another planet and as she made her lonely way to the German sector, half hoping to catch a glimpse of Sepp. Actually that’s why she was going there, she admitted to herself. She didn’t really care how deep were the trenches, or how many RPGs the Afghans had spread over the terrain, nor how good were Sepp’s defenses. She cared mostly about herself and now Sepp.

As she approached the German sector she could hear something very strange. It was the sound that she had never heard. She wondered what it was and she rounded the corner to the ‘Eastern front’s wall, she was struck by an amazing sound.

Hundreds of Germans sitting together and singing songs and even the Wolves were there almost looking like comrades. Sepp was singing lustily there and he had tears flowing down his cheeks freely. The Germans didn’t care and the men in spacesuits sang lustily like they were in a German World cup game. She felt a little bitter, so this was what Sepp was doing, fighting a war indeed, when he could have been spending time with her. She was getting angry thinking about it, but then he saw her and he waved her over.

She almost ran over to him, and had to check herself so that she maintained her dignity, infront of hundreds of Germans and Wolves. She made it to Sepp who put his arm around her and he said to her, “They’re singing my song” as if it was the most beautiful song ever. It actually sounded like hundreds of the coarsest voices in a choir of the musically challenged. It was horrible!

“I hope that this isn’t what he’s going to listen to all the time. I hope he doesn’t want this to become ‘our’ song” thought Natasha madly.

The men had no clue at what Natasha was thinking. All they saw was Sepp’s babe had arrived and that was that. They continued singing “Ich hatte einen Kameraden” and the only thing missing was the beer!

Sepp felt grand he was singing his song, surrounded by his men and a woman by his side. This was how life was meant to be.

Natasha was realizing this and curiously she felt the good cheer, yes here was a point that everyone was letting go of all their feelings, and here it was all good energy. Too bad she didn’t know the words, or she might have joined in.

Then the song ended and Sepp wiped his tears and looked around. Natasha took his hand and led him away, the Wolves followed at a distance.

“So you had quite a moment there with the soldiers” she said kindly to him.

Sepp was still suffering from the emotional outburst there. “Yes those Germans are magnificent. They still have honor in them, a fact that I thought that the new Germans had lost” said Sepp proudly.

“Well that’s great Sepp, everything happens for a reason. I was wondering why you have come to this region and at this time. I was thinking about it deeper through the day and I realize there is much injustice in this region. You might just be here to right things here. The President of this country is a savage and so are the rest of them. The people yearn to be free here” said Natasha.

“Now I know why I like you so much, Natasha, it’s because you have a brain” said Sepp.

“And so do you” said Natasha.

The Wolves trailed the couple in the dark night as they crunched along the hard snow. But the clouds were darkening and soft snowflakes began to fall again. It was snowing again!

Colonel Wolff looked up at the sky, horrible memories flooded back to him. He was traumatized by the snow, the previous night and ever since the mission had started he had been inundated with horror and snow. Blast! It was not a good omen for the night. He looked at the German boys, oblivious to the snow in their technological suits, with their 3D video visors oblivious to the snow. They were still seeing things 20/20. They had sung so well and it had been heartwarming to see an salt like Sepp remember his glorious German past.

‘We are Germans and the best’ thought Wolff. He was very glad he didn’t have to deal with the Team 8 anymore. He had singlehandedly almost ensured the destruction of the Danish battalion. They had been so irritating and insufferable that it hardly seemed like a crime to wipe them out. Anyways the deed was done he thought. ‘And fuck NATO’ Wolff thought contemptuously, as he threw down his cigarette and didn’t bother to sub it out. What was it going to burn down, the village?

Ahmed was a worried man, he knew the Russians and Americans were coming and Sepp’s plan was to make a sort of a last stand. The Taliban war strategy had been never to really make a stand anywhere, else they risked annihilation. They were a guerilla formation and here Sepp was making a stand. Well he did have the Werewolves and God on his side, so he was trusting in Sepp. But militarily he knew that they would not last against a combined Russian and American assault. ‘And those bastards were probably bringing in the best of the best, their most elite units. Great!’ thought Ahmed grimly as he planted a Korda in his sector and fed a magazine belt into it. Atleast there was plenty of weapons and ammunition thanks to the IMU who had trucked in loads of Uzbek weaponry from a nearby secret IMU base. ‘Allah Akbar’ thought Ahmed and felt all his apprehensions melt away. ‘Simple faith had so much power in clearing doubts away’, he thought happily.

