10th April 1945

Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler looked out of the window through his Prince-nez. Germany was losing the war. Vienna had fallen much to the Führer’s displeasure.  Sepp had failed Adolf Hitler for the first time, but it was going to be the last time too. Hitler was not disappointed that Obergruppenführer Josef Dietrich could not prevent the loss of Vienna, where Hitler had said to hold out at all costs even to the last man, but in disobeying the Führer ‘Befehl’. The disgrace of the 1st SS ‘Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler’ division had been ordered by the Führer for its failure to sacrifice itself adequately. More so because of Sepp’s soft corner for this division, this noble division that had fought itself almost to destruction. In a fit of anger Hitler had ordered that the division was forbidden to wear his name on their cuff bands. The survivors were to remove the ‘Adolf Hitler’ inscriptions on their cuff bands, a bitter humiliation for the survivors. But Sepp had not obeyed and for this Himmler was going to make him pay.

Himmler had been on the lookout for volunteers to use in his ‘Paranormal Projekt’. The war was ending, but there was Himmler’s final claim to glory. The ‘Paranormal Projekt’. If it worked then all this, this crumbling Third Reich would not have been in vain. The German peoples would profit endlessly, would still be able to achieve final Global domination. He did not know how, but he had faith in the German people. If his experiment was successful then the German people would not lose, the knowledge, he would leave enough papers and scientists behind to continue the work in the Secret Nazi Redoubt. There would be an unstoppable army of the Undead, victory would finally be Germany’s. So for the glory of the German People, Sepp would be among the SS men chosen for this glorious task. The other SS men were already dead, but Sepp was going in alive into the machine.

An experiment to see the differences in results, between the dead and the living. They were to be sent through the mystical Portal, a Portal that the ancient Sanskrit texts promised, promised to bring back the dead as the undead, as a glorious limitless, undefeatable Army. We shall see who fares better, General Sepp or the dead men, thought Heinrich Himmler with fiendish joy, his last trump card to play in the War. None of the Sanskrit texts had ever mentioned sending in someone alive before. This limit or threshold had never been crossed by the ancient Aryans. This was crossing the Holy of Holies for the Aryans. But Heinrich Himmler was not a man to be stopped by any old ancient Proto Indo-Persian text. He was above all a scientist, so he thought, a scientist of the mystical oriental Aryan Occult.

Heinrich Himmler looked at the Order at his desk signed and sealed by the RSHA, the deadliest of Seals in the Third Reich. Even in 1945, Europe quaked at the sight of the somber sealed document. Even in 1945, the long arm of the SS was enough to ensure execution of the Order. It was an SS Requisition order for Sepp. It tasked the Vienna SS military police with arresting Waffen SS Obergruppenführer Josef Dietrich for treason and to be taken to Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler’s Castle in Regensburg immediately. At this very moment Sepp was still extricating his SS division out of Vienna, under heavy fire from the Russians, but the SS Police units were to find a way to Sepp and at all costs regardless to the War effort, were to seize the Criminal and set into motion Operation ‘Ersatz’.

Sepp’s fate was sealed.

Himmler’s ‘Paranormal Projekt’ was a product of some of his most feverish and fiendish fantasies. To have an Army of the Undead, and he, Himmler had sent men out all over Asia and the Nordic countries to find any traces of paranormal activity. The SS-Tibet expeditions had brought in some very interesting results after almost 7 years in Tibet. The SS-Tibet team brought back some ‘Sanskrit Texts’ that pertained to ‘Raising the Dead’. There were mystical chants and special formulations of herbs and on a day of lightning and thunder, the ‘black energy’ was to invigorate the Dead into the Undead. In Sanskrit, was the code of the Undead written and Himmler’s linguistic experts had worked for years to crack it. Eventually they did partially. It was a Portal, an instrument machine through which a connection was established to a Black hole in the Universe. The Sanskrit codes had shown ‘coordinates’ to this Black Hole and somehow this monstrous entity had crossed paths with the Earth. In the ancient days it was written, a Black Hole had supposedly interacted with the Earth and wiped out almost all life on Earth. The Earth had been lucky. Aryan astronomers and mathematicians had somehow tracked this wandering Black Hole and had computed some very interesting mathematical formulas that made no sense to the Germans.

Eventually the Germans realized that the texts were a sort of a manual on how to operate this missing portal. Initially the Germans had been interested in the Ark of the Covenant. But this Portal superseded that and Himmler even wondered if this Portal could be the true Ark. Nazi Archaeologists went out furiously, in teams to Tibet and it was not until the last chapter of the texts were deciphered, till the mystery of the Portal began to unravel. A brilliant mathematician by the name of Dr Rascher had understood the numbers in the text. The Germans had thought that the coordinates mentioned in the texts, pertained to the skies and the Universe above, to the Black Hole. But in reality the coordinates were about where the Ancient Tethys Sea had stood and where the ship had last been sighted. As mundane as that!

