josh and yoni

Kabul 77

Black Shark Valley

Saltzman was trying to draw up the battle plan when his adjuvant Yoni Greene came running to him. Yoni was an engineer and a good one at that. He had graduated from MIT and he had been picked up by the CIA for his grades and knack at hacking through communications.

“Josh, I’ve picked up something. I have intercepted some Russian communications here and I think they’re moving in faster than even we are” said 23 year old young Yoni.

“Tell me everything right now” said Josh getting excited. Their one week timeline just went out of the window. It was a ‘Go now’ moment. Josh inwardly groaned at what this meant.

“Apparently someone very high up in the Russian high command has sent out the ‘VDV’ from Sochi and a detachment is almost here above our heads as we speak” said Yoni with youthful excitement. He was in awe of the VDV, as he studied almost all the military formations and knew the elite status of the VDV Paratroopers.

“This could only mean Putin” said Josh looking at Yoni affectionately. He was proud of Yoni, not because he was also Jewish and so intelligent, but because he had been offered a job with the Mossad and he had turned them down. The CIA had gotten to Yoni first and Yoni had told the Mossad, that he was an American first and then an Israeli, since he had dual citizenship. The Mossad had then tried to recruit Yoni as a double agent then, and Yoni had reported them to the CIA and Josh his immediate boss. Josh had taken energetic counter measures to have all the involved Mossad men deported from the USA. Some of the Mossad men had held dual citizenships, so they had been stripped of the U.S citizenship and since they could not take this to the Press, they meekly left the United States. Josh had wanted to give these men jail time too, but then the CIA knew, AIPAC, a powerful rightwing Jewish-Zionist lobby, would secretly get involved and there would be a lot of Congressional pressure on the CIA leadership to release them.

It had been decided by the CIA higher-ups to deport these men with a permanent ban on them entering the United States ever again. National Security came first for Americans then Israelis.

After this whole event, Josh and Yoni had grown closer and Josh looked after Yoni as a father. He also had someone shadow Yoni day and night, in case some other Mossad agents tried to make contact, and also to protect Yoni from any possible Mossad retaliation. The Mossad were not known to be good losers.

Josh immediately looked at the ‘Intel’. Almost 500 ‘VDV’ men were on their way with the notorious Shamanov. The American Special Forces in the village were in trouble. They had to be warned. He sent out an immediate ‘Short Burst Data’ message to Angelino warning him of the imminent VDV attack and to take countermeasures. Also he requested ‘Intel’ on the village from Angelino, anything that could help him on making his Battle plan.

“Good work Yoni. Please inform Andy Griffin of the developments too. I’m going to be really tied up here now. I need total silence to make my plan’ said Josh. Yoni went out of Josh’s tent and hurried back to his communications tent.

Josh chewed over the facts. ‘Hell. We’re going to have to go in tonight itself. The Russians want this place too. They know about the Creatures. I think they want to secure these creatures for themselves. Fuck! The foolish human race was doing its best to get their hands on technology that might end up wiping out the human race. And no, he was not talking about the nuclear arms race’ he thought to himself bitterly.

Andy Griffin had already been informed of the ‘VDV’ movements by the NSA that had been one of its satellites monitoring the ‘Sochi’ airbase. The NSA were one step ahead and now with the new ‘Homeland Security Data Share Program’ regulations, the NSA was to share all info with the CIA concerning international events.

Andy had already given the order to the ‘Screaming Eagles’ to lock and load and be on a plane in an hour. It was ‘move out’ time. He wasn’t going to wait for Josh Saltzman the ‘peacenik’ of the SAD. He was going to let Josh think his precious SAD ‘Military division’ actually mattered when it was the Screaming Eagles that the Pentagon and Andy were counting on the most. The SAD military wing was made of old retired Special Ops who were almost done with their services. They had all been handpicked by Josh who was no fool but Andy wanted some young ‘gung ho’ battle ready men for his methods.

The CDC under Dr Cannaris was also on alert and they were preparing to fly in their ‘Hot Zone’ equipment. This was the highest level of containment that the CDC had in their arsenal against Biological threats. All CDC personnel were armed with ‘Tranq’ guns or tranquilizers with a fast acting mix of Propofol and Ketamine with an added secret new anesthetic ‘Inducer’ that could knock out large animals instantly. Dr Cannaris had always favored Ketamine in his formulations, ever since he had gotten addicted to the substance in Medical School. He had gradually gotten off it, but only after he was threatened with expulsion by the School. Somehow he had conquered his addiction but he knew the effects of this powerful drug first hand. Now he wanted to extend this glorious high to his fellow animals too.

