Van Geert and his men on Trial

Kabul 71

Black Shark Valley

Natasha was wondering what she was doing with her life, she had just shacked up with an unrepentant Nazi who was dreaming of World domination. Where was the world going if this was possible. Surely the man who had treated her so badly could not have touched her. But she had let it happen and he didn’t even have to try so hard. She had wanted it unfortunately. But then she began to think rationally. Ok it had been a psychological need and there was something hypnotic to this older man and she had not found him that attractive as hypnotically magnetic. It was as if being with Sepp would have given some of his powers to her. It was truly bizarre what the mind was all about.

Well she was disappointed with herself was the least she could think. Now here she was as mistress to Sepp, guarded by that crazy Werewolf who had been trapped for much of their lovemaking, before being let out. ‘The poor wolf!’ she thought. Well then there had been a knock on the door and there was talk of more men at the gates of the Village. Sepp was turning this village made of poor starving old Uzbeks into a Nazi base. She wondered at what the wind had brought along this time for Sepp.

Sepp was also wondering at what the hell he was going to do having so many soldiers in the village now. Surely everyone knew this by now. The satellites he knew were watching and it would be hard to mask so much movement and if the Americans were here then surely it would not be long.

“General Sepp, may I have a word with you?” said Wolff catching up with him, as Sepp strode back at a brisk pace to the village.

“Yes Commander what is it? Your unit is now complete and please inform them of my true nature and our mission. Also make friends with the Americans, they’re on our side now and we need them to be battle ready. We expect company any minute” said Sepp interrupting Wolff.

“Yes General, but that’s what I’m trying to tell you. We had radioed NATO about the creatures and everything. They know all about this place. Since they know about this paranormal activity, they will come in very strong” said Wolff feeling apprehensive. He knew the true might of NATO and now that they had betrayed the Americans, he was expecting massive vengeance.

Sepp read the apprehension in him and was kind to Wolff. “Relax, my man, we are men of destiny. Do not falter now. We are Germans. The Fatherland has a glorious destiny planned for us. Deutschland!” said Sepp

Wolff felt his spirits lift and an automatic ‘Heil Hitler’ came from him, his boots clicking and his MP7 dangled dangerously as he did so.

“Gather your men and you take the Eastern front of the village and prepare the ground defenses. We are digging as many tunnels as we can and the Afghans and Uzbeks are hard at work there. Delegate this work to Holm. I want you to join me on the tribunal. Come with me” said Sepp as his thoughts shifted to that pending judgment.

“As you wish General” said Wolff and called on Captain Holm on his radio.

Meanwhile at the police station Ahmed was managing the Tribunal as SS Major. Ahmed was looking severe in his uniform, a reflection of the somber nature of the trial that was taking place. Natasha had been asked to assume the Doctors role should there be summary executions. Natasha was looking grim and would not meet Sepp’s eye as he entered the police station court house. Just hours before they had been here in rather different circumstances as Sepp looked at Natasha. She looked ravishing in her angry way. Sepp couldn’t believe that her mood had changed within minutes. ‘Women’ he thought to himself.

“All rise for SS General Josef Dietrich” said Ahmed rising for the President of the tribunal. This reminded Sepp of Roland Friesler, the bloodthirsty Nazi jurist. ‘What would he have done?’ he thought.

“Right, let the prisoners be brought before this court” said Sepp with authority.

All eyes were turned onto the bedraggled Danes after almost 2 days captivity. They were relieved to be out of their cell, but already their eyes had the look of condemned men. The jury was made of Captain Angelino acting head of the United States Army contingent, Colonel Wolff head of the German Army, Waffen SS Captain Waheed of the IMU and Waffen SS Major Ahmed of the Taliban. The audience was made of Taliban and recent reinforcements from the IMU. The court house was full. Wolff radioed Holm to come on the double.

Natasha stood with Hamza, with whom she felt comfortable with and the big Afghan radiated enough warmth for Natasha to feel safe and cared for amongst this scary proceeding.

‘Just like a Soviet kangaroo court, but this one was Nazi style’ thought Natasha. She had never seen them, but she had heard enough about those courtrooms. This courtroom had the smell of death already.

SS Major Ahmed was incharge of Procedure. “Will the court read out the names of the accused?” asked Ahmed politely.

Rustom Ali of the Higher SS Afghan police stood up to read out the names. Natasha recoiled in horror. It was the same officer who had almost shot her. She looked at Hamza gratefully and he smiled reassuringly at her. ‘What a close shave she had there’ she thought.

“Major Hans Knorr, Captain Van Giert, Sergeant Christian Janssen and Sergeant Jorg Henderson. Stand up all of you and face the President and the charges.