Waheed was quite happy looking at his sector’s performance. He was going to show them the Uzbeks were no slouches when it came to fighting. The Uzbeks were in awe at the massive Germans in space suits. They were like alien soldiers and they had been awed by these men. And not one, but hundreds had flown in as if they were birds. And they still wore their packs on their backs as if they would lift off at any minute. Wow what men! Waheed was happy that they were on their side.

Sepp and Natasha had walked it over to the Western sector, controlled by the Americans. “Where are your men, are they coming? Do they need a sort of an invitation?” asked Sepp, when he saw Angelino.

Angelino shook his head and said, “I don’t know what’s up, they were supposed to be here. They’re Special Forces, they’re probably skirting the village as we speak to make sure it’s not a trap” said Angelino knowing them only too well.

“Well my Wolves are getting hungry you know. It’s not wise. The window that I have given for them might expire and they will be eaten. That will not be my fault” said Sepp with a hard look, but then Natasha squeezed his arm and said, “Oh Sepp, be nice to them. They’re working so hard and they are your men now” said Natasha enjoying her new role.

Angelino shot her a smile and whipped out his phone and made a call on his Iridium this time instead of the usual ‘SMS’. To hell with everything, he had range now. The United States had moved an Iridium satellite to this area for better coverage. They were coming and were coming in big.

The call went through and the bell rang as the Iridium phone vibrated loudly in Wignall’s cargo pants. He was shocked at this. There had been very few bars just an hour ago for reception. Something was up and it meant important NATO and American forces were going to be operating here soon. The giant American war machine was coming. That was great news. They were all going to be saved!

“Hello, this is Captain Wignall”, said Wignall, to hell with call signs.

“This is Angelino, what’s up man? So glad you are alive. Now listen carefully. We have a situation here and I want you to dogtail it to the village as fast as you can. Captain Wignall, you have a window of 10 minutes and do not fire at anything. Repeat do not engage in combat. No matter how strange it may seem. Your lives depend on it. Run straight. No course deviation. Approach through Southern sector. It’s manned by friendlies. Understood?” asked Angelino.

“Yes Captain. We are on our way. ETA 10 minutes” said Wignall and the line went dead.

“Yandribayev, Yahuda, move, move” screamed Wignall, he didn’t have to tell Roberts and Sweeny, they were hardwired to his mind already. “We run straight into the village. Stand down your weapons. No combat engagements. No fire! Follow me, everyone on my lead now!” continued Wignall. He was all business. This was the Special Forces way, to cut through the bullshit and to have movement ASAP.

Wignall and Yandribayev had been skirting the village and they were trying to ascertain who was in that village, gather some ‘Intel’, the way they were trained to approach centers of population.

But now Wignall had set course and was running as fast he could. His assault rifle swinging side to side, but he didn’t care and Sweeny and Roberts took off after him. The Chechens stared at the Americans for a split second and they were after them like a pack of Hyenas. “Davai!” Yahuda shouted. “Davai!” echoed the rest of the Chechens. As the men ran they saw a strange sight indeed on their FLIRs, men working in the snow with chains on, as if scrubbing the ground. As Wignall ran, he saw one of the men reach back and pull out a round object and plant it in the snow. These men seemed terrified in the dark. They were blind men, since they had no FLIRs on them. Then suddenly there was a nearby growl. The men stiffened and ran faster. The Wolves were here too! But they had been told to ignore everything and run into the village. ‘Somebody knew something more than them’ thought Wignall. They were finally going to get answers to the mystery here

Dutch Elections

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Infact that is why i ditch the Easterners for the Westerners, for they don’t spew so much rhetoric as do people from the East. as Nietzsche said, we must make ourselves into something better. the west especially Europe has been engaged in this endeavor to become the Overman. America tragically has very little intellectual thought save for the Jewish intelligentsia, that was expelled from Europe and they continue that tradition in a Zionist bent. however Europe must rise again in Intellectual thought. true intellectual thought must not be confused with Nazi ideology. to the Easterners, the Europeans must stand as a beacon and standard, of what they too can become. not the other way round!
the Easterners are all too used to fascism back home! but they must Achieve and establish’ Being’ as Heidegger would say.

