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Wikileaks: Mafia-controlled gangster regime rules in Uzbekistan

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Wikileaks: Mafia-controlled gangster regime rules in Uzbekistan Publication time: 16 January 2011, 11:37 According to a report from the U.S. Ambassador Jon Purnell, a criminal boss or one of two main thugs of Uzbekistan, Salim Abduvaliyev, sells government jobs during his working hours and entertains government officials and their wives during his leisure time, an Uzbek website Uznews reported. New revelations by the website Wikileaks refer to one of the main figures of president Islam Karimov’s regime. His close links to the underworld, cover all spheres of the government and even the department of staff. In a classified report by U.S. Ambassador Jon Purnell, sent on May 5, 2006, it is stated that Salim Abduvaliyev helps businessmen to secure GOU tenders and job applicants to “buy” government jobs. “Crime boss Salim Abduvaliyev puts bidders for tenders in touch with an Iranian businessman holding British citizenship, who submits the paperwork to First Daughter Gulnora Karimova for approval”, the report by the U.S. ambassador says. Purnell also reported that Salim works with the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and is responsible for personnel issues to arrange government jobs, agrees on a price and then adds his own fee before selling the position. “Salim has reportedly sold a wide range of government positions, including regional Hokim, police chief, and Ministry of Internal Affairs jobs. A Presidential Adviser and a former Minister of the Interior also reportedly worked closely with Salim on job placement transactions”, Jon Purnell wrote. The reports by the American ambassador says that Salim often serves as a middleman in fixing GOU tenders and helps applicants to obtain government jobs. Foreign investors can “win” GOU tenders by arranging them through Salim, who charges a percentage of revenues as a fee. Just as with the sale of government posts, the U.S. ambassador reports, foreign and other investors interested in GOU tenders, get in touch with an Iranian businessman holding the British citizenship. The Iranian prepares the paperwork and submits the tender to First Daughter Gulnora Karimova for approval. Purnell said that former Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Dilbar Gulomova’s son worked for this Iranian. Among foreign companies, which “won” the tender in Uzbekistan, Purnell names Dutch Gemka, which invested in the construction of the railway in Bukhara. Salim’s services cost $ 700,000. Under the same conditions, according to the ambassador, works a Swiss/Israeli company engaged in water projects in the Tashkent region, and a Korean company providing computers to schools. U.S. Ambassador Jon Purnell also describes the ugly system of selling government positions in Uzbekistan. A man named “Abror hoja” brings job applicants to Salim who discusses the price and facilitates the transaction. The criminal boss works closely with Tursinkhan Hudaibergenov, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs for personnel issues, Purnell indicates. Salim agrees on a price with Hudaibergenov, before adding his own fee, and sells the position at a higher price. The Ambassador emphasizes that Salim closely cooperated in the past in such job purchase transactions with a State Adviser to the President, Ismail Jurabekov, and a former Minister of Interior Zokir Almatov. But being a middleman in trading government positions, as the American ambassador writes, Salim does not always keep his word. Thus, when Maksim Teshebaev, a former mayor of the Tashkent district Orta Chirchik, fell out of favor, his wife approached the Salim’s wife asking for Salim’s support. For the right price, Salim promised that Teshebaev would be able to retain his job. According to the contact, Salim instructed Teshebaev to make a payment to his brother, Azamjon Abduvaliyev, in order to retain the job. But after the payment was made, Salim mocked at the amount of money Teshebaev offered, saying he “couldn’t eat a meal” for that amount, Ambassador Purnell wrote in his report. Jon Purnell concludes in his comments: “Salim’s role in securing GOU tenders and jobs sheds further light on the close connections between organized crime and the GOU. Corruption is rampant in the GOU. Tenders and government positions can be fairly easily secured by paying the right amount of money to the appropriate individual, leading to a situation in which unqualified individuals have every incentive to engage in further corrupt activity to pay off the large debts they usually incur making down payments on the jobs”. Department of Monitoring


