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The Washington Post caught in fraud

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The Washington Post caught in fraud and actual racketeering

Publication time: Today at 14:24 Emirate time

The Huffington Post in its article describes cases of a systematic fraud by the company The Washington Post.

Authoritative and very popular in the U.S. newspaper The Huffington Post in its noted article, that attracted the attention by scandalous facts, describes cases of a systematic fraud by the company The Washington Post, specifically its key division Kaplan Higher Education, which provides the lion’s share of the revenues of the company and, in fact, allow to exist of completely unprofitable newspaper The Washington Post.

The profit of Kaplan Higher Education last year amounted to 1,5 billion dollars.


The essence of the fraud is “aggressive attracting” of applicants to the University Kaplan and attempts at all costs to keep the students in this institution of higher education through the manipulation and outright fraud.


According to the newspaper The Huffington Post, Kaplan University students are often enrolled in courses without their knowledge. With the illicit use of their passwords and email addresses.

Author of the article calls this practice “predatory”. After some time, the students receive by mail a receipt with the requirement of payment of many thousands of accounts for tuition, which they never received.


Moreover, among the affected are American taxpayers, as students of the University Kaplan University and more precisely on their behalf receives state low-interest loans for higher education.

Unlearned students can not receive diplomas, and, accordingly, well-paying job that would allow them to repay debts to the state.

There are periodically caught other such higher educational institution in such practices with the status of for-profit, however, “Kaplan University is a special case”, – emphasizes The Huffington Post, – as ” The Washington Post is one of the most respected names in American journalism and an institution representing itself as a champion of the public good”.


The revelatory article provides evidence of Kaplan University students affected by the fraudulent practices, as well as several former employees of the institution, forced to resign because of disagreement with the applicable business practices.

They talk in detail about these methods, which are violation of ethical standards, and in some cases, possibly a crime.

Given the methods used by The Washington Post to maintain the viability of its newspaper, The Huffington Post actually questioned the objectivity of one of the largest publications in America.

Another publication, The National Interest, based on the facts outlined in The Huffington Post, continues this idea, noting that “The Washington Post, at least since Watergate, has regarded itself as in the forefront of the “crusaders for justice”. Now its empire is under siege.
The revelations of corruption at Kaplan Higher Education, a key part of the company, are bringing dishonor upon the Post”.


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Russia on brink of Racial War

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Russia on brink of Racial War

Publication time: Today at 09:22 Emirate time

According to Russian media outlets, parents of schoolchildren in Moscow are forced to sign a statement that they are “aware of possible responsibility for the child’s participation in illegal armed formations of Russian Fascists, and were notified about undesirability of participation of their child in New Year pogroms that are going to be held throughout Moscow at night of January 1”.

High school students are gathered at meetings where principals indicate that “the country is on the brink of a racial war”(“a war of racial intolerance” in Demo’s slang, or – RaHoWa, Racial Holy War, in the terms of the international White Power Movement), and that it is the children who “can become a fuel for a fomenting ethnic conflict”. Teachers are in hysterics, children are shocked.

The statement contains a standard set of warnings about a need to watch, retain, encourage, etc. etc., and is hysterical in its contents.


Parent meetings are held where all parents are urged to sign the statement. Children are inflated to hysterics by ethnic conflicts and racial cleansings.

Wines and liquors shops near schools are closed on the eve of the pagan “new year”, which equals in Russian conditions to a revolutionary or at least a pre-revolutionary situation.


The ringleader of Russian terrorist gang “Moscow police department”, terrorist “general” Kolokoltsev, warned of possible provocations during holidays and school vacations, and again confirmed: the police fear exactly the schoolchildren, Russian media outlets reported.

It is to be noted that an open racial war is already waging throughout Russia, at least since December 11, so the schools only warn about its transition to a more violent phase.