It was high up in the Himalayas and apparently had been lost at Sea, that was time when there was a sea there. A prehistoric Sea, Tethys that had been destroyed, with the advent of the Indian peninsula crashing into the Asian land mass, wiping out the Tethys Sea but creating the mighty Himalayas. Now the Portal was lost at Sea and the texts had described this unfortunate incident. So the diligent Nazis had triangulated the lost area to a remote but a recently mapped valley. There they had tracked the Portal to the remains of a prehistoric ship that had been preserved by the Tibetan locals and was an object of worship there.

Himmler had sent in 2 ‘Totenkopf’ or Death’s Head SS Recovery teams of 20 men under the tough SS Standartenführer or Colonel Otto Falkenhorst, Falkenhorst meant ‘falcon’s eye’. They had set fire to the whole village, burned it down and machine-gunned the survivors. In all this was the Portal stolen. The Nazis had their Prize. The portal had been difficult to carry as it was a super heavy corroded sphere. But it was solid and to carry it they had brought 25 small Tibetan porters who had lifted it together onto an ad hoc carriage and pulled it with heavy ropes. They had strained their poor small mountain backs, almost broken them for their SS masters who were waiting for their Prize. Schmeisser Machine Pistols dangled from the SS men’s necks as they smoked nervously. Falkenhorst knew his future was secure if this mission was successful, but if something happened to the Portal, he was a dead man. He looked at the wretched porters and smashed his black leather SS Dachau whip on their bony backs, one after another. The men recoiled in massive pain, their bony muscles, visible in the moonlight, as the muscles contracted in extreme pain, but they pulled harder. He knew how to work them harder.

“Faster! Faster! Schnell!” he yelled, as he pulled out his Luger and shot the weakest Tibetan, as the twisted moonlight gleamed off his Death’s Head in the dark moonlit vile night. The red clouds had come low but had filtered the bright full moon, to come through, and it shone its bright blood red moonlight, so dismal was the moon. A few Himalayan vampire bats flitted in discomfort across the night, from this haunted light. The night conspired with the devilish deeds tonight. The shot echoed around the Himalayan snowy mountaintops and it would have awoken even the dead, so murderous were the reverberations in this pristine silence, silent for so many thousands of Years.

Sturmbannführer Hans Eike, the son of the murderous SS Obergruppenführer Theodore Eike who would massacre hundreds of thousands, smiled and looked at the proceedings below in the blood red shadows; nothing could stop the SS Death’s Head units here high above, in the deep snowy Himalayan Mountains. Which force on Earth could stop them now? Only Death, but then they were Death itself, grinned Sturmbannführer Eike, his pale skin stretching over his long bony Aryan skull, taut, but his skull so clearly visible matching his silver Death’s Head above on his black peaked hat. Two Deaths’ Heads one above the other grinned fiendishly at the terrified Tibetans instead of one, as they gazed at the Sturmbannführer in horror in the red moonlight. Falkenhorst could not match Eike’s pedigree when it came to Death. The ancient spirituality in the Tibetans sensed the presence of their god when they saw the black uniformed Sturmbannführer Eike. Paradoxically Sturmbannführer Eike was a god to the Tibetans, the god of Death.

The SS Death’s Head units had brought the Portal to a large meadow where a makeshift airfield had been hastily constructed. A Junker 52 transport was waiting there after making a life threatening landing. The sphere had been wrapped in dense material, bundled in mattresses and then this mysterious object was flown to Germany. Meanwhile the Tibetan porters were summarily executed, as the SS wanted no witnesses as usual. The SS team had been received in top secrecy when they landed at a secret Luftwaffe airfield in Wittstock near Berlin and were spirited away to Himmler’s Castle in Regensburg.

Thousands of years of corrosion and debris deposited on this structure had not ruined the alien metal that gleamed under it all after it had been restored painstakingly. It had a metalloid oblong orifice that was choked with debris. This orifice, the only communication with the interior was cleaned and it was determined that the structure was hollow and empty inside. Quite a letdown as far as the Germans was concerned. Apart from the alien heavy metal there was nothing else remarkable about it. Then the Germans set about to make it work! Himmler had left no stone unturned to make this Portal come alive. After 4 years of scientists working round the clock in the most secret of Catacombs, their families threatened with retribution upon failure, the scientists had still not managed to make it work. The Germans then thought they needed a source of power. They connected electricity but there was no success and thousands of volts fired through cables connected to the Metallic oblong mouth of the structure, failed to bring it to life. The Germans had run out of ideas on how to make the Portal work. There was simply no place to feed in the codes either. It was all metal and the project looked doomed.

