Terrorist gang FSB Russia ready to poison owner of Wikileaks

Terrorist gang FSB Russia ready to poison owner of Wikileaks with polonium-210

Publication time: Today at 14:54 Emirate time

According to the Time magazine, the website Wikileaks, headed by its owner Julian Assange, is preparing an info attack on bloody Putin’s/Medvedev’s Russia. The Kremlin threatens to react.


The magazine writes:


“A preliminary analysis showed that there was no danger for Russia by the website of Julian Assange”, a KGB website, Life News, quoted an expert from the terrorist gang “center of information security of the FSB”. – “It’s essential to remember that given the will and relevant orders, it can be made inaccessible forever”.


When reached by TIME, the FSB, which is the main successor to the Soviet KGB, declined to elaborate on the comment or say whether it was the agency’s official position. But history has shown that the FSB readily steps in to shut down Internet tattlers.


A former FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned with a rare and highly radioactive polonium isotope while living in London in 2006.


Observers say WikiLeaks presents a far more serious challenge to Russia’s security services than the sources of previous leaks (on Afghanistan and Iraq – KC).


For one thing, WikiLeaks has established a reputation for publishing authentic documents, which means the press would be more likely to cover the story and republish the files. It is also a diffuse and secretive organization that is technologically prepared to deal with cyberattacks.


So the most likely Russian reaction, at least at first, would be to undermine the authenticity of the alleged secrets.


“That is the main tool – to filter it through the state-controlled Russian mass media”, says Nikolai Zlobin, director of the Russia and Eurasia Project at the World Security Institute in Washington, D.C.


“This would limit any public debate of the leak to the Russian Internet forums and news websites, which reach a tiny fraction of the population”. (Moreover, there is fierce censorship by the FSB. FSB uses the tactics of denial with revelatory material of the KC. Internet ensigns of the FSB “refute” immediately by the fact of publication on KC, while the Russian audience is afraid to object ensigns for fear of KGB reprisals – KC).


Zlobin says it would also take something extremely damning to rattle Russia’s political elite.


“Russians already believe that their leaders steal, that they have offshore bank accounts and funnel money into them,” he says. “It would have to give shocking details about the country’s two leading figures [prime minister Vladimir Putin and president Dmitri Medvedev], and even then, the complete apathy toward politics in Russian society would absorb a lot of the shock waves at home”.


Russia’s reputation abroad, however, could be badly hit by the release of foreign-policy secrets.


As the Kremlin pushes ahead with a drive to charm the West, its security agencies will be eager to prevent that kind of embarrassment. And there’s no knowing how far they’ll go to save face”, Time magazine wrote by clearly alluding to the fact that Wikileaks project managers are in serious danger of being killed, for example, by polonium-210.


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