murder Israilov given to Kadyrov by Putin

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Killer’s lawyer reminds the order to murder Israilov given to Kadyrov by Putin

Publication time: Today at 02:08 Emirate time
According to the Austrian state news agency APA, on the second day of the murder trial of Israilov in Vienna, Kaltenbrunner denied that on the evening of January 12, the eve of the murder, he conspired with Dadayev and Bogatirov on murder in an auto repair shop in the town of Zollenau (Province of Lower Austria) near Vienna.

Kaltenbrunner admitted that he actually went there by car, along with Suleiman Dadayev and Lecha Bogatirov, but did not go out of the car.

According to him, only Dadayev and Bogatirov went to the shop to deal with a fellow countryman over a dispute about a woman.


According to Kaltenbrunner, loud cries were heard from there and he’d seen a lot of people. But maybe, Kadyrov’s killer noted, he dreamed all this, as he drank a lot.


Agence France-Presse, following APA, explained for ‘profane’ readers, that according to the indictment, Kaltenbrunner had been recruited by Turpal Ali Yesherkayev during a meeting in a workshop for killing of Kadyrov.


Agence France-Presse said that Kaltenbrunner acknowledged that on photos possessed by police, he really shot along with Kadyrov, but noted about the killing:


“He has nothing to do with this tragedy”.


From where he may know about it, if he says he was unaware of the impending murder, Kaltenbrunner did not explain.


It is to be noted that the APA wrote their reports about the trial in very detail, but a little messy. And sometimes it is very difficult for readers who are not familiar with the full text of the indictment to understand what the ARA want say.


It could be seen from an earlier report by ARA from the courtroom that Kaltenbrunner said that Israilov was killed over a woman.


Meanwhile, the lawyer of Kaltenbrunner, Mayer, in an interview he gave to APA in lunchtime in court hearing on Nov. 17, said he would present the petition to the court before Friday to summon Putin and Kadyrov as witnesses, reports.


If Putin and Kadyrov not comes to the court, their Russian prosecutor’s office, under an agreement for mutual legal assistance between Austria and Russia, could be asked to interrogate. The trial jury, consisting of three professional judges, will decide whether to accept or not this petition.


Meyer explained the need to subpoena Putin, in addition to Kadyrov, by the fact that Kadyrov is Putin’s governor, and therefore Putin, as boss, may know about the Kadyrov’s murder of Israilov.


We would like to note from our side, that’s what Putin ordered Kadyrov to kill Israilov is in the journalist investigation published in April of this year by The New York Times.


On January 8, 2009, Putin was asked through his press secretary by the journalists of The New York Times to interview him on the complaint of Israilov to Kadyrov for tortures in Chechnya.


Putin refused to give interview, but “responded” journalists with not empty words, but with a concrete work, as on January 13, 2009, Israilov was shot dead in Vienna.


Observers point out that Kadyrov is just a Putin’s dog, and as a dog he can not conduct any independent actions outside of his kennel without his master Putin’s instructions.


It is to be note that, judging by the fact that at the moment is written and not written in the Austrian press (this can change in principle), the outside observers, based on previous experiences in different courts in Austria, projected 15 years to Kaltenbrunner, 10 years for Dadayev and 7 years to Yesherkayev.


Kaltenbrunner, however, can always count on a pardon if he would give concrete evidence on Kadyrov, on the basis of which it would be possible to issue an arrest warrant for this puppet ringleader.


Naturally, the justice possesses in advance these or other figures. However, depending on the circumstances, they may also change in principle.


Department of Monitoring


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