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Israel- a high school for swindlers

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A section of the Jews avows itself quite openly as an alien people, but even here there is another falsehood. When the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the new national consciousness of the Jews will be satisfied by the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine, the Jews thereby adopt another means to dupe the simple-minded Gentile. They have not the slightest intention of building up a Jewish State in Palestine so as to live in it. What they really are aiming at is to establish a central organization for their international swindling and cheating. As a sovereign State, this cannot be controlled by any of the other States. Therefore it can serve as a refuge for swindlers who have been found out and at the same time a high-school for the training of other swindlers.

‘Israel’ arms Baku

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WikiLeaks: ‘Israel’ arms Baku. Aliyev bluffs and does not think to recapture Karabakh Publication time: 16 December 2010, 19:27 WikiLeaks has published another set of documents from the “Caucasus file” of the U.S. State Department. A cable from U.S. Ambassador in Azerbaijan says, inter alia, that so-called “Israel” is actively supplying Azerbaijan with weapons because jews consider Baku as an ally against Iran. *** 1. Summary. Azerbaijan’s relations with Israel are discreet but close. Each country finds it easy to identify with the other’s geopolitical difficulties and both rank Iran as an existential security threat. Israel’s world-class defense industry with its relaxed attitude about its customer base is a perfect match for Azerbaijan’s substantial defense needs that are largely left unmet by the United States, Europe and Russia for various reasons tied to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. Aptly described by Azerbaijani President Aliyev as being “like an iceberg, nine-tenths of it is below the surface”, this relationship is also marked by a pragmatic recognition by Israel of Azerbaijan’s political need to hew publicly and in international forums to the OIC,s general line. End Summary. 2. This cable is based on Embassy interactions with Israeli colleagues in Baku and with Azerbaijani MFA officials whom we have demarched on Israeli issues. 3. Much like Israel, Azerbaijan perceives Iran as a major, even existential security threat, and the two countries, cooperation flows from this shared recognition. The (U.S.-born) Israeli Ambassador in Baku, Arthur Lenk, often conveys his country’s empathy by remarking with dark humor that if he “had the chance to exchange neighborhoods, with Azerbaijan, I wouldn’t do it”. Even open sources have identified an extensive relationship between the countries, intelligence services that even predated the presidency of Heydar Aliyev and it only stands to reason that this remains a major area of cooperation which both sides naturally seek to downplay. 4. The Azerbaijani authorities assiduously protect Israeli interests in Baku. For example, the DCM of the Baku Embassy told Emboff that the GOAJ had noticeably improved local security at the Israeli Embassy when the most recent operations began in Gaza. When authorities got word of a planned demonstration on January 2, they dispatched buses to the place where the protesters were preparing to set off for the Embassy and arrested them on the spot. Police detained 25 of the 150 demonstrators rounded up, and 20 of them were sentenced to 10 or 15 days, detention. In sharp contrast, the GOAJ allows demonstrators to picket the Iranian Embassy, so long as the subject of the protest is the treatment of Azeris in Iran. In connection with the December 2 demonstration, the Israeli Embassy told us that they “never even saw” the demonstrators and made no requests before or after that anyone be held in custody. 