KGB-FSB staged racial riots in Moscow

Russian author of NYT confirms, terrorist group KGB-FSB staged racial riots in Moscow

Publication time: 14 December 2010, 13:18

A “football fan” with the conspiratorial name Sedoy (Тhe Grey-Haired) who killed by Caucasians in Moscow, as it turned out, previously beat nearly to death a Russian Democratic journalist, Kashin. Many Russians consider Sviridov to a regular agent of the FSB.

According to the information from a Moscow journalist Yulia Glezarova, confirmed by Mr. Kashin, a Zio Russian officer of the FSB Yegor Sviridov (conspiratorial name The Grey-Haired) operated under cover of a “football fan” and attacked a Caucasian, Aslan Cherkesov from Nalchik, within another members of the terrorist group KGB-FSB, and an “unknown” thug, who earlier beat up black and blue with a steel rod a Democratic journalist Oleg Kashin, is one and the same person.

Mr. Cherkesov managed to eliminated the FSB thug Sviridov in self-defense

Mr. Kashin wrote in The New York Times that the FSB wanted to kill him.

“A man with a steel rod is standing behind the smiling politicians who speak of Democracy. That man is the real defender of the Kremlin and its order. I got to feel that man with my own head”.

A murder of KGB officer Sviridov, alias The Grey-Haired, was the main reason for a “Caucasian pogrom”, and a hype, suspiciously raised by all media outlets in the KGB Russia around a trivial murder of a “fan”. The pogrom was arranged by FSB cadets in Moscow on December 11.

Moscow journalist and film screenwriter, Julia Glezarova, posted two pictures: one of Svidirov and another of the thug who attacked Kashin, and writes:

“It’s a picture of Egor Sviridov, a Spartak fan killed by Caucasians. And this is an identikit of the person who attacked Oleg Kashin.

Russian bloggers confirmed that this is one and the same FSB officer:

– A dominating nose – it’s absolutely identical. And it’s dominant both on the identikit and the photo.

– A friend of mine, a former police investigator, wrote in a chat: “The identikit corresponds exactly with the Sviridov’s photo.

– They are similar – it’s a fact.

Shortly thereafter, Glezarova’s live journal was visited by a large group of FSB bloggers.

First, the FSB thugs cursed her: “You f..cked up scabby scum”, b..tch”.

Then they began to threaten her with death for revealing state secrets of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile the victim of the fSB attack, journalist Oleg Kashin, confirmed he was attacked by killer from the FSB gang, Sviridov, who was later eliminated by the Caucasians:

“They’re really similar, it’s horrible”.

Kashin, in his first testimonies given in the hospital, said that one of the criminals, who struck him on the jaw, looked like a football fan.

Earlier, Russian media outlets wrote that the attack on journalist may had been committed by football fans. Fighting groups of football fans are headed by undercover FSB officers and often get orders from FSB bosses to beat or kill Russian dissidents or other undesirable persons.

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