Cossacks join possible military coup

Cossacks join possible military coup by paratroopers in Russia

Publication time: 4 November 2010, 12:32

On the photo: A Russian poster calling for Russian military to kill FSB (KGB) agents. It reads: “What did you fight for, soldier? Why are the FSB people still alive?”.
According to media reports, Cossacks are going to join on November 7 Russian paratroopers in a move against the FSB (KGB junta) and Putin’s defense minister Serdyukov. They will support public and veterans’ organizations in a rally, according to the organizing committee of the meeting called “Protect Airborne Forces, Army and Navy from arbitrariness of the public officer Serdyukov”.

Meanwhile, a well-known American journalist Sergei Melnikoff who lives in Florida, urged the Russian army not to spare from killing any FSB (KGB) agent.

Sergei Melnikoff called for a complete extermination of the FSB agents during the military coup led by General Achalov. The coup is scheduled for November 7, 2010.

In the article, entitled “The Second Purge” and published on his website Gulag, Mr Melnikoff, an active fighter with the FSB junta, who personally exterminated Soviet invaders in Afghanistan, fighting on the side of the Mujahideen, as an American adviser, writes:


“A part of the Great Purge of 1937 – 1938’s was a so-called “Purge of the staff of the Red Army”. Its goal was to purge the “unreliable elements”, mainly among the higher ranks.


Declassified data testifies that in 1937, the Red Army numbered 114,300 officers, 11,034 of whom were repressed by the KGB.


Why don’t military officers use their weapons for what they are intended to?


Why is a hero warrior standing with lowered head under the foul-mouth of the Russian defense minister, a former furniture seller, and not kill that rascal with a machine gun?


If soldiers do not kill the FSB agents, they will became their slaughter cattle, and end their life run over by a suburb train, like homeless dogs, as the KGB killed one of the leaders of the planned coup, General Dubrov, on October 28, 2010…. ”


Meanwhile, a poster calling for Russian troops to kill all the FSB (KGB) agents in Russia has been posted on the internet. The poster reads: “What did you fight for, soldier? Why are the FSB people still alive?”.


Russian citizens also remind on another poster that the military coup is a good time to kill FSB stooges as well.


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