5. Through its close relations with Israel, Azerbaijan gets a level of access to the quality weapon systems it needs to develop its army that it can not obtain from the U.S. and Europe due to various legal limitations, nor from its ex-Soviet suppliers, Belarus and Ukraine. Where other Western nations are reluctant to sell ground combat systems to the Azerbaijanis for fear of encouraging Azerbaijan to resort to war to regain NK and the occupied territories, Israel is free to make substantial arms sales and benefits greatly from deals with its well-heeled client. In September 2008 (again in a little-publicized affair) the GOAJ signed an extensive agreement with the Israeli Defense Ministry providing for three Israeli companies to provide mortars, ammunition, rocket artillery and radio equipment. The company “Soltam” got the contract to provide mortars and ammunition, “Tadiran Communications” will provide radio gear, and Israeli Military Industries will provide the rockets. IMI sells a range of rocket artillery and BAKU 00000020 002 OF 002 accessories ranging from upgrade kits for Soviet vintage BM-21 “Grad” 122mm systems, guidance packages for 122mm-300mm rockets and launch vehicles for up to 300mm rockets. It was not clear what exactly the Azerbaijanis bought, as the deal was simply described as being worth “hundreds of millions of dollars”. Azerbaijan already operates IMI’s 122mm “Lynx” multiple-launch rocket system, which it mounts on a KAMAZ 63502 heavy truck. 6. Recent USDAO reporting also indicates that the GOAJ through its Ministry of Defense Industries has created a joint venture with an Israeli entity to produce unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This venture will have 51 per cent GOAJ ownership and is distinct from the arrangements reported in para. 5 above. 7. Israeli contacts tell us that President Aliyev aptly described the bilateral relationship as “an iceberg; nine-tenths of it is below the surface” during the May 2008 visit of Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon. The sentiment is accurate because Baku balances its cordial relations with the Jewish state with its perceived responsibilities in to the OIC. Therefore Azerbaijan does not maintain an embassy in Israel, it dutifully (although weakly) criticizes Israeli military operations in the Palestinian territories and Lebanon, and in international organizations supports the OIC line and avoids any chance of angering Iran. When Emboff delivered demarches on the UNGA Israel resolutions recently (Reftel A), our MFA contact explained that Azerbaijan would follow the OIC line and that there was “an understanding” with Israel about Azerbaijan’s voting behavior. Our Israeli contacts do not use the same word but acknowledge that they do not attempt to pressure Azerbaijan on these questions. The relationship also affects U.S. policy insofar as Azerbaijan tries, often successfully, to convince the U.S. pro-Israel lobby to advocate on its behalf. 8. The relationship does have its limits; it does not translate into any preferential treatment for Israeli investors or capital in Azerbaijan (Note: this hardly sets Israel apart among countries whose citizens invest here. End note.) With some humor, the Israeli DCM told us that Israeli businessmen expressed to her that they prefer corruption in Kazakhstan to that of Azerbaijan because in Kazakhstan one can expect to pay exorbitant “fees” to do business but those are generally collected at once, up front, whereas in Azerbaijan the demands for bribes never cease. 9. Israel’s relations with Azerbaijan are based strongly on pragmatism and a keen appreciation of priorities. Israel’s main goal is to preserve Azerbaijan as an ally against Iran, a platform for reconnaissance of that country and as a market for military hardware. In order to ensure those goals, the Israelis have keenly attuned themselves to the GOAJ’s needs as an OIC member and a state like Israel wedged between large, powerful and unfriendly neighbors. They forgo the option of pressuring the GOAJ on secondary issues to secure the primary ones. It is apparent to us that for now both sides are well satisfied with the bilateral state of affairs. End of the cable. Meanwhile, in another cable, published