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Edited first chapter

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Black Shark Valley

Chapter 1

The distant sound of thunder was heard for miles. But Sepp knew this was no ordinary thunder. This was the Ferghana valley. Thunder here meant trouble and bombs. The Americans were coming. Finally! Sepp Dietrich smiled. Well we have a small welcome planned for you guys, thought Sepp grinning at the irony of the situation. Having fought the Americans in 1944-45 and here again in 2010, life seemed to come in circles. Well it keeps things interesting, thought Sepp. Naturally he had to take sides against the Americans, NATO and the “New Germany” which he felt was a sellout.

A couple of weeks ago he had found himself lying naked in a dusty village, under the winter sun with Afghan villagers mixed with Taliban wondering what to make of him. Sepp had been revived with food and water, given some clothes, and for the next few days had been tended to by some Afghan elders. When he was strong enough, he had been taken to a small hut for interrogation. He would have been laughing at these Afghans had it not been for their weapons and his weak situation that he found himself in. These guys seemed to be serious about their weapons as their Kalashnikovs hung around their necks like ornaments.

Sepp answered the bearded honcho Ahmed, who had fired off a barrage of questions, with the truth. He had nothing to hide and so far the Afghan villagers had been quite good-natured with him. He told them that he was a German General and gave them his rank as Obergruppenführer Joseph Dietrich of the Waffen SS. The Taliban grew quite excited at the mention of a General! A German NATO General. In broken English Hamza, another heavyset Taliban, told Sepp that he was going to pay for his country’s crimes against the Afghan people and that they were going to make a video of him and send it to the World to see.

“What’s a video?” asked Sepp innocently. “Listen guys I’m German and against the British Empire. I know you guys fought the British. I’m with the Afghan people.” The Taliban laughed riotously, and pointed at him.

“Do you think we are fools? The Germans are with NATO and America. They come here to destroy Islam and the Afghan people. You are Crusaders, Christian pigs and sons of dogs. You are with the Zionist swine,” hissed Ahmed Qassim,  the senior bearded honcho. He was a tall man with a slight British accent, a Commander of the Taliban but somehow sophisticated with his mannerisms and  a thick long beard that reached his chest.

At this Sepp bristled. Not at the slander against his religion but at this outrage, that he, Obergruppenführer Dietrich working with the Zionists.

“Do you know what we have done, to Zionists in our lands? We have made our lands Zionist-free. Anyways enough of this, you are all obviously fighting a war I don’t understand, and there is a lot of confusion here,” said Sepp and stood up to his full height. He was thinking how true the term “the fog of War” was.

Even in his filthy state, dressed in Afghan rags, Dietrich considered to be one of the most brutal looking men in the Third Reich, exuded a power that few Generals possessed. An immediate bonding of soldiers to their commanders. Sepp personified the power to make men do his bidding. The Taliban numbering five armed men under Ahmed Qassim backed down. A man to be feared.

“Where am I? And what’s going on? To treat an officer of the German Reich like this!” roared Sepp sweeping his left arm grandly around the room, trying to take control of the situation. Ahmed with fluency in English was puzzled why this crazy man was behaving like this. This was no way for a prisoner to behave! Ahmed thought disapprovingly. Damn fools these Europeans, but this one took the cake. Still there was something about him that made almost everybody feel that they had a very important find. Let’s see where it goes, he thought.

“Ok we have a laptop. Power up the Wi-Fi Hamza and let’s see what this guy is really about. Google him!”

Sepp stared blankly at these peasants who seemed to know something more than him. He watched them pull out an oblong device and it sprang to life with numbers and a color screen.

Magic, felt Sepp.

“So please, again, can we have your rank and name. If you say who you are then it shall be here,” said Ahmed with a grim look on his face as he punched in the Sepp’s name in the Google search engine. A few hundred hits starting out with Wikipedia. Obergruppenführer Joseph Dietrich, born 1892 and disappeared in April 1945 fighting the Russians in Vienna. He was rumored to have been arrested by Himmler for Treason. But no one had found any evidence or signs of him since then. The Waffen SS had listed the General as MIA or missing in action, and later presumed dead.

“So we have a dead man! Wallah! What is this trick!” cried Ahmed. The photo matches. “This cannot be. We have a dead man with us.” Mohammed, a Taliban fighter nervously looked back and forth from the computer screen to Sepp.

Astaghfirullah, it really is him!” he cried.

Sepp looked ashen. He staggered around the table like he had been shot and looked at the computer date. “February, 2010”. I’m a dead man; Sepp realized for the first time, he was most likely dead. He saw his photo; yes there it was he had a grand one taken when he was in Poland. It showed him in full uniform and it had been taken 70 years ago. This could not be. But as he looked around the room that he was in, the reality of the present began to sink into him.

He felt cold and beads of sweat broke out on his forehead. His heart felt like someone was squeezing it like a lemon and he felt the juice drip out of him. He felt small. He felt fear after a long time. Fear of his mortality. But this was wrong; he was defending the city of Vienna with the Leibstandarte, his beloved Leibstandarte whom he had lovingly created! So finally this is what death felt like. Maybe he had died in his sleep. Maybe a Russian artillery shell took him out or maybe a Russian katyusha rocket. He could not remember! Sepp smashed his fist onto the wooden table, making the crude table tremble.

