Russia on brink of Racial War

Russia on brink of Racial War

Publication time: Today at 09:22 Emirate time

According to Russian media outlets, parents of schoolchildren in Moscow are forced to sign a statement that they are “aware of possible responsibility for the child’s participation in illegal armed formations of Russian Fascists, and were notified about undesirability of participation of their child in New Year pogroms that are going to be held throughout Moscow at night of January 1”.

High school students are gathered at meetings where principals indicate that “the country is on the brink of a racial war”(“a war of racial intolerance” in Demo’s slang, or – RaHoWa, Racial Holy War, in the terms of the international White Power Movement), and that it is the children who “can become a fuel for a fomenting ethnic conflict”. Teachers are in hysterics, children are shocked.

The statement contains a standard set of warnings about a need to watch, retain, encourage, etc. etc., and is hysterical in its contents.


Parent meetings are held where all parents are urged to sign the statement. Children are inflated to hysterics by ethnic conflicts and racial cleansings.

Wines and liquors shops near schools are closed on the eve of the pagan “new year”, which equals in Russian conditions to a revolutionary or at least a pre-revolutionary situation.


The ringleader of Russian terrorist gang “Moscow police department”, terrorist “general” Kolokoltsev, warned of possible provocations during holidays and school vacations, and again confirmed: the police fear exactly the schoolchildren, Russian media outlets reported.

It is to be noted that an open racial war is already waging throughout Russia, at least since December 11, so the schools only warn about its transition to a more violent phase.


Department of Monitoring


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