U.S. Ambassador to Moscow: Russia is a virtual mafia state

U.S. Ambassador to Moscow: Russia is a virtual mafia state Publication time: Today at 02:53 Emirate time US newspaper, basing on revelations WikiLeaks, are continuing to publish apt and exact characteristics, which in his cables to the State Department in Washington, gives the U.S. ambassador in Moscow about Putin’s Russia, Russians, and Putin personally. According to Agence France-Press, the U.S. ambassador in Moscow shares an absolutely correct opinion that “Russia is a virtual mafia state”. The the head of this mafia country is the Chief Dog (“alpha dog”) Putin, indicated French news agency citing the Ambassador of the United States. Ambassador knows better, since he has excellent staff of specialists on Russia in Moscow. On the photo: Obama with the Chief Russian Dog Putin in a luxurious kennel (summer residence) near Moscow in July 2009. Meanwhile evidences of U.S. diplomats in Moscow about Russia and its leadership was pleased to comment for the English (analytical) service of Radio Liberty one of the leading American experts on Russia, Nikolas Gvosdev, a professor at the U.S. Navy War College. Professor Gvosdev said: “It shows that there is this cold, steely-eyed realism about Russia. They are not taken in by the rhetoric about managed democracy and managed pluralism. In private they recognize it for what it is, an oligarchy run by the security services and this informs their policy towards Russia. The disclosures show that the U.S. government does not assume greater virtue on the part of the Russians, even as it tries to work with Moscow. What they have always grappled with is: given the realities, what do we do about it? They never really fell into this approach with Russia that there are these problems and we ought to fix them. Their approach is: we’ve been dealt the hand we’ve been dealt and these are the people we are dealing with. But let’s try to extract whatever value we can from the relationship. Meanwhile it is reported that general information about Russia, Putin and Medvedev is still ahead: “WikiLeaks says the documents will be released in stages “over the next few months”, so much of what we know now comes through the filter of the handful of media organizations who had access to the full archives”, western media outlets report. Department of Monitoring


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