The Washington Post caught in fraud

The Washington Post caught in fraud and actual racketeering

Publication time: Today at 14:24 Emirate time

The Huffington Post in its article describes cases of a systematic fraud by the company The Washington Post.

Authoritative and very popular in the U.S. newspaper The Huffington Post in its noted article, that attracted the attention by scandalous facts, describes cases of a systematic fraud by the company The Washington Post, specifically its key division Kaplan Higher Education, which provides the lion’s share of the revenues of the company and, in fact, allow to exist of completely unprofitable newspaper The Washington Post.

The profit of Kaplan Higher Education last year amounted to 1,5 billion dollars.


The essence of the fraud is “aggressive attracting” of applicants to the University Kaplan and attempts at all costs to keep the students in this institution of higher education through the manipulation and outright fraud.


According to the newspaper The Huffington Post, Kaplan University students are often enrolled in courses without their knowledge. With the illicit use of their passwords and email addresses.

Author of the article calls this practice “predatory”. After some time, the students receive by mail a receipt with the requirement of payment of many thousands of accounts for tuition, which they never received.


Moreover, among the affected are American taxpayers, as students of the University Kaplan University and more precisely on their behalf receives state low-interest loans for higher education.

Unlearned students can not receive diplomas, and, accordingly, well-paying job that would allow them to repay debts to the state.

There are periodically caught other such higher educational institution in such practices with the status of for-profit, however, “Kaplan University is a special case”, – emphasizes The Huffington Post, – as ” The Washington Post is one of the most respected names in American journalism and an institution representing itself as a champion of the public good”.


The revelatory article provides evidence of Kaplan University students affected by the fraudulent practices, as well as several former employees of the institution, forced to resign because of disagreement with the applicable business practices.

They talk in detail about these methods, which are violation of ethical standards, and in some cases, possibly a crime.

Given the methods used by The Washington Post to maintain the viability of its newspaper, The Huffington Post actually questioned the objectivity of one of the largest publications in America.

Another publication, The National Interest, based on the facts outlined in The Huffington Post, continues this idea, noting that “The Washington Post, at least since Watergate, has regarded itself as in the forefront of the “crusaders for justice”. Now its empire is under siege.
The revelations of corruption at Kaplan Higher Education, a key part of the company, are bringing dishonor upon the Post”.


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