Has Putin taken a kicking from rebel army general?

Has Putin taken a kicking from rebel army general?

Publication time: 31 October 2010, 22:50

A Lithuanian newspaper, Klaipeda Diena, published an article about assassination attempt on Russian General Shamanov and points out that Russian mass media are lying and hiding the truth about this crime.


In particular, Russian media outlets wrote that the truck that smashed into the Shamanov’s car was allegedly driven by an illegal immigrant under the influence of drugs.


In fact, he was a legal immigrant, and he had a work permit. The newspaper notes in a commentary:


“The Kavkaz Center wrote about a possible military coup by elite Russian military intelligence and airborne troops which would be later joined by ordinary Russian soldiers. These are not the same troops. Apparently, the generals have already encroached on Putin when he appeared in Kiev with a black eye.


Something is really happening in the circle of Russian generals and colonels. 2 days before the assassination attempt on Shamanov, Lieutenant General Gregory Dubrov, suspected to being one of organizers of a possible military coup, was killed”.


Department of Monitoring


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