“Where am I?” shouted Sepp wildly. “Am I dead?” Is this heaven or hell?” At this Ahmed smiled.

“You are not dead. This is not hell, this is worse than hell. You are in Afghanistan!”

“I think he is CIA or something. Let’s shoot him now. He’s dangerous,” cried Mohammad weakly, at 16 feeling the rush of the situation overwhelm him. Sepp tried to say something, but no words.

“He looks too commanding to be a punk spy. They would not take such trouble on the internet websites and leave their spy lying naked in a ditch. We don’t really have a reputation for being kind to our enemies. Something is up,” mused Ahmed. “Men treat this man like our guest till we find out more. He is our “Mehman”. Allah has sent us a guest and he expects us to be honorable. Men we are Muslims. All four of you will be his companions. Yallah!” ordered Ahmed Qassim who had felt the situation ascend into the paranormal. “Keep up your guard and watch for anything funny. These are strange times indeed! Give him some clothes, black turban but first let him bathe. He smells.” said Ahmed. “Your nickname used to be Sepp and that’s what we are going to call you.”

Sepp looked distracted, death that he had meted out so often and so casually had seemed to have caught up with him. He did not believe in God or the fairy tales but something quite trans-physical had happened to him.

Sepp was dreaming. His wife in the South. He could see her clearly. A beautiful woman, his second after his earlier divorce. They loved living in the Bavarian South. Beautiful location with nature and green hills. Some of his happiest times were there. Then another dream flashed by. It was Vienna, 1945. The Russians were coming.

“Hold at all costs,” ordered Adolf Hitler. “This is our second national capital and I want the Leibstandarte to defend it to the last man!”

The Russians were coming at full steam with a million soldiers, 2000 tanks and unlimited artillery. Against this armada, Sepp had the 1st SS Leibstandarte “Adolf Hitler” Panzer division with 12,000 men and about 100 serviceable tanks of mostly the Mark 4 variety with a few of the newer Panthers. A death sentence for the division that he had so proudly built over the years, Sepp had thought at that time.

The Soviets came with almost a million katyushas whizzing into Vienna. Their terrible screams, till they smashed into buildings, roads, bridges or anything that stood in their way. A lot of Vienna, old historic Vienna was destroyed but Der Führer was greatly angered at the “light” German casualties. The fighting was severe but the city was lost. The Waffen SS fought hard but against overwhelming odds. Hitler wanted retribution against the Leibstandarte for not fighting well enough, but Sepp had prevented that with his authority that he had with Hitler. The battle was still not over at the western suburbs where Sepp had made his final stand. Near the “Ostbahnhoff”, the Soviets came in with the 155mm gun “Stalin” tanks. They plastered the area with a thousand shells an hour. That was the last thing he remembered. Then he had woken up in Afghanistan!

Death, death so familiar. He felt dead! Where were his men? His valiant Waffen SS Kamaraden. Where were they? Maybe those nightmares that he was having now in the Afghan village. Those dark figures in the night, so real. Could they be his dead men? Those animal sounds they made as they shuffled slowly in the dark, almost as if in despair.

It had been a week that he had been in these idyllic surroundings. Afghan village children playing in the snow covered plains of Northern Afghanistan and the snowy hills of this valley were as beautiful as he had seen in Europe. The people, a light skinned Semitic Islamic people with their hooked noses were a friendly lot if you came to them in peace.

Good for them that they weren’t in Europe back then in his time. Those dragnets. The Racial commissions. The millions herded away never to be heard of again, Sepp thought. He was not proud of the Allegemeine SS. Sepp had helped create the Waffen SS a strict paramilitary organization along with Himmler. The Waffen SS had a distinguished record as political elite shock troops, known for soldiering and not butchery! Well atleast most of the time.

He turned his thoughts to the Afghans again and he felt he was not averse to them. The women were covered, tucked away but the children were free and beautiful with their brown hair and lovely blue green eyes of which he saw quite a few. The men were a hardy muscular lot and they looked quite good at being soldiers.

In the one week gone by, apart from analyzing the people, Sepp had also been reading up on that strange magical looking typewriter called the “Kamputar”, that was how the Afghan accent pronounced the Computer. A new god called “Google”. And what an oracle, it knew everything. Even his children and his most intimate life details till his disappearance. But then who was he? An impostor! A sham! Was this a nightmare, a dream? Was there a way out of here or not? Was this Purgatory? Was he in a Faustian nightmare? Had he made a pact with the devil? Sepp had done quite a few things to assume the devil was more part of his life than God.

He had read the Americans winning the Second World War, no surprises there, the Korean War, defeat in Vietnam, the Gulf war, 9/11, and now this ridiculous “GWOT” or the global war on terror. Wow, Sepp was like he lived through the “Great War”, “The Thousand Year Reich” and now this “Global War”. He knew when he smelt a fake. Hey, this sounded just like the Reichstag fire. And he was one of the few still alive who knew of Hitler’s Reichstag fire. The truth! How Hitler had seized unlimited power on the basis of that national threat. They had said the Communists were taking over!

Actually he played a bigger role than he cared to admit. He had planned the burning of the Reichstag and had the SS pin it on a Dutchman caught at the scene who was there at the wrong time and wrong place. The Dutchman was incarcerated and executed by the Gestapo at a later stage.

