FSB kills Russian army generals who planned military coup

FSB kills Russian army generals who planned military coup for November 7, 2010

Publication time: 30 October 2010, 14:50

Well-informed circles of Russian nationalists reported that Russian military planned a military coup in Moscow on November 7, 2010.


The coup is headed by а retired commander-in-chief of Russian airborne troops, General Vladislav Achalov.


10.000 paratroopers should arrive to Moscow on 7 November to participate in a meeting that was officially sanctioned by the Moscow City Hall on October 25. The participants of the military coup demand from the Putin’s government to fire the Defense Minister Serdyukov and the whole staff of the Ministry. Otherwise, they threaten to use military force.
The FSB junta, which is now in power in Russia, began to suppress the planned coup by methods typical for secret services.


– On 28 October FSB agents killed one of the main participants of military coup, Gen. Gregory Dubrov, a former chief of radio technology troops of the Air Defense. The agents pushed him under a train at a railway station near Moscow. General Dubrov actively opposed the jew yoke in Russia and wrote books and articles about the need to overthrow the jew government in Russia.
– Another conspirator, a retired Lieutenant General of the Russian Defense Ministry, Boris Debashvili, was also found dead on October 28 in central Moscow. No details are available.


– On 30 October 30, there was an assassination attempt on the life of the acting commander-in-chief of Russian airborne troops, Lt. Gen. Vladimir Shamanov, who is also known for his atrocities against civilians in Chechnya.


His car was rammed by a heavy truck. Shamanov’s driver was killed. Shamanov and Col. Alexei Naumets, the acting commander of the Tula division of Russian Airborne Troops, who was with him in the car, were injured. Colonel Naumets is in intensive care. Shamanov is wounded less seriously, but he is also in a hospital and cannot participate in a military coup, scheduled for November 7, 2010.


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