patt, sepp and meline

Sepp awoke in the blinding darkness, it was cold, bitterly cold, and raining. He was lying on the ground, he could taste water and asphalt mixing together on his lips. A stab of fear went through Sepp’s heart, where was he now. He found himself lying on a highway surrounded by blackness. Then he saw lights coming in the distance. He staggered up and checked his body, he was naked again. This was ridiculous. The lights were getting brighter and they were blinding him. He saw the dark green forest around him. The trees were tall, much taller than those Walnut trees of the Ferghana valley.

The incoming flights illuminated the forest and he saw a road sign. ‘Wittstock’

Memories flashed into his mind. He was electrified, he was near the dark somber forests of Berlin. And instantly he was transported back in time. A high security zone, electrified fences, and Wehrmacht units patrolling the perimeter with guard dogs in the dark.

A youthful voice was saying. “Here are your papers. You can enter General Dietrich,” waved a Wehrmacht sentry, as Sepp in his Mercedes roared into the secret Wittstock Air base. Here were based the secret ‘Wonder Weapons’ of Hitler.

Sepp was inspecting the secret Eastern German Wittstock ‘V2’ launching base and his entourage of 45 Waffen SS was given a ‘Top Secret’ tour of the facility. It was a cold frozen night in January 1945 and the Germans were losing the war, but Deutschland had not given up! Neither had Sepp. Everyone believed in final Victory or Death!

Giant gleaming black Missiles in the night with blue helmeted Luftwaffe crews came with mechanized launch pads on 16 wheeled Mercedes trucks, as they roared onto the airstrips, the only fully heated airstrip in Europe. They saluted Sepp on this dark night and began immediately to launch the missiles. The American Super Fortresses were everywhere these days. The missiles pointed to the heavens, and Luftwaffe Colonel Hans Frank shouted “Fire!”

“Hallo man! Can you hear me, are you ok?” asked Pat Flank as he leaned out of his van in the pouring rain, crazy music pounding in his van, a few girls giggling in the background as they regarded the naked Sepp. “Will you girls keep quiet? I am trying to have a conversation with this man. Lori, get me some clothes from the back. He is freezing. Its almost 5 degrees Celsius here in the forest.”

Sepp smiled and said, “Sorry about all this, yes thanks. My name is Josef Dietrich,” as he took the clothes from Lori who alighted from the van and regarded the naked Sepp almost appreciatively. The light was on inside the van and Sepp stared at Lori, she had a stud on the middle of her upper lip like a small mustache and had her sandy hair falling over her forehead, just like Hitler. Apart from that she was very beautiful in the rain.

“Hey man, do you want to party with us. You look like a cool guy. You can come with us” said Pat in his usual style, and Sepp didn’t care anymore. A party? Thought Sepp.

“Sounds fun guys,” said Sepp surprised at himself.

“Jump in,” said Pat smiling.

Sepp clambered into the van from the back all wet, there were 2 girls in there with the music pounding and they were off. Well atleast they were German kids, though that Pat guy seemed one of the older party heads.

“Where are you guys from?” asked Sepp loudly over the music trying to figure out these people.

“Where else, Berlin!” said Sabin in her soft High German accent, another gorgeous German girl with dark black hair and a nose piercing.

“What happened to you man, you looked smashed over there on the road?” asked Pat in a crazy German accent, like it was very painful for him to speak it. He had long blonde hair tied in a bun on his head.

“Uh, long story and its one that you cannot believe. I am from another time and place, I think,” said Sepp regretfully.

At this all the people in the van burst out laughing.  “So are we,” they answered altogether.

“Hey listen to this track. I made it,” said Pat, and cranked up the volume, it was thundering Trance music, Dark Goa style, with 165 beats per minute, as Lori explained to Sepp. He began thinking he had fallen in with a bunch of lunatics. But the music was almost like the sound of artillery and he was not averse to it.

“Halt!” A deep German voice not unlike his SS men. A checkpoint and tall Germans in raincoats stood in the middle of nowhere in the forest demanding tickets.

“I am DJ Pat Flank and all these people are with me,” said Pat confidently as the security men shone a torch onto Sepp’s face suspiciously. He was almost blinded by the light and he looked away. Reminded him of some of the prisoners he had interrogated.