Chapter 67, ‘love and clarity’

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Kabul 67

Black Shark Valley

“Come Natasha, Sepp is in the Court house deliberating the sentence to be carried out today. He is inside. This is your chance to get a Pass before things really get crazy. The Armies are coming from all sides and there will be a lot of anarchy. Better to have you pass rather than get shot in the confusion. This village is going to see hell” said Hamza earnestly as he led her through the antechamber from the Police station into the Court house.

Hamza sent in Natasha where Sepp was standing quietly looking into the distance. Tall in his Russian Great Coat, he had grown more and more into the commanding General who used to wield power over the lives of Hundreds of thousands if not Millions.

“Hello General” said Natasha, preferring not to get on his bad side. God know where his nasty Wolfmen were as she looked around in this dark ancient Soviet Court house. It was filled with old ancient Soviet furniture. There was a small chandelier that hung from the ceiling and it gave out some weak light, only served to make the mood more somber and made Natasha even more afraid. She was getting tired of being afraid. She was not used to this kind of a lifestyle.

“So Natasha you return. Things have changed since we met last time haven’t they?” asked Sepp, curious for perceptions.

“You are now the Master of this Village!” said Natasha needling him.

“That was not what I meant” said Sepp. “Things are happening in this village, have you not noticed. As we speak German Soldiers are coming and joining us. We have new ideology. We are becoming more powerful. American soldiers believe that we are Angels from God. They believe in us. Germans and Uzbeks, and Taliban are all convinced in my Divine Mission. The men are convinced. I’s convinced. What about you Natasha? Are you convinced of my Mission?” asked Sepp turning to Natasha.

“Well your Wolves are certainly Paranormal. Surely there is a better explanation than involving God in it. I have a few questions. Why are the Wolves wearing some sort of uniforms and why do they look like black uniformed SS soldiers, grown into Wolves. You as an SS officer, they are naturally inclined to you. You are their leader. You are all SS, maybe from the same SS unit” said Natasha in a rational voice.

Sepp was flabbergasted by this analysis. How could she know all this? She had really observed all of them closely. She had the advantage of watching all of them detached and thus had formed the most rational explanation.

Natasha wasn’t done, she continued. “I had read a lot on Himmler’s fascination with the Occult. I think that he finally managed to do it. It was Himmler and his crackpot ideas and he finally managed something”.

“Yes exactly, exactly!”said Sepp excitedly. He had never expected this astute observation from a woman but here she was.

“I am overjoyed that there is someone here who has been able to figure out the situation as it was driving me crazy. Now that you know all this, I must kill you” said Sepp.

Natasha looked sharply at him, but there was smile playing on his lips. “Oh really you want to kill the person that actually knows you now. The one person that can understand the situation” said Natasha. “Or are you afraid that the men won’t think that you are God’s messenger anymore”

“On the contrary it only strengthens the point that God let Himmler’s experiment happen. He allowed it to happen and sent us here at this time. He wants us to influence events here. We have indeed been chosen by God” said Sepp triumphantly.

“Josef, what about you family? I’m sure you had a family and loved ones in Germany. What about them? What would they say?” asked Natasha.

That point hit Sepp hard. A lot of his vulnerability was that he didn’t say goodbye to his family. He had been forced, arrested and left for dead in some ‘time continuum’. His family were left guessing. His wife, Greta would have wondered for the next 20 years where he was, what had become of him. Her love for him had been boundless and he had grieved on that point everyday. It was his only sadness.