earlier by WikiLeaks, the U.S. diplomat Donald Lu gives a very unflattering characterization of the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. The American diplomat said that Aliyev’s bellicose rhetoric, threatening to use force to solve the Karabakh issue is no more than a bluff, and Aliyev does not even think about regaining control over Karabakh by military means. Donald Lu wrote: “Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev utilizes distinctly different approaches to foreign and domestic policies”, said in the cable. He typically devises the former with pragmatism, restraint and a helpful bias toward integration with the West, yet at home his policies have become increasingly authoritarian and hostile to diversity of political views. This divergence of approaches, combined with his father’s continuing omnipresence, has led some observers to compare the Aliyevs with the fictional “Corleones” of Godfather fame, with the current president described alternately as a mix of “Michael” and “Sonny”,” said the cable. The cable indicates that Ilham Aliyev’s father, Heydar, can be called Vito Corleone of Azerbaijan. It is noted that the inner circle of the Azerbaijani president consists of the people of his father, and its composition has changed very little over the years, not counting a few “reformers”. The Prime Minister position is largely ceremonial and weak. Because of family connections, dynastic succession, the strong arming of the opposition and the creation of an elaborate patronage/protection network, the Aliyev Administration has developed an “organized crime” image in some quarters, leading some analysts to see Ilham Aliyev at times in a mafia-like role. Thus, it is noted that Ilham Aliyev inherited from his father a clever, realistic foreign policy. He encourages involvement with NATO and Euro-Atlantic security and political structures and supports a policy of westward transit of Azerbaijani oil and gas through non-Russian channels. For all his bluster about Azerbaijan’s legal right to liberate the Armenian-occupied territories by force, Aliyev has worked constructively on the Minsk Group-proposed Basic Principles and developed a reportedly good rapport with Armenian President Sargsian – in contrast to the much more confrontational relationship between the countries’ foreign ministers, the cable says. Even as Aliyev regards with horror the prospect of Turkey-Armenia rapprochement ahead of Nagorno-Karabakh resolution, the President has instructed SOCAR to continue gas transit and supply talks with Turkey, and no one in Baku has dared to consider a cut in oil exports through the BTC pipeline. The gas transit talks are a hardball affair to be sure, but Aliyev surely recognizes that Azerbaijan cannot really afford a total rupture with Turkey and certainly is not going to go so far as to foreclose on options out of pique while the Turkey-Armenia question remains open. Aliyev’s domestic policies, however, are another matter. As Aliyev perceives a challenge to his authority or affronts to his family dignity, even minor ones, he and his inner circle are apt to react (or overreact), much to the detriment of the country’s democratic development and movement toward Western alliances. The example of this is retaliation against the Azerbaijani bloggers Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizade, as well as rescinding licenses for foreign broadcasters. Thus, it is noted that his father, Heydar would never have allowed himself to be goaded into ridiculous reactions. This dissonance between foreign and domestic policies can be explained by the fact that Aliyev does not feel safe and relies on advisers of old-line Soviet-style political figures carried forward from his father’s administration, such as Presidential Chief of Staff Ramiz Mehdiyev. It is clear that Azerbaijan’s future development would better suit the United States policy goals if Aliyev pursued his domestic policies in a manner that resembled his foreign policy methods, however imperfect they may be, Donald Lu concludes. Department of Monitoring