Eventually it was Heinrich Himmler who solved the dilemma. He had ordered a blood sacrifice to this Portal of the Gods. A firm believer in Paganism and blood sacrifice, Himmler had 10 human prisoners led up to the machine by SS executioners. Their throats were slit and the blood funneled into the gaping metallic oblong opening that communicated with the Portal’s mysterious spherical Interior. Nothing happened as the third prisoner’s warm gurgling blood was being poured in, but by the fourth, the machine was beginning to hum. It was an audible hum. It was coming to life! The metal began to shimmer and the men all stepped back in fright. It began to rotate, slowly at first then faster and faster. Then at a speed not thought possible. The metal was disappearing into a blinding white blur. What is this! Thought the shocked Germans present. They feared for their lives. “Shall we evacuate the facility, Herr Reichsführer? We need to take you to safety. This is dangerous,” whispered Hauptsturmführer Stroop, head of Himmler’s security detail. “Nonsense, leave at the hour of my triumph? Certainly not! You men stay put. We are the chosen people and this is our fate!”

The rest of the Germans watched in their greatest moment of fear as the blindingly white object disappeared completely. It disappeared into a speck of black. Yes it was only the smallest black particle visible to the naked eye. But it was so black that nothing could be blacker than this. One of the lead SS scientists, Dr Albert Rascher, the mathematician, shouted, “This is a Dark Star. The Aryan texts made mention of it. Stand clear. It is a planetary destroyer. What we are seeing is something that has once destroyed this planet. Everybody stand back. We are looking at Annihilation.”

Everyone took a cautious few steps back. The Dark Star that the Sanskrit texts had mentioned with so much fear. The eater of the living and the creator of death and destruction. There were many theories about the Dark Stars and Einstein was already making waves in the scientific community in America with his projection of the Dark Star or as it was called now, the Black Hole.

The most destructive force in the Universe, here in Regensburg! In my castle, thought Himmler excitedly. The military applications were to be considered and this could be the true secret weapon of the Reich. A strange thing was happening. All objects nearby this tiny miniscule blackness were getting sucked in. Electrical cables suddenly began to get sucked in and they were disappearing into thin air. The unfortunate prisoners’ dead bodies were suddenly rising and were evaporating. At least it looked like evaporating as streams of layers began to rise from the bodies and disappear into nothing. Absolute nothing from the blackness could escape.

The horror.

Dr Albert Rascher was shouting, “Everyone out! Seal this area till further investigations are carried out. Reichsführer please, evacuate immediately. This is a fantastic discovery but we must not become the victims here ourselves. Please evacuate the Castle immediately. Only personnel that I have given clearance to are allowed in the catacombs. This facility is under lockdown.”

Himmler had been bundled out but he was ecstatic, now came the German future, the German tidal wave. But from that day, the Germans were not able to harness the power and all their experiments ended up being sucked into the black hole, with nothing coming back. The tiny speck of absolute black just stared malevolently back at them. Rascher was perplexed. ‘Where was the truth in the Sanskrit texts? Were they all some drugged out Ancients?’ thought Rascher. There had been a new theory of time travel at the time in America and Dr Rascher was wondering about this theory. Here he had a Black Hole and he couldn’t do anything about it. His wife and children’s safety depended on it. He could not announce to the world. He could only ‘weaponize’ it as Himmler wanted. But there had been no progress. There was no Army of the Dead, rising to defeat Germany’s enemies. The Fatherland was doomed he felt in absolute despair. Germany was going to be obliterated.

But then he had a ‘eureka’ moment. All the men he had sent were dead but did not come back. What if they were somewhere else, what if they had been transported to another time? There was going to be no proof of this but this seemed the only likely theory. The Black Hole science propounded by Albert Einstein had said that the Black Hole could only send people forward in time. That is if they survived the ‘Singularity’ of the Black Hole. This he had explained to the Reichsführer, who absolutely went berserk upon hearing it. He wanted to have all the scientists’ heads. He was going to execute all of them. They were all traitors to the Fatherland!

Dr Rascher then proposed the idea. “Herr Reichsführer we are all patriots. To really use this machine, we need to send out small Waffen SS teams at different time intervals. We might have lost this war but we can ensure that National Socialism will continue. We need to send out SS fighters who will continue to fight the enemies of the Fatherland in the future. We have this power. I am sure of this Reichsführer. We must use this power and not let it go waste. The Allies are almost here. The Aryan texts have promised an Army of the Undead. We must not give up now. There is no timeline with the Black Holes. They are their own Masters of Time.”

Himmler suddenly became quiet. ‘Yes, revenge was a dish best served cold. If this time travel was really working then why not send his dead soldiers to other time Realities in the future. Where they would be the Undead, the unstoppable fighters, to fight for National Socialism forever, even in the future. A surprise for the Allies who thought they had achieved complete Victory over Germany. This would indeed be a nasty surprise to all those who thought the Nazis had been defeated. Yes Victory through Death!’ Final victory could still be theirs! Into all this was Sepp to be introduced and here would the story begin. The rest of the SS soldiers were dead when sucked into the Black Hole but Sepp would go in alive, layer by layer.


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