Chapter 67, ‘love and clarity’

Kabul 67

Black Shark Valley

“Come Natasha, Sepp is in the Court house deliberating the sentence to be carried out today. He is inside. This is your chance to get a Pass before things really get crazy. The Armies are coming from all sides and there will be a lot of anarchy. Better to have you pass rather than get shot in the confusion. This village is going to see hell” said Hamza earnestly as he led her through the antechamber from the Police station into the Court house.

Hamza sent in Natasha where Sepp was standing quietly looking into the distance. Tall in his Russian Great Coat, he had grown more and more into the commanding General who used to wield power over the lives of Hundreds of thousands if not Millions.

“Hello General” said Natasha, preferring not to get on his bad side. God know where his nasty Wolfmen were as she looked around in this dark ancient Soviet Court house. It was filled with old ancient Soviet furniture. There was a small chandelier that hung from the ceiling and it gave out some weak light, only served to make the mood more somber and made Natasha even more afraid. She was getting tired of being afraid. She was not used to this kind of a lifestyle.

“So Natasha you return. Things have changed since we met last time haven’t they?” asked Sepp, curious for perceptions.

“You are now the Master of this Village!” said Natasha needling him.

“That was not what I meant” said Sepp. “Things are happening in this village, have you not noticed. As we speak German Soldiers are coming and joining us. We have new ideology. We are becoming more powerful. American soldiers believe that we are Angels from God. They believe in us. Germans and Uzbeks, and Taliban are all convinced in my Divine Mission. The men are convinced. I’s convinced. What about you Natasha? Are you convinced of my Mission?” asked Sepp turning to Natasha.

“Well your Wolves are certainly Paranormal. Surely there is a better explanation than involving God in it. I have a few questions. Why are the Wolves wearing some sort of uniforms and why do they look like black uniformed SS soldiers, grown into Wolves. You as an SS officer, they are naturally inclined to you. You are their leader. You are all SS, maybe from the same SS unit” said Natasha in a rational voice.

Sepp was flabbergasted by this analysis. How could she know all this? She had really observed all of them closely. She had the advantage of watching all of them detached and thus had formed the most rational explanation.

Natasha wasn’t done, she continued. “I had read a lot on Himmler’s fascination with the Occult. I think that he finally managed to do it. It was Himmler and his crackpot ideas and he finally managed something”.

“Yes exactly, exactly!”said Sepp excitedly. He had never expected this astute observation from a woman but here she was.

“I am overjoyed that there is someone here who has been able to figure out the situation as it was driving me crazy. Now that you know all this, I must kill you” said Sepp.

Natasha looked sharply at him, but there was smile playing on his lips. “Oh really you want to kill the person that actually knows you now. The one person that can understand the situation” said Natasha. “Or are you afraid that the men won’t think that you are God’s messenger anymore”

“On the contrary it only strengthens the point that God let Himmler’s experiment happen. He allowed it to happen and sent us here at this time. He wants us to influence events here. We have indeed been chosen by God” said Sepp triumphantly.

“Josef, what about you family? I’m sure you had a family and loved ones in Germany. What about them? What would they say?” asked Natasha.

That point hit Sepp hard. A lot of his vulnerability was that he didn’t say goodbye to his family. He had been forced, arrested and left for dead in some ‘time continuum’. His family were left guessing. His wife, Greta would have wondered for the next 20 years where he was, what had become of him. Her love for him had been boundless and he had grieved on that point everyday. It was his only sadness.

Natasha saw that she had scored a blow and Sepp had crumbled. Alas this was not a blow that she had wanted to score. She had let her tongue slip in the heat of the moment. But she was curious about his family and if this SS man had ever loved. Was he capable of that emotion or was he only there to command men till Eternity?

Sepp had turned his mind to Himmler and this was where he wanted to wring that former chicken farmer’s neck. That Himmler had only to ask him and he would have done it for Germany and it would have been an honor. But the ultra practical sinister swine would have known that the ‘operation’ would never have been sanctioned. No the only way even the all powerful Himmler could have done it was to have done this ‘Extraordinary Rendition’. Some things never change inside big States.

“Sepp, I’m sorry for asking that question, please accept my apologies” said Natasha. Sepp turned and looked at her, trying to figure out her place in all this. He sensed her power, her observation and her attachment to this ‘Village Operation’. Surely there was a higher meaning here in her presence. Sepp now was a firm believer in ‘Taqdir’ or Fate as the fatalistic Taliban. ‘The sheer arrogance of the West to think that they knew it all’ thought Sepp.

“Sepp, say something” said Natasha getting a little worried.