Hell hath no fury like an empire mocked

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THE ROVING EYE Hell hath no fury like an empire mocked By Pepe Escobar The revolution will not be televised, will not be televised. The revolution will be no rerun brothers; The revolution will be live. – Gill Scott-Heron, 1970 Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned. – William Congreve, The Mourning Bride, 1697 No episode of Law and Order or The Good Wife can top this. It all seemed to boil down to the not-insignificant detail of finding, in a rush, a mere US$315,000 in cash. By 3:25 pm GMT on Tuesday, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had been granted bail by a London court. Sure, the conditions were more suitable to someone accused of being an al-Qaeda mole: bail to the amount of said $315,000 in cash only; curfew from 10am-2pm and 10pm-2am; reporting to a police station at 6pm every day; surrendering his passport; and carrying an electronic ankle bracelet. But at least he would be free. Well, not really. Two hours later, Assange was rerouted back to the slammer; the Swedish prosecution had appealed the ruling. For another 48 hours at least, Assange would remain in Wandsworth prison, under conditions his lawyer Mark Stephens described as “Orwellian”, “Dickensian”, “Victorian” or all of the above. The cliffhanger unraveled as in a wild and wacky Cannes Film Festival red carpet extravaganza – complete with media scrum, flash bulbs exploding, frantic straight-from-court twittering and supporting celebs from Jemima Goldsmith to Ken Loach and Benazir Bhutto’s niece. And all this engendered by accusations of rape brought by erstwhile Assange groupies Anna Ardin and Miss W, the twin Scandinavian version of Congreve’s “a woman scorned”. That wouldn’t even be considered rape under English law, according to Assange lawyer Geoffrey Robertson. Thus, if this is no rape, there’s no reason for extraditing Assange to Sweden – and from Sweden to the US, as selected “patriotic” American pitchfork mobs are clamoring for. Saint Julian or Assange the Rapist? Oh, the dangerous liaisons between sex and press freedom. Speaking outside the court immediately after Assange was (not) freed on bail, Vaughan Smith, the founder of the FrontLine club in west London, tried hard to frame the pertinent level of the debate. He said, “This is not just about press freedom, it is about the Internet. As journalists, we should be very concerned about the possibility of legislation that would restrict our freedom. Assange has held up a very large mirror in front of journalists. Journalists are concerned by the reflection they see.” Before all the courtly sound and fury, Assange had won the readers poll in Time magazine’s person of the year for 2010, way ahead of second place, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the same Erdogan who US diplomats, in WikiLeaks’ “cablegate”, described as a dangerous anti-American Islamist. Now couple this progressive Assange/Erdogan double bill with a CNN poll where 44% of Britons declared themselves sure that the Swedish sex charges against Assange are “an excuse” to keep him in custody so he can be prosecuted by the US government. Oh, those dangerous liaisons between sex and press freedom, again. And all this after Assange had sent a message to the world via his mum, Christine, relayed to the Australian news site Seven News. In it, Assange didn’t fail to drop a bombshell, “We now know that Visa, Mastercard and PayPal are instruments of US foreign policy. It’s not something we knew before.” Now that’s a front page, if there ever was one. So who gives the chief executive officers of Amazon, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Facebook, Twitter and, sooner rather than later, Google – all private corporations who exercise a barely-disguised Internet monopoly – the right to act as editors of what sort of information public opinion should have access to? Mega-corporations making public-interest political decisions? World public opinion may say: “OK, you can buy the US Congress as much as you want, but don’t mess with our right to choose.” Instead of following the – granted, gripping – made-in-Scandinavia sex saga , the whole world ought to be discussing the really key issue of the times. Who is bound to benefit the most from crucial information leaks? Will it be relentlessly hegemonic hyper-capitalism and its minions? Or will it be democratic, anti-hegemonic global social movements – in sum, people power? Were the great Herbert Marcuse alive, he would already be warning that the empire is very quick in learning, and profiting from, the WikiLeaks lesson. Realists already expect fresh imperial, “anti-terrorist” legislation. It doesn’t matter that former Central Intelligence Agency analyst Ray McGovern has stressed a key point to CNN: Pentagon head Robert Gates said the WikiLeaks cables do not put American lives in danger (these reports are “greatly overwrought”, said Gates). The North Atlantic Treaty Organization also said: “no sources have been compromised”. Even AfPak supremo General David “I’m always positioning myself to 2012” Petraeus said the same thing. But that should not be enough to appease the power elite establishment, with its slimy coterie of sycophants, ideological