Then that infamous night in 1934. “The Night of the Long Knives”. The Purge. The thousands of SA and SS men who were shot that night. He had drawn the lists. “Dead Men tell no Tales”.  He had ordered Ernst Roehm to be shot. He had ordered the pistol suicide option for Roehm. He had handpicked his most trusted SS men. And then after the deed most of them received promotions and their futures assured. For his role Hitler gave him his highest level of gratitude and trust.

He was so in with the SS that Hitler decided to entrust him with the “Waffen SS”. A unit of the SS but separate from the “Allegemeine SS” or the General SS. The Waffen SS was answerable only to Der Führer. Sepp lovingly created the Leibstandarte as Hitler’s premier bodyguard unit. The recruits were pure Aryan physical specimens. The myth of the SS man was born under Sepp’s gimlet eye.

Now Sepp the military man focused on the hopeless Afghan guerrilla units. They were fighting a war but disorganized. Sepp’s military brain was already analyzing the possibilities and he knew a way he could turn this situation to his benefit!

Only Sepp could have ever hoped to turn the Afghans into Waffen SS soldiers.

Over the next week Sepp had become closer to Ahmed with whom he thought he could do business with. The rest of them were simple country men, good foot soldiers. Hamza the fool, Mohammed the 16 year old tough guy, Hekmatyar the 45 year old veteran of many wars. Hekmatyar had fought the Soviets and fellow Afghans with similar ferocity and now he was a holy warrior again.

Sepp had been surprised to find that these very Afghan guerillas had defeated the Russians in a protracted murderous 15 yearlong guerrilla war. Amazing. His respect for the Afghans went up a few notches.

He had seen the Soviet military might on the internet. The MI-Hind gunships and the rockets that it carried. Impressive weapons. Then the Soviet Air force, MIGS and SUKHOIS, breathless achievements. Sepp had learnt the right things on the internet, had seen enough of modern weapons being used on the internet mostly on YouTube.

“YouTube” was like a second god. It had everything on it. Everything imaginable. What power technology had accumulated over time. What they could do. Sepp was seduced by technology and he began to view the Afghans and Muslims as Asiatics, averse to European and American progress. This had to change. The Asiatics had to become a viable techno-centric people if they were to be helped with anything. This was the only question but the Afghan ingenuity at bomb making and “gun-smithing” did confer them with a low level technical skill.

This had to be enhanced. Sepp in his mind knew his choice was made. America and Europe were supporters of Zionism. Israel an entire Zionist state modeled on the Nazi state with similar laws for the conquered peoples, namely the Palestinians. Sepp was most distressed with this world order and disgusted with Germany’s alignment with Israel. This is what “Der Führer” had feared and it had become a reality. International Zionism now dominated the World. Only the fellow Semites, the Islamic peoples stood in Israel’s way to world domination.

The Muslim people must not lose this war became an imperative in Sepp’s political mind. The current world situation boggled Sepp’s mind. The Führer had been a genius. He had foreseen these things that had come to pass. How could he ever have doubted his beloved Führer? In the last days of the war he had doubted the Führer. He felt ashamed and a hot wave of emotion came over him. For the first time he realized the Führer was dead! Adolf Hitler was dead! The suicide. His beloved leader for whom he would have given his life.

Sepp had gone into a week’s mourning and had the Taliban fire a 21 gun salute in Adolf Hitler’s memory with an internet photo printout in black and white sized at 10 by 5 inches. He had shouted “Sieg Heil” 3 times as tears sprang into his eyes. The only time he had ever cried as far as he could remember. So this is how it ends, he thought in the valley surrounded by the snowy Afghan mountains, with the bearded Islamic people in shawls with AK-47s pointed to the sky and a wretched fallen Sepp. Oh why am I not dead? Sepp thought mournfully.

Ahmad Qassim was amazed to see Sepp cry in the valley where everything looked beautiful and perfect in the evening chilly breeze. He had known of Hitler and understood Sepp’s attachment. But to the Afghans a grown man crying was deeply unsettling. Hamza, Mohammad, Hekmatyar and Amar had fired their weapons into the twilight sky and stared in amazement as Sepp stretched his right hand forward and shouted “Sieg Heil!” It didn’t sound like a religious war cry to them. On top of that he was crying.

“Relax men he is not from here,” said Ahmed. “That’s for sure. But he really isn’t from here or anywhere. He is a Djinn,” warned Mohammed. “He is a wicked spirit, a dreaded fire demon. A devil. We should kill him and thank God for his death.”

“Shut up Mohammed. He is here as an “Ansaar”, a Helper. He is here to win this war for us. He is an Angel from heaven. Only God could send a man like this,” counseled wise old Hekmatyar. “God will not forgive us for killing him. A gift he sent us and we killed him? Hellfire for us then!”

“Hekmatyar is right. We must let this play out. We are but slaves of destiny. Let’s see where this leads to. Have faith in what God ordains for us. Sepp is a good man. He grieves for his commander. But he should not cry as only God is the true Master and Commander of Man,” said Ahmed.

Amar, a Pakistani talib of 22 years from Lahore was not impressed. “Ok guys what are we doing? We are like his soldiers now. We have been here for 2 weeks with this white guy. I feel like his servant, more than his captor. He treats me like a dog.  He is turning into our commander. Can’t you guys see what’s happening? Ahmed you are our designated Emir. What’s going on?”

