Will Putin now poison U.S. Ambassador in Moscow John R. Beyrle

Will Putin now poison U.S. Ambassador in Moscow John R. Beyrle with polonium 210?

Publication time: Today at 13:36 Emirate time

Western media outlets report, citing Wikileaks, that the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in cables to the State Department called Putin a “dog”. Earlier, Western media wrongly reported that U.S. Embassy called Putin only a “male”.

Russian media outlets are still afraid to call Putin a “dog” and continue to call him a “male”.

– “The secret messages referred to Putin were an “alpha male.” End quote.

In that case, “male” is not an insult, but an official scientific word in the social psychology of human societies, and simply means a “leader”.


– “In the cables Putin is described as an “alpha dog” (and this is an insult already – KC) and there are allegations that his government is linked to organized crime”.


Putin was deeply offended. Radio Moscow reports:

“It’s early to comment on Putin’s name given by U.S. diplomats”, said Putin’s speaker Peskov.


Putin had been called an “alpha male”. According to Putin’s speaker, “nothing definite can be said yet. First of all, we need to see exactly what English word (Putin already knows that he is “dog” and not a “male”! – KC) was used.

Second, we are to find out the level of diplomats and government officials who used such words, and in what documents they were used (in cables from U.S. Embassy in Moscow to the State Department in Washington, D.C., they are always signed by the Ambassador – KC). And we are to examine in general if they speak about Putin (they do speak about Putin, it is 100% true – KC). And only then we could comment on them”, said (swallowed the insult – KC) Peskov”.

It is to be noted that Putin was publicly called a “dog”, just a “dog”, not an “alpha-dog”, for the first time about 5 years ago in a press release by the Mujahideen of the Islamic Maghreb, who sympathize with Muslims in the North Caucasus.


Putin seems to have been reported about that, and therefore Russia formally banned the Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (North Africa), AQIM, on Russian territory, although the AQIM has absolutely nothing to do with Russia.


The reason behind Putin’ s move was that the KGB got a right to send to GULAG Russians distributing AQIM press releases. And these press releases contain the definition of Putin as a dog.
It is to be mentioned that in contrast to a scientific and respectable word “alpha male”, which simply means a “leader”, in a positive sense, an “alpha dog” means “the main dog”, and nothing more. A dog is a dog, and Putin is one of them, according to the U.S. Ambassador in Moscow.


But no “main dog” exists on its own It be should always be surrounded by subordinate ordinary dogs. In this case, these dogs are surely members of Putin’s “team”, Medvedev, “ministers” and other high-ranking criminals.


Department of Monitoring


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