Griffin’s order to launch had come as a surprise to Cannaris and he was caught unprepared but the first thing was that he reached for his ‘Tranq’ gun. He knew that when the CIA said ‘now’, it meant now and there had been instances when entire teams had been kidnapped and taken by Helos to active ‘Hot Spots’ without them being adequately ‘prepped’. He was at least going to have his ‘gun’ on him. But he was organizing it as fast as he could. Lab equipment and suits were being rushed in the dark to the airfield. Equipment was going to be dropped directly at the coordinates by powered parachutes with GPS guidance. This was a ‘go go, personnel only’ mission initially. The military men anticipated a few hours of military combat before any contact with the Creatures or anticipated capture. So they were willing to wait for the equipment but they wanted the CDC personnel to be in place right from the start. ‘Yeah right. Good thinking’ thought Cannaris, ‘and what if we run into them right away, then we are on our own’ he thought cynically as he headed to the airfield to the waiting choppers. They were going in ‘Chinooks’.

101st ‘Screaming Eagles’ commander for ‘Eagle Watch’, Colonel Adam Petraeus was in command of the detachment of a 1000 men. The men had been shipped out of Afghanistan, all of them, they had been ‘kidnapped’, while walking the dusty roads of Southern Afghanistan, or ‘requisitioned’ as they said, by 10 Chinooks and taken to ‘Bagram’ airbase where they had been loaded onto giant ‘Galaxy’ transports and flown out. The men were thankful for the rest on the planes, as they had been conducting mundane and routine backbreaking journeys through the frozen wastelands of Afghanistan. The only thing they had seen was Poppy and lots of it. Hell some of them had even started their own processing to make it into Opium with the help of local Afghans. The local cooperation in the poppy business had turned the Screaming Eagles into an instant success story on how to handle the locals! Word had reached CENTCOM of their success and the Battalion had received a positive citation from General McChrystal.

Colonel Petraeus had even received a medal for his commendable local populace ‘engagement’, as he smiled sardonically when he received the medal. ‘Drugs man, it was the drugs’ he thought. He had even tried some of the Opium and it had made his days so much easier. Days had slipped by and the haze of pleasure had only deepened. ‘Stupid White men, thinking they knew all the answers to life’ thought Petraeus. Opium here was not a recent phenomenon but had been used for centuries. It was a way of life and almost every Warrior from this region was known to have been an ‘Opium Head’. The Opium highs had solved so many questions that Petraeus had for God and then after Opium he had none. He didn’t hate anyone, he was loving life and peace and it focused him, channeled his energies from everyday life. He saw the truth and beauty of Afghanistan and the answers that Alexander the Great to Babur the Great Mughal had seen on their Opium highs. Opium had not weakened them on the contrary had only made them stronger, but Petraeus was of the opinion that Opium was not for everyone and certainly not for the weak minded who could abuse it. Opium was a mystical mind opener and like LSD could open up realms of possibilities but only for the initiated.

There was however a huge withdrawal symptom from Opium and that was the only downside as it led to a crazy diarrhea. He was going crazy going to the toilet on the ‘Galaxy’. He was on his 2 day high when he had been shipped out. Now he was thinking of taking another hit when the order came to ‘rock ‘n’ roll’. ‘Fuck’ he thought, there went his chances for a cure for his diarrhea. He hurriedly went over to the toilet. He was in Manas airbase and the flight on the ‘Galaxy’ was going to be a couple of hours. It was 1500 hours. The men were armed with standard M16s versus the Special Forces SCARS. Damn but the boys knew how to do their job no matter what the weapon was. ‘They were tough boys’ thought Petraeus and he loaded his standard issue Beretta .45, checked its clip and holstered it. ‘This was going to be war and he was a warrior!’ he thought to himself as he left the giant Manas Airbase lounge with its fancy food, LCD TVs and onto the darkening airfield where the rest of his men were assembled, waiting for him. The men had their parachutes on and M16s cradled in their arms. They were raring for this drop into a ‘hot zone’. So few and scarce were the ‘hot zones’ these days. They wanted ‘True War’. Someone had said they were going up against the Russians and they were thrilled to hear that. ‘Kick some Russian Ass’ they thought eagerly.


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