Natasha in the village with Sepp

Kabul 76

Black Shark Valley

Natasha was wondering what was wrong with Sepp and why he was ignoring her. After the judgment at the courthouse, he had left without a word and had not said anything to her after that. She knew there was a war going on but, there was something about taking care of your lover!

Well she had been won over by Sepp again when he passed a merciful judgment on those Danes. And she could look him in the eye again. He had again redeemed himself and was not the monster that she thought he might become. God knows what kind of crimes he had committed over his lifetime in the Waffen SS and working so closely with Hitler, even driving Hitler around in his Mercedes all over Germany. Those two must have had some fun times together, planning and hatching secret plans against their fellow men while picnicking and god knows what. She meant to ask him more on that. She was curious to know what even Hitler was like when not waging total war against the World.

Anyways for now, she was taking a stroll in the village and she observed the harsh halogen lights and the men working like ants. The IMU men she could make out had oriental features and were shorter men than the towering Afghans and easy to differentiate. The Germans were spacemen from another planet and as she made her lonely way to the German sector, half hoping to catch a glimpse of Sepp. Actually that’s why she was going there, she admitted to herself. She didn’t really care how deep were the trenches, or how many RPGs the Afghans had spread over the terrain, nor how good were Sepp’s defenses. She cared mostly about herself and now Sepp.

As she approached the German sector she could hear something very strange. It was the sound that she had never heard. She wondered what it was and she rounded the corner to the ‘Eastern front’s wall, she was struck by an amazing sound.

Hundreds of Germans sitting together and singing songs and even the Wolves were there almost looking like comrades. Sepp was singing lustily there and he had tears flowing down his cheeks freely. The Germans didn’t care and the men in spacesuits sang lustily like they were in a German World cup game. She felt a little bitter, so this was what Sepp was doing, fighting a war indeed, when he could have been spending time with her. She was getting angry thinking about it, but then he saw her and he waved her over.

She almost ran over to him, and had to check herself so that she maintained her dignity, infront of hundreds of Germans and Wolves. She made it to Sepp who put his arm around her and he said to her, “They’re singing my song” as if it was the most beautiful song ever. It actually sounded like hundreds of the coarsest voices in a choir of the musically challenged. It was horrible!

“I hope that this isn’t what he’s going to listen to all the time. I hope he doesn’t want this to become ‘our’ song” thought Natasha madly.

The men had no clue at what Natasha was thinking. All they saw was Sepp’s babe had arrived and that was that. They continued singing “Ich hatte einen Kameraden” and the only thing missing was the beer!

Sepp felt grand he was singing his song, surrounded by his men and a woman by his side. This was how life was meant to be.

Natasha was realizing this and curiously she felt the good cheer, yes here was a point that everyone was letting go of all their feelings, and here it was all good energy. Too bad she didn’t know the words, or she might have joined in.

Then the song ended and Sepp wiped his tears and looked around. Natasha took his hand and led him away, the Wolves followed at a distance.

“So you had quite a moment there with the soldiers” she said kindly to him.

Sepp was still suffering from the emotional outburst there. “Yes those Germans are magnificent. They still have honor in them, a fact that I thought that the new Germans had lost” said Sepp proudly.

“Well that’s great Sepp, everything happens for a reason. I was wondering why you have come to this region and at this time. I was thinking about it deeper through the day and I realize there is much injustice in this region. You might just be here to right things here. The President of this country is a savage and so are the rest of them. The people yearn to be free here” said Natasha.

“Now I know why I like you so much, Natasha, it’s because you have a brain” said Sepp.

“And so do you” said Natasha.

The Wolves trailed the couple in the dark night as they crunched along the hard snow. But the clouds were darkening and soft snowflakes began to fall again. It was snowing again!

Colonel Wolff looked up at the sky, horrible memories flooded back to him. He was traumatized by the snow, the previous night and ever since the mission had started he had been inundated with horror and snow. Blast! It was not a good omen for the night. He looked at the German boys, oblivious to the snow in their technological suits, with their 3D video visors oblivious to the snow. They were still seeing things 20/20. They had sung so well and it had been heartwarming to see an salt like Sepp remember his glorious German past.

‘We are Germans and the best’ thought Wolff. He was very glad he didn’t have to deal with the Team 8 anymore. He had singlehandedly almost ensured the destruction of the Danish battalion. They had been so irritating and insufferable that it hardly seemed like a crime to wipe them out. Anyways the deed was done he thought. ‘And fuck NATO’ Wolff thought contemptuously, as he threw down his cigarette and didn’t bother to sub it out. What was it going to burn down, the village?