Natasha saw that she had scored a blow and Sepp had crumbled. Alas this was not a blow that she had wanted to score. She had let her tongue slip in the heat of the moment. But she was curious about his family and if this SS man had ever loved. Was he capable of that emotion or was he only there to command men till Eternity?

Sepp had turned his mind to Himmler and this was where he wanted to wring that former chicken farmer’s neck. That Himmler had only to ask him and he would have done it for Germany and it would have been an honor. But the ultra practical sinister swine would have known that the ‘operation’ would never have been sanctioned. No the only way even the all powerful Himmler could have done it was to have done this ‘Extraordinary Rendition’. Some things never change inside big States.

“Sepp, I’m sorry for asking that question, please accept my apologies” said Natasha. Sepp turned and looked at her, trying to figure out her place in all this. He sensed her power, her observation and her attachment to this ‘Village Operation’. Surely there was a higher meaning here in her presence. Sepp now was a firm believer in ‘Taqdir’ or Fate as the fatalistic Taliban. ‘The sheer arrogance of the West to think that they knew it all’ thought Sepp.

“Sepp, say something” said Natasha getting a little worried.

“Relax, all is well, it’s just that your words sent me into a tizzy, a world of thoughts that I am only now exploring. Yes this is your role here. Yes!” said Sepp, realizing that as a woman she could produce emotion in him which would send him down a different chain of thoughts and even decisions. For the first time he realized that women did have power over powerful men. Also an insidious Power!

“You are not making any sense here. My role? I have been kidnapped and now I’m in the middle of a war zone. My whole life has been crushed and I have seen enough blood for a lifetime. I’m still in shock. I was almost shot today by your soldiers!” cried Natasha, “Do you know how that felt, the man was loading his gun. I felt like one of those Jews about to be shot by Nazis”

“Yes I heard about that. Here is your pass. I had it made specially. But listen about the shooting as a Jew, don’t even go there. All this blame on Nazis. Look what is happening in Israel and the Occupied territories. What about the Palestinians there? Please spare me the Jewish suffering” said Sepp.

“Listen Sepp, I’m Jewish, understand, I have read everything that has happened to my people. But look at me, I’m here in this miserable, wretched Muslim country called Uzbekistan. I could have been having a cushy life in Israel, in a nice Medical Hospital or University. A chance to have a comfortable life and lots of money. I have a lot of my relatives in the USA and I could have settled there. But I did not. I am here in this village, to serve these Asian looking people, and do you know why?

“No” said Sepp listening intently.

“Because I’m proud to be Uzbek, no matter if these simple people are poor and have nothing to offer. I don’t care I have my savings. I never went to Israel because I never wanted to live on another People’s land. I was offered money to live and work in the West Bank, but I refused. So you are very wrong there about me” said Natasha her eyes blazing, even in the dark it was enough to light up the room. A Werewolf lurking in the shadows felt threatened and disappeared.

Sepp was trying to find some words to say but he was again lost for words. He looked at the Werewolf shuffling around uncomfortably in the silence. ‘Poor Bastard’ thought Sepp.

Finally he faced Natasha. “Well what can I say? You are the first Jew I met that has an independent mind. That’s good for you. If we all thought independently then the 21st Century holds great promise for all of us. I am not here to wage unlimited war on the Human race. My destiny here is to end this Global War. It looks like it’s going to take a Nazi to end it” said Sepp, glad that he had this conversation with Natasha. It answered a lot of his questions.

Natasha was brimming with emotion. All her deepest thoughts had been vented here. She had confided all her thoughts that she hadn’t even known existed in her. Her emotions were brewing in her mind. She finally looked at the Wolfman who was trying to make an exit past her through the only exit in the room. He seemed to reflect all of Sepp’s emotions. ‘Curious’ thought Natasha. ‘They seemed to be hardwired together, all the SS soldiers, dead or alive’ she thought.

Sepp handed her the pass. She examined the pass and she saw that it even had a SS seal on it. She was relieved to see her ‘Pass’ had no Swastika emblems on it and she took it gratefully.