“Relax, all is well, it’s just that your words sent me into a tizzy, a world of thoughts that I am only now exploring. Yes this is your role here. Yes!” said Sepp, realizing that as a woman she could produce emotion in him which would send him down a different chain of thoughts and even decisions. For the first time he realized that women did have power over powerful men. Also an insidious Power!

“You are not making any sense here. My role? I have been kidnapped and now I’m in the middle of a war zone. My whole life has been crushed and I have seen enough blood for a lifetime. I’m still in shock. I was almost shot today by your soldiers!” cried Natasha, “Do you know how that felt, the man was loading his gun. I felt like one of those Jews about to be shot by Nazis”

“Yes I heard about that. Here is your pass. I had it made specially. But listen about the shooting as a Jew, don’t even go there. All this blame on Nazis. Look what is happening in Israel and the Occupied territories. What about the Palestinians there? Please spare me the Jewish suffering” said Sepp.

“Listen Sepp, I’m Jewish, understand, I have read everything that has happened to my people. But look at me, I’m here in this miserable, wretched Muslim country called Uzbekistan. I could have been having a cushy life in Israel, in a nice Medical Hospital or University. A chance to have a comfortable life and lots of money. I have a lot of my relatives in the USA and I could have settled there. But I did not. I am here in this village, to serve these Asian looking people, and do you know why?

“No” said Sepp listening intently.

“Because I’m proud to be Uzbek, no matter if these simple people are poor and have nothing to offer. I don’t care I have my savings. I never went to Israel because I never wanted to live on another People’s land. I was offered money to live and work in the West Bank, but I refused. So you are very wrong there about me” said Natasha her eyes blazing, even in the dark it was enough to light up the room. A Werewolf lurking in the shadows felt threatened and disappeared.

Sepp was trying to find some words to say but he was again lost for words. He looked at the Werewolf shuffling around uncomfortably in the silence. ‘Poor Bastard’ thought Sepp.

Finally he faced Natasha. “Well what can I say? You are the first Jew I met that has an independent mind. That’s good for you. If we all thought independently then the 21st Century holds great promise for all of us. I am not here to wage unlimited war on the Human race. My destiny here is to end this Global War. It looks like it’s going to take a Nazi to end it” said Sepp, glad that he had this conversation with Natasha. It answered a lot of his questions.

Natasha was brimming with emotion. All her deepest thoughts had been vented here. She had confided all her thoughts that she hadn’t even known existed in her. Her emotions were brewing in her mind. She finally looked at the Wolfman who was trying to make an exit past her through the only exit in the room. He seemed to reflect all of Sepp’s emotions. ‘Curious’ thought Natasha. ‘They seemed to be hardwired together, all the SS soldiers, dead or alive’ she thought.

Sepp handed her the pass. She examined the pass and she saw that it even had a SS seal on it. She was relieved to see her ‘Pass’ had no Swastika emblems on it and she took it gratefully.

Sepp was meanwhile wondering if he should hug her or something. He felt that they had a ‘moment’ or something back there and was wondering about it. She didn’t look married and he was hesitating.

“Ok so I’ll see you later. I’m going to go to my House, or whatever it is now with your men there” said Natasha, and she held out her small hand, with slender fingers. Sepp stared at it for sometime, after all the Afghans and Werewolves, that hand seemed most incongruous. But he still took it and it felt soft and he was savoring it. Maybe a little too much as Natasha was calling his name.

“Sepp you can let go of my hand now. It’s alright” said Natasha. Sepp was embarrassed but she didn’t make any effort to take her hand back. “Maybe you should greet like the French” she said and kissed him on both sides of his cheeks.

He was pleasantly surprised, ‘Ah those soft lips’ he said to her. She blushed inside the dark room. The Werewolf was now distinctly uncomfortable over there and was desperately trying to find an exit in the Court room.

Sepp stared into Natasha’s eyes. She was also wondering what to do. She knew if she let him back to his men, there was no bringing him back. She was somehow drawn to him, his magnetic charm that worked so well on men, was working on her too.

Sepp didn’t want to ruin the moment and say something. He was staring into her eyes now and realizing how beautiful she was, how her hair was and that she smelled pretty good. His hands slid around her waist and that killed it. For both of them, the signals became too strong.

“Let me practice that French kiss again” he said hoarsely and he planted his lips onto her cheeks near her lips. ‘I think I’m on her lips’ he thought. Natasha didn’t move, her heart was beating fast. Sepp then moved to her lips and felt the softness of her lips even more. If his hard cheeks liked it, then his lips went into a tizzy. Natasha almost swooned, it was too much of an emotional explosion. But they enjoyed the ‘fireworks’. The Werewolf at some point then was put out of the room.


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