“The charges leveled against you today Gentlemen are being AWOL, sabotage and indiscipline. How do you all plead?” asked Sepp sternly.

“Not guilty, Your Honor” said Major Knorr, and he looked at Colonel Wolff for understanding. Wolff averted his eyes. Major Knorr was going to be the Defense council for the Danes.

“Now let all parties understand, that this is an SS Shari’at court. Both SS laws and Shari’at laws will be applied here simultaneously” said Sepp. “Under both laws any offence listed here is punishable by death if found guilty” he continued.

The Danes looked stunned at this pronouncement. “We are NATO soldiers and we demand a NATO jury. Colonel Wolff is NATO and he knows the NATO laws very well. We are not SS officers and we are not Muslims. So these laws do not apply to us”

“Unfortunately for you Gentlemen, your crimes were committed against us and therefore we will try you according to our laws. The Taliban and SS laws are enforced here” said Sepp keeping his tone neutral.

The Danes had found out to their horror that the Werewolves and Sepp were from the Nazi past. But they had not yet given up hope. After all a lot of Nazism was alive and kicking in Denmark. Why some of them even voted for the right wing fascist parties of Denmark.

So it was then that Jorg Henderson sat up and asked to speak to the court. “Your Honor, I would like to ask for clemency from a fellow ideologue. You see I have a card in my hand. I belong to the Danish People’s party. It’s a Danish Nazi party. I wish to join the SS and be a part of this movement. And so does my friend Van Giert” said Jorg triumphantly pointing at Van Giert, who also had pulled out his membership card which he gave disdainfully to Rustom Ali of the SS Higher Police.

Rustom submitted it to SS Major Ahmed as evidence.

“Does Mr Van Giert also have anything to add to this testimony?” asked SS Major Ahmed.

“Yes Your Honor I wish to inform this SS court that I am a member of not only the Danish People’s Party but also the Dutch Freedom party and am a dual citizen of both countries. I am a loyal Nazi and would wish to serve the SS also in any capacity” said Van Giert, thinking that he was on solid ground.

“Let this court be reminded that we are a Shari’at Court as well as an SS Court” said Ahmed. “We wish to disclose to the Prisoners that some on the Jury are Muslims who might be influenced by your disclosures in their final judgment” said Ahmed trying to remain fair.

It was at that point that some of the reality sunk in to the Danish prisoners. They looked around fearfully, they were surrounded by Uzbeks and Afghans, all Muslims. They had not thought. Their prior elation now took on a somber tone. A dark nightmare descended on Jorg and Giert. They had just pissed off a lot of the jury!

“I understand Gentlemen your desire to join the Waffen SS, but we have strict standards and this goes for all soldiers that join the Waffen SS. I have executed about a 100 of my own Waffen SS soldiers for being ’30 Minutes late’. Do you understand the standards that I am talking about? You men have slept all night, dereliction of duty and you had no official leave. You made the decision yourselves forgetting that you are under NATO command under Colonel Wolff who has now transferred his Command to the Waffen SS High Command. Colonel Wolff agrees with the charges and he will make a statement.

“Colonel Wolff, will you please stand up and make your statement before the Jury?” asked Major Ahmed.

Wolff stood up slowly and looked around the court room, at Holm and the American, Angelino. Natasha stared at him horrified at this German. Her heart was in her mouth. This was the moment. She felt that he would hang these Danes. He was so brutal looking and he seemed full of contempt for the Danish Team 8.

“I am Colonel Wolff formerly of NATO. I was commanding these men and have since transferred my Command with the help of God to the Waffen SS High Command.  These soldiers can be and will be tried by the SS-Shari’at laws” said Wolff looking calm and collected. He looked at Holm and Holm had a big ‘O’ on his mouth. Natasha felt terrible. She was certain at the sentencing now. Why had the young Danish fools opened their mouths? But then they were Nazis and were Racist and Xenophobic. They hated Muslims and probably Jews too. They were not her friends either. But she saw they were young foolish boys with too much anger in them. They needed help not execution.

Wolff continued with his damning words, “I did not give them permission after we had survived the Werewolf attack, for Major Knorr to go to sleep”. The court laughed at this. The Danes didn’t have too many friends here right now.

“Furthermore, I distinctly remember telling Major Knorr to take care of the Medical teams at the mosque and take charge of relief efforts. Major Knorr at no point told me anything and was silent throughout the period and I had to send out Captain Holm to help find him. We found him in the lockup. That is all I have to say. Thank you” said Wolff.

“Now in an SS military court that is sufficient evidence. A Commander’s word against his men, the Commander himself has the authority under SS law to summarily shoot guilty men on the spot. This is the SS law during war time. This knowledge is for the Jury” said Sepp calmly. The Danes looked horrified. Death was coming and there was no mercy in the SS system for it was mostly a Wartime legal system. The Audience cheered and clapped, they were no friends of the Danes and wanted to see them hung.