They entered the airbase, as Sepp stared in horror. They were really back here.

“Excuse me, Herr Pat, what are we doing here? This is a Luftwaffe airbase isn’t it?” asked Sepp in panic, he could see the familiar Hangars in the distance. It was dark, but there were some hazy blue lights and they illuminated the Nazi bunkers and Airplane hangars beyond doubt. Déjà vu. Was this still hell? Sepp wondered uneasily.

Everyone laughed by way of answer in the van as they pulled into what looked like a camping area in the dark rain.

“So how long are we here for?” asked Sepp innocently looking at Pat, hating the rain and the cold night.

“A week man. Welcome to the Full Moon Festival 2010 edition man. Get used to the rain and music” he said smiling and walked away.

Sepp was alone now and he stared into the darkness, it teemed with thousands of young Germans and they were all having a blast over this 100 acre former Nazi Airbase. What the hell had happened to Germany? He needed to investigate more, he thought.

Sabin was putting up her tent in the rain and she was drenched but had not a care in the world. Sepp splashed in the rain, bare feet and went to help her. She looked at him and gave him one end of the tent as he helped her out. The tent was of high quality and obviously newer synthetic material. But the principles were the same and Sepp had it up in no time. “You can stay with us if you have nowhere else to go,” Sabin said as a matter-of-fact. “We have food and water, plenty of everything, so no worries,” she said smiling.

“Why thank you my dear, that would be very appreciated,” said Sepp in his elegant German, then she took his arm and led him somewhere, through a mile filled with thousands of Europeans in the dark. He heard Swedish, Danish, English, and even Hebrew among the various languages along the way. He was enjoying the comfort of Sabin’s soft breast as she held his arm. If only she knew who he was, he thought with a smile in his head. But who was he anyways at this point, he was supposed to be dead, he thought uncertainly.

Then in the rain he reached the ‘dance floor’. Thousands of people were swaying like zombies in thick muddy grass to that same thundering music that he had heard in Pat’s van. And then there was Pat on the DJ console playing music! Sepp’s mind was in shock as he took in all this Black Light Phenomena with thundering Dark Goa into his Neurons. What time was it, Sepp thought, and then realized the stupidity of his thought. He began to laugh and then in the flashing lights he saw everyone was smiling at him and laughing with him.

Sabin was talking to some friends, they had a small community here on the dance floor and they were drinking and smoking some familiar material. Sepp was thinking this was almost as weird as the experience he had in Hell with Nietzsche. A whole week over here!

The music was coming in rhythmically and it began to make sense to Sepp, and he was seeing the patterns, and he was getting more involved with the digital structures. Some Spanish guy speaking rapidly handed Sepp a joint in the pouring rain. He didn’t have a lighter, Sabin was watching Sepp and took the joint and lit it somehow. She puffed away in a delinquent way and he enjoyed her energy.

Then Pat came over to the group and he was glad to see him. Pat hugged him and quietly slipped a small bottle into Sepp’s hand. “Be careful there might be Polizei here,” he whispered secretively and winked at him flashing ghostly ultraviolet teeth.

At that point Sepp looked up at the visuals and was amazed to see horror movies playing, people were being guillotined and eaten alive, to the thumping dark beats. This was horror alright, but he could handle it. He looked into his hand, there was a small bottle in there, innocent, oh so innocent it looked. Pat had disappeared and so had Sabin and her group of friends. He was alone in the dark. Well not really alone. Thousands of mute, solitary figures in hoods were dancing to the rhythm as if a dark power commanded them. Yes they were like slaves to this Dark music of the New Germany.

He stared at the bottle, alone in a corner where there were no people, apparently it was all very illegal. He laughed to himself, Obergruppenfuhrer Dietrich hiding from the police and holding illegal substances given to him by some outer space ponytailed Germans from Berlin.

