KGB-FSB staged Caucasian pogrom in central Moscow. Non-Russians lynched,

KGB-FSB staged Caucasian pogrom in central Moscow. Non-Russians lynched, police calmly watched

Publication time: Today at 00:29 Emirate time

On Saturday, thousands of Russian young men gathered at a rally on Manezh Square near the Kremlin in memory of a Russian racist Yegor Sviridov, 28, shot dead by a Caucasian in self-defense with a pneumatic pistol when the Russian attacked him in an attempt to kill in northwest Moscow last Sunday night.


The incident was used by the KGB to incite hatred toward Caucasians among the Russian youth and older Russians, which the KGB-FSB badly needs for a moral support from the Russian public of the war against Islam in the Caucasus. The KGB incited racists in Russian football fan clubs through its numerous agents to stage a Caucasian pogrom in central Moscow on Saturday.


As many as 5,000 KGB-controlled Russian racists, supported by KGB officers, descended on the square. They were mostly drunk, and many wore hoods and scarves to cover their faces


Several dozens of passers-by, who were of a Caucasian appearance, were attacked by the fans with fists and makeshift weapons, including flares and metal fence posts. During the attacks, the Russians shouted slogans such as “Russia for Russians” and performed Nazi salutes, according to an AFP photographer and a Reuters witness.


During the pogrom, a group of about 10 Russian racists led by a KGB-FSB man usually pushed an isolated Caucasian, or another dark-colored person, on the ground, so that he or she doesn’t resist, and started to beat the victim with heavy army boots (not shown on a politcorrect Reuters photo). At least several dozen non-Russian were treated this way. They were later brought to a hospital. At least one Caucasian, who has been lynched, later died, according to lowered official figures.


Russian riot police calmly watched and began to disperse the racists after the crowd demolished a Xmas tree on the square.


The pogrom lasted for about one and a half hour.


“If the authorities don’t change the policy on immigration from the Caucasus, there will be a lot of bloodshed,” said one racist, whose face was hidden behind a black mask.


Small-scale pogroms are relatively common in Moscow, but a gathering on this scale so close to the seat of Russian power is highly unusual, which is direct evidence that it was staged by the KGB-FSB.


Moscow has become a focal point for racist violence in recent years, given its combustible mix of disenchanted ethnic Russian youth and refugees from the Russian genocide of Caucasians in the Russian-occupied Caucasus Emirate.


Meanwhile in Saint Petersburg, around 1,500 racists gathered for a similar protest and lynched local Muslims. Authorities conceal figures on victims.


Independent analysts in Moscow ask: if Russians treat Caucasians this way in Moscow, then what they do to them in the Caucasus.


Source: Agencies/edited


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