Head of military coup Col.Gen. Achalov

Head of military coup Col.Gen. Achalov appeals to the people of Russia

Publication time: 3 November 2010, 01:46

An appeal to the people of Russia by Colonel General Vladislav Achalov, head of a possible military coup scheduled for Nov. 7 and Chairman of the Russian Union of Paratroopers, has been posted on the Internet. Col. Gen. Achalov said:


“The Russian Minister of Defense Serdyukov and his cronies created a direct threat to the security of our country. In this situation, the Union of Russian Paratroopers is forced to call for a mass demonstration in support of the rule of law in the Army, to protect the rights and personal dignity of the military.


We invite all veterans and youth, representatives of political parties, of public and religious organizations to come to the meeting and to express their views together with us.


The rally will be held on November 7, 2010 at 12:00 on Poklonnaya Hill near the Museum of the Great Patriotic War.


Together with the Union of Russian Paratroopers, the following organizations will take part in the protest rally: Union of Military Sailors, Russia’s Federation of Astronautics, Moscow Regional Branch of Military Brotherhood, and other public and veterans’ organizations.


We proclaim the Minister of Defense Serdyukov as a person who is not entitled to give orders to the military and demand his dismissal from the Russian President.


We expect the participation of everybody who is not indifferent to the fate of the Army and the Navy, and finally, to the fate of our Russia! ”


The video message by the head of the military coup and, if the coup succeeds, the future Supreme Ruler of Russia, Colonel General Vladislav Achalov, can be viewed using the following link.


As previously reported, Colonel General Achalov will bring to Moscow about 10,000 of his paratroopers as “protesters” and, if the Russian President Medvedev fails to comply with the demands of rebel servicemen, as many observers expect, he will use military force against Medvedev.


To counter the forthcoming coup, gangsters from the terrorist gang of the KGB (FSB), entrenched in the Kremlin and the Parliament Buiding, killed already two generals from the leadership of the conspiracy on Oct. 28: the former chief of Radio Engineering Troops of the Russian Air Defense, Gregory Dubrov, and a retired Lieutenant General from Russia’s Defense Ministry, Boris Debashvili.


On Oct. 30, the KGB staged an assassination attempt on the acting Russian Airborne Troops Commander, Lieutenant General Vladimir Shamanov, sending him along with his loyal comrade-in-arms and a participant in the coup, the acting commander of the Tula Airborne Division, Colonel Alexei Naumets, to hospital, thus preventing their participation in the military coup, which, as it seem, is scheduled for November 7, 2010.


Department of Monitoring


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