gangsters and assorted parasites, all frothing at the mouth and eager to take out Assange. They lost control, again Make no mistake on what the real “new world order” is all about: the battlefield reads like a resistance movement to the appropriation of information technology by the power elites. The eagerness to silence if not take out Assange by all means necessary reveals the true face of the emperor: I shall have undisputed, indivisible control over any technology. Naturally, even WikiLeaks itself is not immune to the battle. An apparent orgy of transparency may reveal no more than a smokescreen. Assange himself has always complained that alternative media has never been able to fully analyze and synthesize the torrents of data in WikiLeaks’ massive document releases. Yet vast swathes of world public opinion are having access to “cablegate” mostly via WikiLeaks’ mainstream media partners. They select, edit and find their “angle” to release the cables. That is, they manipulate them. There’s no reason for anyone to swallow the spin applied by Le Monde, El Pais or The New York Times. There are numerous examples already of how a passing, innocuous opinion by a US diplomat becomes an indisputable fact if skillfully spun. Nothing compares to the public reading the cables themselves (WikiLeaks is already mirrored in 1,885 sites, and counting). On a parallel track, the net is overflowing with conspiracy theories stating that WikiLeaks is nothing but a very sophisticated psy ops – including the assertion that Assange was handsomely paid by Israel to delete any embarrassing cables (as if Israel was not embarrassed enough already for what it is perpetrating in Palestine). True, WikiLeaks should also be scrutinized for what it is not disclosing. But there are problems with the Israel psy-ops scenario. A writer may – or may not – have heard this from Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a former, disgruntled Assange collaborator who is now launching his own whistle-blowing site, OpenLeaks, whose main differential will be to release leaks in smaller volume, and more slowly. As it stands, the best source on all these developments is WikiRebels, an enlightening one-hour documentary by Sweden’s public television SVT, which may be watched here: here. The sack of Rome One does not need to possess Michel Foucault’s analytical powers to be extremely suspicious of how the power elites, be they in Sweden or the US, and always in the name of “freedom”, “security” and a market-friendly consensus, try to impose their own hegemonic brand of transparency. Sweden has managed to circumscribe and frame virtually every overtone of freedom and unpredictability in the realm of sexual relations – with the extra bonus that everything can be furiously dissected/inspected. So beware those fornicators whose condoms malfunction in the middle of the proceedings! And be 100% sure that in each and every second of the nitty gritty there is irrefutable, foolproof mutual consent. Otherwise, you’re a rapist. Once again, it sounds like a “liberal” re-run of Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition sketch. Confess! Confess! The Orgy of Transparency meets the Joy of Inquisition. And that’s where Saint Julian the Apostle (of freedom of expression) converges with Assange the Rapist, the Martyr of Transparency. And this in a country that has one of the more advanced freedom of expression laws in the world. Deep down, it gets shabbier. From Naomi Klein to Naomi Wolf, it’s clear to every thoughtful woman that Assange’s Scandinavian groupies thought they were enraptured by “love”. Well, it was just a one-night stand piled up on another – and how horrible to find out, in a “girlish” chat, that “love” was in fact “betrayal” by the usual soulless, chauvinist male. Who would have thought that Scandinavia harbors “women scorned” who believe in Hollywood fairy tales . Worse yet: cultured, fiercely independent women in both Europe and the US who take Hollywood for what it is consider it deeply humiliating for this chameleon Swedish law to infantilize women to such an extent. And since we’re talking about sex, how not to refer to the poetic coincidence of this latest courtroom drama happening the same day when Italian Prime Minister Silvio “Il Cavaliere” Berlusconi, who Wiki cables basically depict as a greedy, irresponsible nutcase fond of cavorting with nymphs at Nero-style parties, barely survived a non-confidence vote and immediately afterwards Rome was (literally) burning in rage. Makes one think of Nero in reverse. Yet make no mistake: it’s not only Ancient Rome that’s burning. It’s the whole empire. Hardcore hyper-capitalism may be simultaneously a Terminator and a giant with clay feet. Progressives must solve the riddle of how to fight this paradox. Sun Tzu’s Art of War meets Gilles Deleuze and his underground war machine. Nomad information-technology guerrillas are already deployed. The US counter-insurgency is being turned upside down. Netwar is a go. And don’t forget the condoms. Pepe Escobar is the author of Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War (Nimble Books, 2007) and Red Zone Blues: a snapshot of Baghdad during the surge. His new book, just out, is Obama does Globalistan (Nimble Books, 2009). He may be reached at

