El Pais: It’s a challenge for separation of North Caucasus from Russia

El Pais: It’s a challenge for separation of North Caucasus from Russia

Publication time: 13 December 2010, 17:23

“The apparent passivity of the police in protecting people from the Caucasus has led to a wave of Nationalism, whose consequences are unpredictable”, a correspondent of the Spanish El Pais in Moscow, Plar Bonet, reports noting that “the TV footage of Putin singing in English and playing piano during a charity concert in St. Petersburg contrasted sharply with what was happening in the capital’s streets”.

“Objectively, and regardless of the wishes of the protesters, the prospect for separation of the North Caucasus from Russia is at stake”, the newspaper quoted a Russian political analyst Dmitri Fuhrman.

“The actions of the metropolitan police led to opposing views, – continues the correspondent Pilar Bonet. – The RIA Novosti news agency praised law enforcement agencies, hinting that, if it were not for their restraint, casualties could be higher, and reported that the police were supposedly protected persons of “non-Slavic appearance”.


“Liberal groups, however, stressed the contrast between the rigidity of the police in suppressing the protests of the Democratic opposition and a contemplative attitude toward the crowd of angry Nationalists”, hints El Pais at the participation of the terrorist gang FSB in the pogrom.

Saturday’s event, as the former Russian minister of economy o Andrei Nechayev said, showed:


“If there is a social explosion, it would not be Democratic in nature, as in 1980’s, but Nationalist, coming from a left wing and red-brown coalition”, the newspaper quoted a KGB bugbear for foreigners that has already become a bore for everybody ibn Russia, except for Democratic foreign correspondents.


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