“All I can say is if you knew anything about this guy, as I have seen on the Internet, then it will be an honor to serve under him,” said Ahmed grimly. “I’m actually hoping he stays and joins us. Becomes a fighter. He cannot die because he is already dead. What an asset to have. The Undead with us!”

At this the group huddled around in hushed silence. The wind grew colder in the meadow as the evening darkened into an Afghan night. Soon they would have a long journey through Northern Afghanistan into Tajikistan and then into the Ferghana valley in Uzbekistan which was going to be their new home.

“This is Zulu Bravo team. Come in,” crackled the radio. Sergeant Mike Anderson of the United States Marine Corps swung his legs off the desk and grabbed the headset. “This is Papa-Dog. Come in. Are you guys coming in or what? Zulu team was supposed to be here like yesterday. Today would be nice,” said Mike grinning. Boy he would be glad to see some company at forward base “Camp Delta” perched high up in Northern Tajikistan, overlooking the Ferghana Valley in Uzbekistan.

“Nate-dog about to pass out and Papa-dog needs R and R,” continued Mike.

Special Forces team Zulu was coming in for a clearing assignment of suspected Taliban activity in the mountains near the border of Tajikistan with Uzbekistan. “SOCOM” or United States Special Operations Command was in charge of this Green Beret operation

“The Ferghana valley”.

Special Forces Zulu team leader Colonel John Kilgore was bringing in two squads of 50 men in giant Chinooks. These guys were packing “High Ordinance”. As “SF” they were coming in with 70 lbs. of backpacking gear each, weapons being an assortment of the famous “SAW” or M-249 light machine guns mixed with the “FN SCAR-H 17s” or Special Forces Combat Assault Rifles modified with under barrel grenade launchers. Extra-large “Mags” with 7.62mm  of 30 rounds each for the “SCARS” along with 3rd generation FLIR optics. Glock 36 as standard sidearm issue mixed in with Heckler and Koch “SOCOM” pistols. Claymore mines and C4 explosives packed in the transport cargo. “Destroy anything suspicious” had been the order given to Colonel Kilgore by SOCOM or Special Operations Command.

And by golly he was going to do just that, any Taliban there were going to get pawned, thought Kilgore grimly. This week was not going to be forgotten either by the Taliban or the Americans, Kilgore’s gut feeling told him. The Taliban were going down!

High up in the Choppers, Chinook pilot James Spoegel wondered when this flight mission would be over. This was unknown territory. No “Recon” or “Sat” images had been studied of the area. As far as the Army was concerned these rugged mountains and the Ferghana valley was “No man’s land”. Spoegel hated these desperate SOCOM flight missions and the trigger happy fools on board. It was all up to him to get their asses to the “LZ” or Landing Zone safely. Spoegel’s biggest fear was a punk assed Taliban fighter with an RPG. That sucker hits and we are toast, he thought. The RPGs were every NATO pilot’s worst nightmare. A Soviet designed simple Rocket Propelled Grenade which saturated Afghanistan. Many a Chopper had gone down this way.

Inside Spoegel’s chopper, Captain Angelino sat reading a porn magazine, one of those nameless faceless colorful rags that saturated all US army bases. Damn, I’d do her, he thought mechanically as he went from one feature to another. Pity he was stuck here chasing ragheads instead of boning some hot tail in NYC. His uncle had a restaurant in little Italy. Man there was some great talent he’d nailed there. If only he could be there with high class tourist babes rather than chasing mountain goats!

Fuck, he thought. There wasn’t even any R and R for thousands of miles. Damn Army brothels weren’t even allowed in Afghanistan. Though he’d managed to find a few closed doors, “no questions asked” houses in Kabul run by the Chinese. But no chance of some Afghan “tail”. Though he’d heard some of his buddies boasting of some great local talent that they had scored. Well next time in Kabul!

Angelino was second generation Italian. He was thin and wiry with dark hair and olive skin. At 5’11” with a decent build he was proud to serve his country as part of SOCOM or Special Operations Command. Man it had been a slog. Basic training and then SF selection had almost killed him. The Taliban were no match for his Sergeant who seemed more intent on killing him than keeping him alive, he thought. He had hated his Sergeant more than the Taliban. Somehow he had graduated.

But now he had made it and he was with his buddies. Cole, an African American packing a SAW or a light machine gun. That guy had some serious muscle but bald giving him a Hollywood bad-assed kind of look. Jeff was a 20 year old Southerner from Alpharetta, Georgia. A white boy. Angelino loved his southern drawl and made fun of him whenever he could.

“Hi yawl!” mimicked Angelino and Jeff scowled. This guy was “gettin’ on my tits”, thought Jeff. This was going to be a long ride.

Colonel Kilgore looked at his men. A decent bunch and he was happy to command them. This job was way below his paygrade, but Kilgore had insisted on this mission. His last field mission and he wanted in! Besides, it seemed pretty straight forward. There had been some excited Taliban chatter on the radio in the last few weeks. “Taliban planning something big. We go clean ’em out before they go critical,” reasoned the General Staff.

“Fine by me,” Kilgore had said to them. “Just get me my men and gear.”

Authorization and requisition had taken a week. Kilgore was disgusted. He wanted speed. The U.S army sometimes left him wondering if they were really in the business of fighting.