British Academy of Sciences urges to prepare for contacts with aliens

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Ignorance. British Academy of Sciences urges to prepare for contacts with aliens Publication time: 10 January 2011, 15:35 The mankind must prepare for a close contact with alien civilizations. This statement was made on Monday by the British Royal Academy of Sciences, which, according to news agencies, published a special survey on the issues of the life in the universe. Based on the Drake Equation, according to which we can determine the number of civilizations in the galaxy and come into contact with them, we can claim that 10 to 100 extraterrestrial civilizations exist in every single moment out there, said one of the survey’s authors, Professor of Scottish University of St Andrew, Martin Dominic. This is the most conservative estimate, in fact, intelligent forms of life are much frequent, the Democratic “scientist” claims. Dominic stressed that people should not be afraid of aliens because “parallel worlds do not pose any threat in a way it is often described in science fiction books”. Democratic British academics proposed to create a specialized agency within the Democratic organization “United Nations” which would deal with issues related to an expected contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. It is to be noted that it is not the first time when Western “scientists” argue that human contacts with aliens is just a matter of time. Thus, according to “professor” Seth Shostak from the SETI program and executive director of the space center Chebot, Alexandra Barnett, the first contact of human with aliens will be held in 2025. Scientists also claimed that they even managed to create a “portrait” of a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization, which the mankind is to meet. Scientists called this model Joe the Alien. According to them, Joe was created in full accordance with all their Democratic biological and physical laws. Drake Equation The formula was developed by Frank Donald Drake, Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics of the University of California Santa Cruz in 1960 to calculate a possible existence of “extraterrestrial civilizations”. Subsequently, it was named the Drake Equation. The equation is as follows: N = R * f (p) * n (e) * f (l) * f (i) * f (c) * L. The equation determines the possible number of technologically advanced civilizations, using seven factors: the average rate of a star formation, the number of planets around stars, the number planets leading to the emergence of a life environment, planets with existence life, intelligent life, communities and civilizations. We would like to point out in this connection that from the point of view of Islam, all theories of non-believers about the existence of some alien civilizations, UFOs, extraterrestrials are complete ignorance and absurdity. Islam makes it clear that living intelligent beings were created by Allah, and were reported in the Quran. There are three kinds of creatures – angels, created from light, gins, created from fire (pure flame) and humans, created from clay. In this case, gins and humans are endowed with the free will, while angels have no free will, and only perform the commandments of Allah. It is also to be mentioned that the Quran says that gins were created before humans. It is well known that there are of several kinds of gins – those who can fly, those who move through the soil, and those who swim. Gins can see humans, but humans cannot see gins. Humans came in contact with gins since ancient times. And the first who came into contact with the leader of the gins named Iblis (Satan) were the ancestors of mankind, Adam and Hava (Eve). The result of this contact was the expulsion of Adam and Hava from Heaven to Earth and Allah’s curse of Iblis. In contact with gins are all kinds of sorcerers, witches, healers using a so-called “energy”, fortune-tellers, yogas, shamans and others. Gins are contacted by various occultists, exorcists, cabbalists, magicians, satanists, others. Some believe that musicians, singers are under the influence of gins, since music and musical instruments are “flutes of Satan”. Gins can manifest themselves in different cases, and in different situations, but humans can not see their true face. It is known that gins can abduct humans. Gins can also cause diseases for humans, both physical and mental. Gin can seize a human and take his mind. However, this can only happen by the will of Allah. A gin (devil), Karrin, who stays with a human till his death, is placed on him by the will of Allah since the birth of the human. It is known that the gin of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the only Karrin who, by the will of Allah, did not harm the Prophet (pbuh) and did not inspire him to evil thoughts, so that he remained in faith. Gins, like men, get married and have children, as these species were created of male and female kinds. Among the gins, as well as among people, are believers and non-believers. They live in communities, groups, parties, families. Wars happen between them. The leader of the gins is Iblis (Satan). Among the gins, there are physically strong creatures, and they are called Ifrits. However, by their nature, the gins are physically weaker than the humans, and they are afraid of humans. It is known that the gins can move with an incredible speed and it is also known that gins are able to reach the first Heaven, i.e., the limits of what the modern world calls with the word Cosmos or Universe. As for the worlds (or heavens) created by Allah, Islam states that Allah created 7 heavens (or worlds, or universes, or cosmoses). And the first heaven (the nearest heaven) was provided by Allah with stars (galaxies, constellations, etc.). It is known that the heavens created by Allah are like spheres, one on the top of the other. As for the sizes of these heavens, it is known that, according to a hadith, the size of the first heaven is like a coin (or ring) thrown into the desert as compared to the second one. And the size of the second heaven, as compared to the third one, is like a coin thrown into the desert. And the size of the third heaven, as compared to the fourth one, is like a coin thrown into the desert, and so on until the seventh heaven. And above all the heavens is the foot of the Throne of Allah, which embraces all seven heavens. And the size of the seventh heaven, as compared with the foot of the Throne of Allah, is like a coin thrown into the desert. And between the seventh heaven and the foot of the Throne of Allah are water and “Lotus of the final limit”. And this Lotus defines the boundary of knowledge for all creatures, whether it is the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or the Angel Jibril (the angel Gabriel in the Christian tradition). Everything behind the Lotus is hidden for everyone and is known only by Allah. And the greatness of the Throne of Allah is not understandable to the mind of the created, whether it is an angel, a gin or a human. Islam also indicates that there is no free (empty) location in the space of worlds created by Allah that is not filled by what was created by Allah and what is known only to Him. Allah said in Quran that He created the worlds, and is expanding them. And also Allah said in Quran that everything created by Him (set of the worlds, stars, planets, etc.) move in orbits determined for them till the “defined time”. Department of Monitoring

