A chapter from my upcoming book, ‘Black Shark Valley’

Kabul 66

Black Shark Valley

‘Intelligentsia’ a beautiful Russian word had haunted Waffen SS General Josef ‘Sepp’ Dietrich for most of his life. He knew that he had been born into a working class family and therefore had no time like those elegant Nobles and Berlin elites to sit in their studies and spend time, just thinking or like those tenured professors at Universities , to walk around gardens and lakes and just think and formulate philosophies and natural laws.

But he had secretly yearned to be that man that could think. Part of the reason that he had chosen Adolf Hitler was that the man was a thinking man and was creating new thought. This was what had excited him. Of course in the  nineteen twenties there were so many of these ‘thinkers’ all over Europe as new thought had found a fertile ground after the First World War. Then he had hitched his star to the Nazi ideology and he hadn’t needed to think but just act and be a part of it. It was hugely satisfying and now he realized that he was alone here and he needed to bring out some new thought on how to manage this whole show in the forests near the Tien Shan Mountains in the Ferghana Valley.

The men were not only waiting to see his brave deeds, but they were relying on him intellectually. That was a complete leader. A man who was brave enough on the battlefield, but also brave enough in standing by his ideology and having new thought.

‘You needed real balls to stand by your ideology if it was anything anti-Zionist in nature, these days’ he thought bitterly. ‘Ask Barak Obama’, he thought to himself as had read about this lame duck President who had ideology, but could not enforce it. He was a bystander.

He, ‘Sepp’ was not a man of that stuff. He was a soldier and he would enforce his ideology. He knew that there were only two dominant ideologies left on this planet, after the fall of Communism and Nazism. The ideologies of Zionism and Islamism. These two ruthless Ideologies were now governing World policy, as Capitalism had more or less failed to capture the mind. Capitalism was more of a state of economic reality which was expected to fail and thus the Citizens were accepting of it and lived with it with lower expectations.

However, among pure Ideologies, ideologies that could not fail, after the fall of Communism and Nazism, had left two purist ideologies now for the 21st Century.

Zionism could not fail as it was promised by God and the collective suffering of Thousands of years. That was and it was the promised land or Yisrael. The Earthly Salvation from God. So all sacrifices were possible and if an occupied People offered Resistance, they were to be sacrificed on the altar of Zionism. Zionism was to be pursued with a Fascist mindset of full spectrum dominance of the very minds of the People.

Islamism utilizing the grievances of hundreds of years of Colonialism and now Zionism, almost 400 years of War with the Christian Crusaders and the grinding Poverty of the Third World had given rise to a ruthless ideology that too pursued its ends without consequences to the means employed.

The most interesting thing about Islamism was that it was mostly geared towards resistance to World Powers. As long as the World Powers used military power, Islamism would only grow stronger and offer military Resistance exactly as the West would want it to. Islamism was becoming the Alter Ego of the West. The West was shadowboxing with an ideology that lived deep in their own Psyches. The only true weapon that Islamism had, being a sophisticated response by poor Third Worlders, was to utilize the enemies’ own weapons against themselves. It was death by a thousand cuts, guerilla tactics enshrined in its core. It would use the dark power of the Western mind to manifest itself larger and larger in their minds. Islamism aimed to please the darkest desires of the alter ego. The nuclear weapon being one of the darkest fears of the Western World. ‘As the West fantasizes about it more, the combined fevered thoughts might just bring it to reality’ thought Sepp.

However then there were the left wing people, hippies, spiritualists, yogists, new age Buddhists, sufis,young people, and philosophers or simply people too well educated, who had lost all fear of Islamism. These were people who had breathed air into their minds, they had matured to a level, where ordinary fears and primitive egos had long been defeated, had been long abandoned on their road to spiritual advancement. These were people who had no primitive fears left anymore, their attachment to the Worldly basic in nature, they had ascended much of that, and thus were people that Islamism had no meaning for. Islamism preyed on fears but when there was no fear there was no Islamism, it did not exist.

However Zionism with a primitive attachment to Worldly assets, namely Land and money was terrified at this Worldly loss. Zionism that had become the very enemy of the ethereal and spiritual nature of life and religions, including Judaism. Zionism believed in a very concrete existence of land, of being securely grounded to reality. Zionism had no time for the unknown, it was based on harsh reality and thus had a motto to deal with all enemies to the harshest degree. It was akin to Nazism which had believed in Lebensraum or Greater Germany. Zionism believed in greater Israel too and its end was to that purpose. There was no higher purpose of Zionism than to accrue as much land for the Jewish people, as Nazism had for the Germans. Zionism had subconsciously identified with Nazism and had internalized it for its own similar ideals.

Because let us not forget that Theodre Herzl had grown up in the heady days of Pure Idealism that was found in Europe in the late nineteenth century where powerful philosophical minds had thought that anything was possible. This included Nietzsche, Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Mao and a galaxy of other pure thinkers. All these ideologies had failed one by one. The only remaining philosophy incompatible with a futuristic, twenty first century based on equality, was Zionism.

Zionism had proved to be the most resilient and toughest out of all the philosophies mostly because of its opposite nature, because of its insidiousness, its opportunistic nature. Only in the demise of powerful philosophies, it had grown stronger as it had fed on their carcasses.

Zionism had fed on the dead body of Nazism after the war and had grown into the State of Israel, it had fed on the demise of Pan Arabism and had grown stronger occupying more Arab lands, including Jerusalem. Zionsim had then eaten from the great body of Communism, had eaten its heart, its wealth and on its people. Zionism had swelled and its stomach was full but it had fed on some of the worst and cruel ideologies the world had ever seen.

What happens to the person who has fed on the most foul? The internal guts of Zionsim are now tearing, the body and mind are poisoned. Judaism is being posisoned. It also has a most implacable enemy, not Islamism, not by a long shot. The true enemy of Zionism is the ideology of the 21st century, the ideology of the Young and Free. The young and old people who have become used to living without Communism, Nazism and the all powerful Capitalism. The free people will defeat this shackling of Israel and America.

The hard body of Zionsim will crumble to dust and there will be nothing to feed on but dust. Only when Zionism crumbles will we finally lay to rest the ghosts of Nazism and Communism which power the Soul of Zionsim.


One Response to “A chapter from my upcoming book, ‘Black Shark Valley’”

  1. I was drawn in immediately by your topic and your writing flows beautifully. I think your descriptions are put together very well.

    I really enjoyed reading this preview chapter of your book — I read it immediately upon following your link. I did not put it aside for later, even though I’ve just gotten online and am interested in getting updates on various issues — your opening words caught my attention and I stayed here, reading it through to the end. This is a huge compliment to your work!!

    As an aside, you might be interested in reading “Zionist Relations With Nazi Germany”. I’ve transcribed most of it, because it’s very hard to find and expensive to purchase, although I lucked out and got a tattered copy for just a few dollars. I’ve posted most of it here: http://ninathedog.livejournal.com/

    I stopped transcribing as I found myself getting more and more upset with what it was saying, as it confirms my deepest fears about Zionism. Intentions to finish it have been put off for months but it’s on my “to do…someday” list.
    If you pressure me, I will finish the transcription. I will finish it anyway, but if you need it sooner than that, please let me know.

    Thank you very much for sharing this chapter of your book! It’s an honor and a privilege to leave the first comment 🙂

    thank you!

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