U.S. Ambassador to Moscow: Russia is a virtual mafia state

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U.S. Ambassador to Moscow: Russia is a virtual mafia state Publication time: Today at 02:53 Emirate time US newspaper, basing on revelations WikiLeaks, are continuing to publish apt and exact characteristics, which in his cables to the State Department in Washington, gives the U.S. ambassador in Moscow about Putin’s Russia, Russians, and Putin personally. According to Agence France-Press, the U.S. ambassador in Moscow shares an absolutely correct opinion that “Russia is a virtual mafia state”. The the head of this mafia country is the Chief Dog (“alpha dog”) Putin, indicated French news agency citing the Ambassador of the United States. Ambassador knows better, since he has excellent staff of specialists on Russia in Moscow. On the photo: Obama with the Chief Russian Dog Putin in a luxurious kennel (summer residence) near Moscow in July 2009. Meanwhile evidences of U.S. diplomats in Moscow about Russia and its leadership was pleased to comment for the English (analytical) service of Radio Liberty one of the leading American experts on Russia, Nikolas Gvosdev, a professor at the U.S. Navy War College. Professor Gvosdev said: “It shows that there is this cold, steely-eyed realism about Russia. They are not taken in by the rhetoric about managed democracy and managed pluralism. In private they recognize it for what it is, an oligarchy run by the security services and this informs their policy towards Russia. The disclosures show that the U.S. government does not assume greater virtue on the part of the Russians, even as it tries to work with Moscow. What they have always grappled with is: given the realities, what do we do about it? They never really fell into this approach with Russia that there are these problems and we ought to fix them. Their approach is: we’ve been dealt the hand we’ve been dealt and these are the people we are dealing with. But let’s try to extract whatever value we can from the relationship. Meanwhile it is reported that general information about Russia, Putin and Medvedev is still ahead: “WikiLeaks says the documents will be released in stages “over the next few months”, so much of what we know now comes through the filter of the handful of media organizations who had access to the full archives”, western media outlets report. Department of Monitoring

Is Belgian Talmudist police investigator Van Linthout

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Is Belgian Talmudist police investigator Van Linthout a Russian spy?

Publication time: 27 November 2010, 19:55

According to the Belgian branch of a Luxembourg TV channel RTL, on Friday, November 27, Belgium secret police arrested in Antwerp another (the eighth) dissident Muslim, “suspected” in “desire” to raise money to support of the Holy War in the Caucasus Emirate against foreign invaders.


The unlucky man was taken to the town of Malines (Mechelen) to a notorious Islamophobe police investigator, Talmudist Van Linthout (see his photo here), who wages his Satanic War against Islam. The Zio “specializes” in terrorism cases, as reported by Belgian media, but most likely, he specializes in falsifications of such “cases”. That is why he was all too happily to throw the 8th dissident Muslim to his Democratic prison.


On Tuesday 30 November, the imprisonment will be confirmed by a Democratic judge. A Belgian punisher Leen Nuyts, speaker for Belgian federal prosecutors, did not give any other details to her Democracy’s media.


Meanwhile, another Russian terrorist and spy, Kadyrov, expressed support and approval of the arrests of dissident Muslims in Belgium, indirectly confirming on Nov. 26 to Russian news agencies that Belgian arrests were carried out on the orders of the international terrorist network KGB-FSB, and that Van Linthout is most probably a Russian spy.


It is to be recalled that Kadyrov is a major international terrorist under control of the Russian network KGB-FSB. Cases of Kadyrov’s terrorist activities are now being investigated by Austrian prosecutors, and an anti-terrorism trial over Kadyrov is being held at the Regional Court in Vienna.


Department of Monitoring

Will Putin now poison U.S. Ambassador in Moscow John R. Beyrle

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Will Putin now poison U.S. Ambassador in Moscow John R. Beyrle with polonium 210?

Publication time: Today at 13:36 Emirate time

Western media outlets report, citing Wikileaks, that the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in cables to the State Department called Putin a “dog”. Earlier, Western media wrongly reported that U.S. Embassy called Putin only a “male”.

Russian media outlets are still afraid to call Putin a “dog” and continue to call him a “male”.

– “The secret messages referred to Putin were an “alpha male.” End quote.

In that case, “male” is not an insult, but an official scientific word in the social psychology of human societies, and simply means a “leader”.


– “In the cables Putin is described as an “alpha dog” (and this is an insult already – KC) and there are allegations that his government is linked to organized crime”.


Putin was deeply offended. Radio Moscow reports:

“It’s early to comment on Putin’s name given by U.S. diplomats”, said Putin’s speaker Peskov.


Putin had been called an “alpha male”. According to Putin’s speaker, “nothing definite can be said yet. First of all, we need to see exactly what English word (Putin already knows that he is “dog” and not a “male”! – KC) was used.

Second, we are to find out the level of diplomats and government officials who used such words, and in what documents they were used (in cables from U.S. Embassy in Moscow to the State Department in Washington, D.C., they are always signed by the Ambassador – KC). And we are to examine in general if they speak about Putin (they do speak about Putin, it is 100% true – KC). And only then we could comment on them”, said (swallowed the insult – KC) Peskov”.

It is to be noted that Putin was publicly called a “dog”, just a “dog”, not an “alpha-dog”, for the first time about 5 years ago in a press release by the Mujahideen of the Islamic Maghreb, who sympathize with Muslims in the North Caucasus.