“Hold on, I’m not finished yet. These were the SS laws. Now we will have to examine Shariat laws. The law states that the existing legal system will take its course, but it will add the element of clemency or a payment in lieu of the crime. Shari’at does not believe in capital punishment where there has been no blood spilled and such has been the case. Therefore in this case if we apply the Shari’at then there will be no Death penalty” said Sepp.

The Danes saw their first ray of hope suddenly but then realized that the SS law still applied to them and their hopes were tempered. Knorr was thinking how ironical now, that they wanted the Shari’at law applied to them versus the SS law.

“Will the jury deliberate and come to its decision please” said Sepp, anxious to get on with the village defenses before the impending attack. He felt the thrill of adrenaline as he could imagine battle again on a large scale.

Major Ahmed brought the jury members together in a huddle. What do you say guys? he asked looking into each of their eyes.

“What are our choices? Its death if we give a guilty verdict right?” asked Angelino. “I don’t want these guys to die for being AWOL”

“We can vote for the Shari’at system if we all want to avoid the death penalty” said Ahmed. He too wanted to show these guys mercy in the end. But he wanted to take into account the SS legal system.

Wolff and Waheed wanted to try the Danes under pure SS law. So there needed to be a compromise, thought Ahmed.

“Guys how about the village defense? We need all available hands in digging the tunnels and we need to send men to the front. We can have these guys dig the frontline tunnels. We give them hard labor and when the battle breaks out, an almost certain death penalty. So we give them a chance to live. If they survive the frontlines then that is their fate. So we have both SS laws and Shari’at satisfied over this sentence” said Ahmed, thoughtfully.

“Yes I love that idea. Its great” said Angelino, he was relieved that he didn’t have to vote to execute them. “I’m with this plan” he said.

“Yes, that’s fine, put those Danish bastards in irons and send them to the front. A soldier’s punishment” said Wolff, satisfied, but he wanted this Team 8 wiped off the Earth as a military formation.

Waheed agreed too, and he was happy with the punishment as he wanted these Danish soldiers to suffer for being so anti-Muslim.

Ahmed handed the judgment to Sepp who read it and smiled. He looked at Natasha who gave him a despondent look.

“Now Gentlemen stand up again all of you. I want to ask you all, before I read out the sentence. Why did you join the Danish Armed Forces. Don’t you know how we destroyed your miserable army in a few hours? How dare you take up arms to fight poor Third Worlders? Feel proud of yourselves? Or try to take out some of the rage that you feel at the Muslim immigrants in your land? What is it?” thundered Sepp.

“We were supporting the War on Terror. We were defending our civilization against the barbarian hordes of Asia. We want Europe to remain pure” said Knorr, knowing nothing could change the sentencing now, so he was honest.

“Ok to the Nazis among you Danes remember that we formed the Nazi party to fight against the oppression from the Jews and Freemasons, against their gangster financial systems, and against the insider trading that was taking place among International Financiers. The Nazi party was a result of the First Great Depression where we felt all the money was being stolen by the Jews. That’s why we wanted to get rid of the Jews. I now see the Second Depression and again I find out it’s the Jews behind the fall of the money markets. Exactly what our Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler had predicted then and which still holds true till this day” said Sepp.

“That is you opinion General, but I think the World Markets are more complicated than that. We all lost money, but I think we are all to blame” said Knorr wanting to debate with this General and spoke his mind freely. The rest of the Danes were actually nodding with Sepp. That was the Free Party position too but they could never really say it in this day and age.

“Well, tell that to Goldman Sachs, Major. Right, I will now read out the Verdict. GUILTY! Guilty on all counts” said Sepp theatrically. “By which law, have they been judged? The Jury has taken a mixed law approach. So we have the Death penalty from the SS law as interpreted by me, but the Jury has cleverly introduced the ‘Mercy’ clause of Shari’at. So now to include both laws the Jury has commuted the death penalty to ‘Forced Hard Labor’ at the front lines, till whatever time there is need for them. They are to be guarded by a Werewolf and the Werewolf is free to administer any justice it deems necessary. A very clever sentence skirting the death penalty, but which is worse, this life or death? Very clever sentencing. Yes I agree with it” said Sepp and banged a ‘Knee hammer’ belonging to Dr Natasha on the table. “Dismissed everyone!”

Sepp rose and stormed out of the room with about 20 Afghan SS men, their jackboots hammering the stone floor and the sound echoing in the tall gloomy building.

To the Front!

The Danes were elated and were hugging each other, after so many torturous hours, they had survived.


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