Putin is a thug,

Putin is a thug, an animal, a really dangerous fool, and Medvedev is nothing, opposition leader says

Publication time: 14 December 2010, 23:11

A prominent Russian opposition leader and an ardent Russian patriot, professor Boris Berezovsky, gave a telephone interview from London to an Ukrainian news agency Glavred, highlighting prospects of the overthrow of the Putin’s/Medvedev’s terrorist junta.

Professor Berezovsky in particular said:

“Neither Putin nor Medvedev, neither one nor the other will become, with high probability, Russian president in 2012.

“Putin is a thug, and Medvedev is a vegetable, a pure vegetable, he is really nobody. However, this vegetable has a name: the President of the Russian Federation. And people lined up under him who are unhappy with the thug’s deeds.

How many people from the Russian elite want Putin to remain in power in 2012? The answer is none. Why? I’m answering why: Putin is evil, dangerous, cruel, and also stupid.

He’s a fool, a real fool, who is very dangerous for everybody.


The elite wants a vegetable, and that is Medvedev. Vegetables are harmless, it’s really better to be under him, there will be more freedom. Moreover, WikiLeaks disclosures, to be under Putin became dangerous. If Putin becomes the Russian president, he will ask from the West to do everything for Deripaska and Abramovich. But meanwhile, Putin is already considered to be a mafiosi in the West.


Department of Monitoring


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