Putin seems to have been reported about that, and therefore Russia formally banned the Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (North Africa), AQIM, on Russian territory, although the AQIM has absolutely nothing to do with Russia.


The reason behind Putin’ s move was that the KGB got a right to send to GULAG Russians distributing AQIM press releases. And these press releases contain the definition of Putin as a dog.
It is to be mentioned that in contrast to a scientific and respectable word “alpha male”, which simply means a “leader”, in a positive sense, an “alpha dog” means “the main dog”, and nothing more. A dog is a dog, and Putin is one of them, according to the U.S. Ambassador in Moscow.


But no “main dog” exists on its own It be should always be surrounded by subordinate ordinary dogs. In this case, these dogs are surely members of Putin’s “team”, Medvedev, “ministers” and other high-ranking criminals.


Department of Monitoring

To be a Chechen refugee in Turkey

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To be a Chechen refugee in Turkey… Publication time: 27 November 2010, 12:56 “Yeni Aktuel”, a Turkish magazine, published a long article in issue number 231. The article has covered the problems of Chechen refugees in Turkey. As a result of Russia’s repressions and persecutions in Chechnya, these Chechens took shelter in Turkey because they see Turkey as a brother country. However, they continue their lives under difficult conditions in Turkey. They have neither “citizenship” or “refugee status” here and they are just called “guests”. For this reason, they fight with problems of education, health and working rights, as well as housing difficulties.×199.jpg Right now, there are three non-official Chechen refugee camps in Istanbul, Turkey. They are located in the Beykoz, Fenerbahce and Umraniye districts of the city. Around 500 Chechen refugees live in these camps. Many of the Chechen children in the camps were born in Turkey. However, they do not have any identification papers. The world of these children is limited by the walls of these camps. Beykoz Chechen Refugee Camp The camp is located in Tokatkoy area, one of the back roads of the Beykoz district in Istanbul. A group of older men with their fur hats welcomes us in front of the Sultan Aziz Mosque, which is near the camp. They invite us inside the camp to explain the problems that have continued for the last 10 years. It is an apartment building. While we were climbing the stairs, children run around the ramshackle stairs. While we are taking photos, the adult residents of the building hide behind the doors, but the children are not shy to our camera, but they do have puzzled looks in their eyes. Akhmad Mizayev, head of the camp, says that earlier the situation in the camp was terrible. But now, the Beykoz Municipality started construction inside of the camp. They do not know when it will be finished, but they are happy about it. When it is finished, at least they will have decent flats after all these years.×223.jpg One resident of the camp is really an uncommon person. His name is Abubakar Magomadov. He has been a member of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Parliament since 1997. In the late 1990’s, he worked as head of the National Security and Defense Committee. Also, he was commander of a military group which fought against Russia in the beginning of the Second Russian-Chechen war in 1999. For this reason, he is one of the Chechen people who have been blacklisted by Russia. Today he is 61 year old. He complains that he cannot find a job and cannot t earn money to live. He explains that he knows Abdullah Gul, the President of Turkey, from his mission in Strasbourg. In those days, they shared their office, but today he is also clueless about the problems of Chechen refugees in Turkey. Mr. Magomadov speaks about their problems: no working permission, no health insurance and no education for their children. “Until when will it continue like now? As I know, all the states in the world have similar laws. In five years you can obtain citizenship or refugee status; or they extradite you. The Turkish government does not let us to leave for Europe, but at the same time they do not provide us with humane living conditions. They must solve our problems and realize that when they ignore our situation, the problems grow more and more every day,” said Mr. Magomadov. We asked Abubakar Magomadov whether he thinks about going back to Chechnya. The answer that we receive is shocking: “Now the situation in Chechnya is more dangerous than the first days of the war. A puppet government ruling the country. They say to Russia, ‘We are more Russian than you.’ The people who fought against Russia are abducted. Everyday 5 or 10 people are missing. There is an active search warrant for me because of my political and military situation. Thus, if I go back Chechnya, they will grab me.” Umraniye Chechen Refugee Camp×300.jpg This camp is located in a hospice under Halil-ur-Rakhman Mosque in the Umraniye district of Istanbul. The living conditions are worse than Beykoz. The rooms are around 20 meters square and 7 or 8 people live in a room. The toilets and baths are common for the whole camp. Adam Taysumov, head of the camp, shows us around and explains their similar problems. He points out that the reason for all of their problems is that they do not have official status. When we were leaving the camp, some boxes full of clothes stood out. According to the residents of the camp, these are old clothes which were given by helpful people. The people share these clothes and if there is more than needed, they wash and sell them at a street bazaar. In this way, each family in the camp can earn 30-40 Turkish liras (15-20 Euros) in a month. A Chechen Refugee Camp by the Sea: Fenerbahce This refugee camp is located between one of most luxurious districts in Istanbul. The camp is situated between a Military Officers’ Club on the left and a marina on the right. The camp may have one of the best views in Istanbul. It was originally a holiday camp for Turkish Rail Road workers, but it has been used for Chechen refugees since 2000.×241.jpg While we were walking in this magnificent city, suddenly a blue door, labeled “Chechen Camp,” faced us. When we got inside the door, a group of children welcomed us between scratchy sheds and nylon tents. Along with similar problems to other camps, the strong wind which comes from the sea and dense moisture create bigger problems. Each shed is around 10-15 square meters. Also, they do not have a heating system here. The Common Main Problems of Chechen Refugees in Turkey: Working Permit: The biggest problem of the Chechen refugees in Turkey is that they cannot work and cannot earn money. Young people rarely find daily or weekly jobs. Even so, employers pay less money for Chechens than Turkish workers, it is about a 50% difference. Health: They do not have any official status and for this reason they cannot go to the hospital or receive medication. Education: The children can go to school until the end of high school, but they continue their education as “guest students”. This means that they cannot receive diplomas. Passport: Many of them would like to go European countries but their passports have expired, thus they cannot move anywhere. Even if they could manage to extend their passports, they might have problems in the airports because Turkish border guards would demand ridiculous payments for their illegal residence in Turkey throughout the years.

