back cover story

A time-traveling Waffen SS General in 2010. An American ‘Black Ops’ SOCOM team hunting a Taliban outpost in the snowy forests of Northern Uzbekistan. A troubled beautiful Tel-Aviv doctor seeking her redemption in a remote snowed in Uzbek village, bordering the massive Tien Shan Mountains of China. Renegade NATO German soldiers with a mysterious dark plan. Ruthless Uzbek and Russian secret services locked in conflict with Islamic Rebels. All these events come together in the Ferghana valley as the conflict becomes murkier and sinister Dark Forces roam this once pristine Walnut Forest. Read more in this taut Geo-Military thriller as the story spirals into unimaginable inter-dimensional beauty.


4 Responses to “back cover story”

  1. Frozen brutal actors from across time and space get thawed in the heat of romance and violent conflict to make the readers’ blood curdle. Set in a vivid snow and forest backdrop, this book is intensely gripping and immensely enjoyable.

  2. how about adding “beautiful” to the doctor? I mean,hint at the romance. I would also consider Islamist” for Islamic, and put something exciting as the last word, rather than darkness.

  3. don’t like the adj “beautiful” for the Israely doctor – makes one think of a clichée character, which is not the case 😉

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