Sepp was meanwhile wondering if he should hug her or something. He felt that they had a ‘moment’ or something back there and was wondering about it. She didn’t look married and he was hesitating.

“Ok so I’ll see you later. I’m going to go to my House, or whatever it is now with your men there” said Natasha, and she held out her small hand, with slender fingers. Sepp stared at it for sometime, after all the Afghans and Werewolves, that hand seemed most incongruous. But he still took it and it felt soft and he was savoring it. Maybe a little too much as Natasha was calling his name.

“Sepp you can let go of my hand now. It’s alright” said Natasha. Sepp was embarrassed but she didn’t make any effort to take her hand back. “Maybe you should greet like the French” she said and kissed him on both sides of his cheeks.

He was pleasantly surprised, ‘Ah those soft lips’ he said to her. She blushed inside the dark room. The Werewolf was now distinctly uncomfortable over there and was desperately trying to find an exit in the Court room.

Sepp stared into Natasha’s eyes. She was also wondering what to do. She knew if she let him back to his men, there was no bringing him back. She was somehow drawn to him, his magnetic charm that worked so well on men, was working on her too.

Sepp didn’t want to ruin the moment and say something. He was staring into her eyes now and realizing how beautiful she was, how her hair was and that she smelled pretty good. His hands slid around her waist and that killed it. For both of them, the signals became too strong.

“Let me practice that French kiss again” he said hoarsely and he planted his lips onto her cheeks near her lips. ‘I think I’m on her lips’ he thought. Natasha didn’t move, her heart was beating fast. Sepp then moved to her lips and felt the softness of her lips even more. If his hard cheeks liked it, then his lips went into a tizzy. Natasha almost swooned, it was too much of an emotional explosion. But they enjoyed the ‘fireworks’. The Werewolf at some point then was put out of the room.

A chapter from my upcoming book, ‘Black Shark Valley’

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Kabul 66

Black Shark Valley

‘Intelligentsia’ a beautiful Russian word had haunted Waffen SS General Josef ‘Sepp’ Dietrich for most of his life. He knew that he had been born into a working class family and therefore had no time like those elegant Nobles and Berlin elites to sit in their studies and spend time, just thinking or like those tenured professors at Universities , to walk around gardens and lakes and just think and formulate philosophies and natural laws.

But he had secretly yearned to be that man that could think. Part of the reason that he had chosen Adolf Hitler was that the man was a thinking man and was creating new thought. This was what had excited him. Of course in the  nineteen twenties there were so many of these ‘thinkers’ all over Europe as new thought had found a fertile ground after the First World War. Then he had hitched his star to the Nazi ideology and he hadn’t needed to think but just act and be a part of it. It was hugely satisfying and now he realized that he was alone here and he needed to bring out some new thought on how to manage this whole show in the forests near the Tien Shan Mountains in the Ferghana Valley.

The men were not only waiting to see his brave deeds, but they were relying on him intellectually. That was a complete leader. A man who was brave enough on the battlefield, but also brave enough in standing by his ideology and having new thought.

‘You needed real balls to stand by your ideology if it was anything anti-Zionist in nature, these days’ he thought bitterly. ‘Ask Barak Obama’, he thought to himself as had read about this lame duck President who had ideology, but could not enforce it. He was a bystander.

He, ‘Sepp’ was not a man of that stuff. He was a soldier and he would enforce his ideology. He knew that there were only two dominant ideologies left on this planet, after the fall of Communism and Nazism. The ideologies of Zionism and Islamism. These two ruthless Ideologies were now governing World policy, as Capitalism had more or less failed to capture the mind. Capitalism was more of a state of economic reality which was expected to fail and thus the Citizens were accepting of it and lived with it with lower expectations.

However, among pure Ideologies, ideologies that could not fail, after the fall of Communism and Nazism, had left two purist ideologies now for the 21st Century.

Zionism could not fail as it was promised by God and the collective suffering of Thousands of years. That was and it was the promised land or Yisrael. The Earthly Salvation from God. So all sacrifices were possible and if an occupied People offered Resistance, they were to be sacrificed on the altar of Zionism. Zionism was to be pursued with a Fascist mindset of full spectrum dominance of the very minds of the People.