murder Israilov given to Kadyrov by Putin

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Killer’s lawyer reminds the order to murder Israilov given to Kadyrov by Putin

Publication time: Today at 02:08 Emirate time
According to the Austrian state news agency APA, on the second day of the murder trial of Israilov in Vienna, Kaltenbrunner denied that on the evening of January 12, the eve of the murder, he conspired with Dadayev and Bogatirov on murder in an auto repair shop in the town of Zollenau (Province of Lower Austria) near Vienna.

Kaltenbrunner admitted that he actually went there by car, along with Suleiman Dadayev and Lecha Bogatirov, but did not go out of the car.

According to him, only Dadayev and Bogatirov went to the shop to deal with a fellow countryman over a dispute about a woman.


According to Kaltenbrunner, loud cries were heard from there and he’d seen a lot of people. But maybe, Kadyrov’s killer noted, he dreamed all this, as he drank a lot.


Agence France-Presse, following APA, explained for ‘profane’ readers, that according to the indictment, Kaltenbrunner had been recruited by Turpal Ali Yesherkayev during a meeting in a workshop for killing of Kadyrov.


Agence France-Presse said that Kaltenbrunner acknowledged that on photos possessed by police, he really shot along with Kadyrov, but noted about the killing:


“He has nothing to do with this tragedy”.


From where he may know about it, if he says he was unaware of the impending murder, Kaltenbrunner did not explain.


It is to be noted that the APA wrote their reports about the trial in very detail, but a little messy. And sometimes it is very difficult for readers who are not familiar with the full text of the indictment to understand what the ARA want say.


It could be seen from an earlier report by ARA from the courtroom that Kaltenbrunner said that Israilov was killed over a woman.


Meanwhile, the lawyer of Kaltenbrunner, Mayer, in an interview he gave to APA in lunchtime in court hearing on Nov. 17, said he would present the petition to the court before Friday to summon Putin and Kadyrov as witnesses, reports.


If Putin and Kadyrov not comes to the court, their Russian prosecutor’s office, under an agreement for mutual legal assistance between Austria and Russia, could be asked to interrogate. The trial jury, consisting of three professional judges, will decide whether to accept or not this petition.


Meyer explained the need to subpoena Putin, in addition to Kadyrov, by the fact that Kadyrov is Putin’s governor, and therefore Putin, as boss, may know about the Kadyrov’s murder of Israilov.


We would like to note from our side, that’s what Putin ordered Kadyrov to kill Israilov is in the journalist investigation published in April of this year by The New York Times.


On January 8, 2009, Putin was asked through his press secretary by the journalists of The New York Times to interview him on the complaint of Israilov to Kadyrov for tortures in Chechnya.


Putin refused to give interview, but “responded” journalists with not empty words, but with a concrete work, as on January 13, 2009, Israilov was shot dead in Vienna.


Observers point out that Kadyrov is just a Putin’s dog, and as a dog he can not conduct any independent actions outside of his kennel without his master Putin’s instructions.


It is to be note that, judging by the fact that at the moment is written and not written in the Austrian press (this can change in principle), the outside observers, based on previous experiences in different courts in Austria, projected 15 years to Kaltenbrunner, 10 years for Dadayev and 7 years to Yesherkayev.


Kaltenbrunner, however, can always count on a pardon if he would give concrete evidence on Kadyrov, on the basis of which it would be possible to issue an arrest warrant for this puppet ringleader.


Naturally, the justice possesses in advance these or other figures. However, depending on the circumstances, they may also change in principle.


Department of Monitoring

Russian killer told about crimes of invaders in Chechnya

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Russian killer told about crimes of invaders in Chechnya

Publication time: 3 November 2010, 02:05

The British newspaper The Sunday Times published excerpts from a personal diary of a senior officer of the Russian special forces, the Spetznaz, who participated in the second Chechen war. The original text was published in Moscow in Russian by Novaya Gazeta. Columnist Mark Franchetti, who personally translated the text from Russian into English, said in his commentary that nothing like it has ever been published before.


“The text does not claim to be a historical overview of the war. It is author’s story. A chilling record of executions, torture, revenge and despair the author wrote over a ten year period during 20 tours in Chechnya”, such he describes the publication of the article entitled “The war in Chechnya: Diary of a killer”.


The extracts from the diary contain descriptions of fightings, attitude toward prisoners and death in battle, and sharp remarks about the Russian military command. “To protect the author from retribution, his identity, as well as names of people, places and dates, have been withheld”, said Franchetti.