KGB-FSB staged racial riots in Moscow

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Russian author of NYT confirms, terrorist group KGB-FSB staged racial riots in Moscow

Publication time: 14 December 2010, 13:18

A “football fan” with the conspiratorial name Sedoy (Тhe Grey-Haired) who killed by Caucasians in Moscow, as it turned out, previously beat nearly to death a Russian Democratic journalist, Kashin. Many Russians consider Sviridov to a regular agent of the FSB.

According to the information from a Moscow journalist Yulia Glezarova, confirmed by Mr. Kashin, a Zio Russian officer of the FSB Yegor Sviridov (conspiratorial name The Grey-Haired) operated under cover of a “football fan” and attacked a Caucasian, Aslan Cherkesov from Nalchik, within another members of the terrorist group KGB-FSB, and an “unknown” thug, who earlier beat up black and blue with a steel rod a Democratic journalist Oleg Kashin, is one and the same person.

Mr. Cherkesov managed to eliminated the FSB thug Sviridov in self-defense

Mr. Kashin wrote in The New York Times that the FSB wanted to kill him.

“A man with a steel rod is standing behind the smiling politicians who speak of Democracy. That man is the real defender of the Kremlin and its order. I got to feel that man with my own head”.

A murder of KGB officer Sviridov, alias The Grey-Haired, was the main reason for a “Caucasian pogrom”, and a hype, suspiciously raised by all media outlets in the KGB Russia around a trivial murder of a “fan”. The pogrom was arranged by FSB cadets in Moscow on December 11.

Moscow journalist and film screenwriter, Julia Glezarova, posted two pictures: one of Svidirov and another of the thug who attacked Kashin, and writes:

“It’s a picture of Egor Sviridov, a Spartak fan killed by Caucasians. And this is an identikit of the person who attacked Oleg Kashin.

Russian bloggers confirmed that this is one and the same FSB officer:

– A dominating nose – it’s absolutely identical. And it’s dominant both on the identikit and the photo.

– A friend of mine, a former police investigator, wrote in a chat: “The identikit corresponds exactly with the Sviridov’s photo.

– They are similar – it’s a fact.

Shortly thereafter, Glezarova’s live journal was visited by a large group of FSB bloggers.

First, the FSB thugs cursed her: “You f..cked up scabby scum”, b..tch”.

Then they began to threaten her with death for revealing state secrets of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile the victim of the fSB attack, journalist Oleg Kashin, confirmed he was attacked by killer from the FSB gang, Sviridov, who was later eliminated by the Caucasians:

“They’re really similar, it’s horrible”.

Kashin, in his first testimonies given in the hospital, said that one of the criminals, who struck him on the jaw, looked like a football fan.

Earlier, Russian media outlets wrote that the attack on journalist may had been committed by football fans. Fighting groups of football fans are headed by undercover FSB officers and often get orders from FSB bosses to beat or kill Russian dissidents or other undesirable persons.

Department of Monitoring

Putin is a thug,

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Putin is a thug, an animal, a really dangerous fool, and Medvedev is nothing, opposition leader says

Publication time: 14 December 2010, 23:11

A prominent Russian opposition leader and an ardent Russian patriot, professor Boris Berezovsky, gave a telephone interview from London to an Ukrainian news agency Glavred, highlighting prospects of the overthrow of the Putin’s/Medvedev’s terrorist junta.

Professor Berezovsky in particular said:

“Neither Putin nor Medvedev, neither one nor the other will become, with high probability, Russian president in 2012.

“Putin is a thug, and Medvedev is a vegetable, a pure vegetable, he is really nobody. However, this vegetable has a name: the President of the Russian Federation. And people lined up under him who are unhappy with the thug’s deeds.

How many people from the Russian elite want Putin to remain in power in 2012? The answer is none. Why? I’m answering why: Putin is evil, dangerous, cruel, and also stupid.

He’s a fool, a real fool, who is very dangerous for everybody.


The elite wants a vegetable, and that is Medvedev. Vegetables are harmless, it’s really better to be under him, there will be more freedom. Moreover, WikiLeaks disclosures, to be under Putin became dangerous. If Putin becomes the Russian president, he will ask from the West to do everything for Deripaska and Abramovich. But meanwhile, Putin is already considered to be a mafiosi in the West.


Department of Monitoring