Ahmed was a worried man, he knew the Russians and Americans were coming and Sepp’s plan was to make a sort of a last stand. The Taliban war strategy had been never to really make a stand anywhere, else they risked annihilation. They were a guerilla formation and here Sepp was making a stand. Well he did have the Werewolves and God on his side, so he was trusting in Sepp. But militarily he knew that they would not last against a combined Russian and American assault. ‘And those bastards were probably bringing in the best of the best, their most elite units. Great!’ thought Ahmed grimly as he planted a Korda in his sector and fed a magazine belt into it. Atleast there was plenty of weapons and ammunition thanks to the IMU who had trucked in loads of Uzbek weaponry from a nearby secret IMU base. ‘Allah Akbar’ thought Ahmed and felt all his apprehensions melt away. ‘Simple faith had so much power in clearing doubts away’, he thought happily.

Waheed was quite happy looking at his sector’s performance. He was going to show them the Uzbeks were no slouches when it came to fighting. The Uzbeks were in awe at the massive Germans in space suits. They were like alien soldiers and they had been awed by these men. And not one, but hundreds had flown in as if they were birds. And they still wore their packs on their backs as if they would lift off at any minute. Wow what men! Waheed was happy that they were on their side.

Sepp and Natasha had walked it over to the Western sector, controlled by the Americans. “Where are your men, are they coming? Do they need a sort of an invitation?” asked Sepp, when he saw Angelino.

Angelino shook his head and said, “I don’t know what’s up, they were supposed to be here. They’re Special Forces, they’re probably skirting the village as we speak to make sure it’s not a trap” said Angelino knowing them only too well.

“Well my Wolves are getting hungry you know. It’s not wise. The window that I have given for them might expire and they will be eaten. That will not be my fault” said Sepp with a hard look, but then Natasha squeezed his arm and said, “Oh Sepp, be nice to them. They’re working so hard and they are your men now” said Natasha enjoying her new role.

Angelino shot her a smile and whipped out his phone and made a call on his Iridium this time instead of the usual ‘SMS’. To hell with everything, he had range now. The United States had moved an Iridium satellite to this area for better coverage. They were coming and were coming in big.

The call went through and the bell rang as the Iridium phone vibrated loudly in Wignall’s cargo pants. He was shocked at this. There had been very few bars just an hour ago for reception. Something was up and it meant important NATO and American forces were going to be operating here soon. The giant American war machine was coming. That was great news. They were all going to be saved!

“Hello, this is Captain Wignall”, said Wignall, to hell with call signs.

“This is Angelino, what’s up man? So glad you are alive. Now listen carefully. We have a situation here and I want you to dogtail it to the village as fast as you can. Captain Wignall, you have a window of 10 minutes and do not fire at anything. Repeat do not engage in combat. No matter how strange it may seem. Your lives depend on it. Run straight. No course deviation. Approach through Southern sector. It’s manned by friendlies. Understood?” asked Angelino.

“Yes Captain. We are on our way. ETA 10 minutes” said Wignall and the line went dead.

“Yandribayev, Yahuda, move, move” screamed Wignall, he didn’t have to tell Roberts and Sweeny, they were hardwired to his mind already. “We run straight into the village. Stand down your weapons. No combat engagements. No fire! Follow me, everyone on my lead now!” continued Wignall. He was all business. This was the Special Forces way, to cut through the bullshit and to have movement ASAP.

Wignall and Yandribayev had been skirting the village and they were trying to ascertain who was in that village, gather some ‘Intel’, the way they were trained to approach centers of population.

But now Wignall had set course and was running as fast he could. His assault rifle swinging side to side, but he didn’t care and Sweeny and Roberts took off after him. The Chechens stared at the Americans for a split second and they were after them like a pack of Hyenas. “Davai!” Yahuda shouted. “Davai!” echoed the rest of the Chechens. As the men ran they saw a strange sight indeed on their FLIRs, men working in the snow with chains on, as if scrubbing the ground. As Wignall ran, he saw one of the men reach back and pull out a round object and plant it in the snow. These men seemed terrified in the dark. They were blind men, since they had no FLIRs on them. Then suddenly there was a nearby growl. The men stiffened and ran faster. The Wolves were here too! But they had been told to ignore everything and run into the village. ‘Somebody knew something more than them’ thought Wignall. They were finally going to get answers to the mystery here


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