The diary’s author called Chechnya a “damned” and “bloody” place. The conditions under which he had to live and fight, break up even such strong and “coached” killers as the Spetznaz guys. He describes cases where they lost nerves and they began to rush at each other, arranging fights, or desecrated the bodies of dead Mujahideen, severing off their ears and noses.


At the beginning of the mentioned records, apparently belonging to one of the first “tours”, the author writes that he allegedly feels sorry for Chechen women whose husbands, sons and brothers joined the “militants”. Thus, in one of the villages, which the Russian unit entered, and where the wounded “militants” remained, two women begged him to release one of the prisoners. He allegedly agreed to do that.


“I could have executed him there and then. But I felt sorry for the women”, said Russian killer. “The women couldn’t stop thanking me and stuffed cash into my hands. I took it but it then weighed heavily on my mind because I felt guilty towards our lads who’d died”, the invaders told about his “repentance”.


According to the diary, they treated other wounded Chechens quite differently.


“They dragged out, stripped naked and crammed into a truck. Some walked on their own, others were beaten and dragged out by force. One Chechen who’d lost both feet stumbled out on his own, walking on his stumps. After a few steps he fainted and collapsed to the ground. The soldiers beat him, stripped him naked, and threw him into the truck. I didn’t feel sorry for the prisoners. It was just an unpleasant sight”, Russian killer casually wrote.


According to his confession, local people stared at Russians with hatred, and the wounded “militants” stared at them with such hatred that it felt trigger-happy.


The killer says that the departed Chechens had left in the village a wounded Russian prisoner. His hands and legs had allegedly broken to stop him from escaping.


In another case, the killer clearly describes a fictional battle, during which the invaders knocked out “militants” from the house where they positioned. After the battle, the invaders ransacked the building and allegedly found a few mercenaries in the basement who fought on Chechen side.


“All of them were Russians fighting for money – he writes. – They screamed and shouted, begging us not to kill them because they have family and kids back home. So what? As if by contrast we’d come from an orphanage into this sh-thole. We executed them all”.


It is to be mentioned in this connection that all Russian propaganda reports, starting with mercenaries called “Estonian (Lithuanian, Latvian) woman snipers in “white pantyhoses” and ending with “Russian/Arab mercenaries who fought for money” were not backed by any documented facts in both wars since 1994, except “diaries” and unfounded stories by invaders in different variations told by Russian journalists. No real facts have been ever provided.


Meanwhile, the Russian killer, whose diary was translated by the British newspaper, talked about bravery.


“The truth is that the bravery of those who fought in Chechnya isn’t valued”, the killer wrote in his diary.


Records often describe how the invaders destroyed the traces of their crimes – tortures and executions of prisoner Chechens. At one point, the author writes that one of the dead “militants” was wrapped in plastic sheets, dumped into a pit filled with mud and dirt from marshlands, covered with the TNT and blasted. “That’s how people go missing”, the killer bragged about in his diary.


A Chechen woman and a teenage girl, whom Russian infidels proclaimed “female suicide bombers”, were treated in such a way. The woman was 40, and the girl barely 15.


Russian invader claimed that girl and woman were allegedly intoxicated.


“They were drugged out and kept smiling at us. The three were interrogated back at the base. At first the elder, a recruiter of female shahidki, or female martyrs, wouldn’t talk. That changed when she was roughed up and given electric shots”, the author wrote satisfied.


In the end, after brutal tortures, the girl and woman were executed and their bodies blown up to get rid of the evidence. “So in the end they got what they’d craved for”, the Russian infidel filth argues.


It is to be mentioned in this context that this story about the abducted woman and the girl is well known in Chechnya. Both were abducted by Russian invaders in the village of Yarysh-Mardy. The 15-year-old girl came to visit her aunt. Suddenly invaders came in the night and took them to an unknown destination. Next day, the invaders told relatives that they did not know who kidnapped their relatives and where they were.


Many passages in the diary contain sharp criticism of the command, as well as politicians who send others to death, and remain themselves in full security and impunity.


“I was once struck by the words of an idiot of a Russian general who was asked why the families of the crew who died aboard the nuclear submarine Kursk were paid generous compensation whilst those of soldiers killed in Chechnya are still waiting. “Because the Kursk deaths were unexpected whereas those in Chechnya are foreseen”, he said. So, we’re cannon fodder. There are plenty of f*****s like him in the army’s top echelons”, the text says.


In another case, he tells how his unit was ambushed, because they were deceived by their own commander. “A Chechen who’d promised him several AK47s had talked him into helping him settle a blood feud. There were no rebels in the house he’d sent us to raid”, the killer wrote.


“When we got back to base the lads lay in body bags on the landing strip. I opened one, grabbed my friend’s hand and said “sorry.” Our boss didn’t even bother to say farewell to the boys. He was blind drunk. I hated him in that moment. He never gave a damn about the boys, just used them to pursue his career. He later even tried to blame me for the bungled raid. F***er. Sooner or later he’ll pay for his sins”, the Russian killer cursing him.


The record also describes how the war affected the personal life of the killer


“Gave 14 years of my life to the spetznaz, lost much and many close comrades, for what? Deep down I’m left with pain and a sense that I was wronged”, the Russian killer complains.


Department of Monitoring