Ukrainian nationalists take responsibility for destruction of idol

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Ukrainian nationalists take responsibility for destruction of idol statue of crystal-clear Democrat Com. Stalin

Publication time: Today at 13:30 Emirate time

According to Ukrainian media outlets, an idol (“monument”) of Comrade Stalin, which is worshiped by the Communist-branch of Western religion Democracy, was completely destroyed by explosion in the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye on the eve of a pagan holiday “the new year” on the night December 31 – January 1. A few days earlier, members of a mobile unit of the Ukrainian organization Stepan Bandera’s Trident sawed off with a chainsaw the idol’s head.

Comrade Stalin was an activist of Democracy during the Great Germany’s Freedom Fight, the German name for the so-called “2nd world war”, and brought Democracy, GULAG, holocausts, collective farms, genocides, slavery and other Democratic values to Free Europe.

The idol of Comrade Stalin was completely destroyed in the explosion.

The KC has received an “Official Statement by the Movement First January on Blowing-Up of the Stalin’s Heathen Temple” in Ukrainian. A similar statement was received by a Russian emigre news agency The Right-Wing News.

Here is the English translation of the full text of this statement:

Official Statement of the Movement First January on the Blowing Up of the Stalin’s Heathen Temple

With hatred and reckless struggle you will meet the enemies of Your Nation.

In honor of the 102 anniversary of the birth of the Leader of the Ukrainian people, Stepan Bandera, the heathen temple of the butcher of Ukraine Stalin (Dzhugashvili) has been blasted by a special combat group of the Movement First January.

This is our first action only in destroying the enemies of the Ukrainian Nation. Our next targets will be anti-Ukrainian officials, police and thugs from the SBU gang (Ukrainian equivalent of Russian KGB-FSB – KC), prosecutors and judges who persecute Ukrainian patriots. We will destroy all Ukrainian Zionists and their filthy synagogues on our Holy Land, no mercy would be granted for them!

We urge all patriots to unite into autonomous armed groups, to train and study warfare and explosives. Our time has come, the National Revolution is at hand! Freedom or Death!”.

Department of Monitoring