Islamism utilizing the grievances of hundreds of years of Colonialism and now Zionism, almost 400 years of War with the Christian Crusaders and the grinding Poverty of the Third World had given rise to a ruthless ideology that too pursued its ends without consequences to the means employed.

The most interesting thing about Islamism was that it was mostly geared towards resistance to World Powers. As long as the World Powers used military power, Islamism would only grow stronger and offer military Resistance exactly as the West would want it to. Islamism was becoming the Alter Ego of the West. The West was shadowboxing with an ideology that lived deep in their own Psyches. The only true weapon that Islamism had, being a sophisticated response by poor Third Worlders, was to utilize the enemies’ own weapons against themselves. It was death by a thousand cuts, guerilla tactics enshrined in its core. It would use the dark power of the Western mind to manifest itself larger and larger in their minds. Islamism aimed to please the darkest desires of the alter ego. The nuclear weapon being one of the darkest fears of the Western World. ‘As the West fantasizes about it more, the combined fevered thoughts might just bring it to reality’ thought Sepp.

However then there were the left wing people, hippies, spiritualists, yogists, new age Buddhists, sufis,young people, and philosophers or simply people too well educated, who had lost all fear of Islamism. These were people who had breathed air into their minds, they had matured to a level, where ordinary fears and primitive egos had long been defeated, had been long abandoned on their road to spiritual advancement. These were people who had no primitive fears left anymore, their attachment to the Worldly basic in nature, they had ascended much of that, and thus were people that Islamism had no meaning for. Islamism preyed on fears but when there was no fear there was no Islamism, it did not exist.

However Zionism with a primitive attachment to Worldly assets, namely Land and money was terrified at this Worldly loss. Zionism that had become the very enemy of the ethereal and spiritual nature of life and religions, including Judaism. Zionism believed in a very concrete existence of land, of being securely grounded to reality. Zionism had no time for the unknown, it was based on harsh reality and thus had a motto to deal with all enemies to the harshest degree. It was akin to Nazism which had believed in Lebensraum or Greater Germany. Zionism believed in greater Israel too and its end was to that purpose. There was no higher purpose of Zionism than to accrue as much land for the Jewish people, as Nazism had for the Germans. Zionism had subconsciously identified with Nazism and had internalized it for its own similar ideals.

Because let us not forget that Theodre Herzl had grown up in the heady days of Pure Idealism that was found in Europe in the late nineteenth century where powerful philosophical minds had thought that anything was possible. This included Nietzsche, Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Mao and a galaxy of other pure thinkers. All these ideologies had failed one by one. The only remaining philosophy incompatible with a futuristic, twenty first century based on equality, was Zionism.

Zionism had proved to be the most resilient and toughest out of all the philosophies mostly because of its opposite nature, because of its insidiousness, its opportunistic nature. Only in the demise of powerful philosophies, it had grown stronger as it had fed on their carcasses.

Zionism had fed on the dead body of Nazism after the war and had grown into the State of Israel, it had fed on the demise of Pan Arabism and had grown stronger occupying more Arab lands, including Jerusalem. Zionsim had then eaten from the great body of Communism, had eaten its heart, its wealth and on its people. Zionism had swelled and its stomach was full but it had fed on some of the worst and cruel ideologies the world had ever seen.

What happens to the person who has fed on the most foul? The internal guts of Zionsim are now tearing, the body and mind are poisoned. Judaism is being posisoned. It also has a most implacable enemy, not Islamism, not by a long shot. The true enemy of Zionism is the ideology of the 21st century, the ideology of the Young and Free. The young and old people who have become used to living without Communism, Nazism and the all powerful Capitalism. The free people will defeat this shackling of Israel and America.

The hard body of Zionsim will crumble to dust and there will be nothing to feed on but dust. Only when Zionism crumbles will we finally lay to rest the ghosts of Nazism and Communism which power the Soul of Zionsim.