“Hey, there you are!” said Sabin as she spotted him lurking in a corner. “Pat told me you have the bottle,” and she took the bottle from him, poured a drop on her hand, just a small one and sucked it. Then she disappeared. Sepp was alone again. He looked at the bottle and poured some drops out onto his hand. He couldn’t tell in the rain how much he had ‘dropped’ on his hand, it was mixing in with the rain, but he figured it was enough after a few more seconds of clumsy effort, then he just put the bottle to his mouth and drank some just to be sure. It tasted like mouthwash! If a young girl could do it then so could he, he thought enjoying the mouthwash taste in his mouth. He hadn’t brushed his teeth in the longest time, he remembered. He thought of the Russian front where he had drunk the vilest of substances. Those dirty Russians. He was an expert at the Drink business.

He wandered around the festival, crazy place, he thought but something was now moving, actually everything was moving and the Fluoro lights in red and green mixed with those lovely UV lights were having a real effect on his mind. The world began to swim, and the music had a faraway echo in his mind. He felt people look at him and laugh, and he smiled foolishly at them. They were all looking at him. He felt paranoia and walked away though when he looked back they were still staring at him and talking about him. He felt angry, if only these Germans knew who he was, then they wouldn’t be pointing at him so easily. He laughed in a sinister way to himself, alone with this knowledge.

Then he was staring at some lights for the longest time. They were so beautiful, but he was standing in the forest peeing. He needed to get back to the people as the dark forest invited him deeper inside. Yes this place was mined. The Wittstock Luftwaffe Kommandant had assured him. He looked at his bare feet all muddy, there could be a mine down here under them. He was careful now and he backed away slowly till he was out of the woods. He breathed a sigh of relief and followed the music.

Along the way he met a girl who told him in the dark night that she wanted to buy stockings. She was pretty and he agreed. She led him away into the night, and he emerged into a psychedelic bazaar selling food, clothes and magic goods all lit by yellow electric light. It was an enchanted market of colors. The girl was happy and she clapped for joy and pointed to a pair of stockings, Sepp too clapped his hands happy for her and they both giggled and stared at the multi-colored stockings that seemed to have spirals of colors that led into one another.

“But this cannot be,” said Sepp and turned to the girl who had turned into Mickey Mouse. He laughed at her, and she laughed at him, she wanted to buy the stockings and Sepp put his hand in his pocket but he had no money and he looked sadly at her. The Obergruppenfuhrer was poor. She was disappointed but then remembered her own purse and pulled it out happily. “Do you need money,” she asked innocently.

“Yes please,” answered Sepp.

She handed him a 20 Euro note and he gratefully pocketed it. He was rich, he thought to himself happily.

As she tried on the stockings, Sepp wandered away into the night as voices beckoned him further into the Bazaar.

“Hey man, how is it going?” asked Pat giving him a hug. Sepp stared at him strangely and then recognized him. Relief at a friendly face, “ah,” exhaled Sepp gratefully. “Come on, let’s go to the dance floor. Full power Parvati Music is waiting for us man.”

“You look so beautiful Pat with your hair open,” said Sepp seriously. Pat only giggled and played with Sepp’s hair. Ah it was a great feeling and Sepp felt so happy, that he had never been. But it was so weird, it felt like he was underwater. The sounds were muffled now like somebody had dunked his head into a bucket of water. He was suddenly dissolving in the water, he felt and couldn’t come out of the bucket. Then he realized that he was nobody, he was here, but he had no past or future. No one knew him or cared. There was only the Moment here.

“Yes live it well. You are in the Moment” said Pat, his face was that of Nietzsche though, the same mustache.

“There is no past or future. Time has stopped and the clock has struck midnight. You see it’s not for everyone, you are lucky to see my World General” said Pat/Nietzsche.

“I see you are enjoying the Trip man,” said Pat laughing at Sepp, but he still had Nietzsche’s mustache.

Then someone was screaming, a woman’s scream, loud and terrified. It was Natasha. “Where are you?” cried Sepp into the dark spirals of screams that he could see now, his vision filled with terrible darkness. He was falling now and he couldn’t stop. He kept falling and suddenly he landed in that Orange hell on the snow peaked Mountain.

Nietzsche and Trotsky were sitting around a table in the snow, sipping tea and Nietzsche was reading his newspaper.

“Ah there you are, back again to see us,” cried Trotsky. He got up and came over to Sepp again with a stone in his hand.

“No, NO!” cried Sepp, as Trotsky smashed the stone again onto Sepp’s head.

Lights out.


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