Ukrainian nationalists take responsibility for destruction of idol

Ukrainian nationalists take responsibility for destruction of idol statue of crystal-clear Democrat Com. Stalin

Publication time: Today at 13:30 Emirate time

According to Ukrainian media outlets, an idol (“monument”) of Comrade Stalin, which is worshiped by the Communist-branch of Western religion Democracy, was completely destroyed by explosion in the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye on the eve of a pagan holiday “the new year” on the night December 31 – January 1. A few days earlier, members of a mobile unit of the Ukrainian organization Stepan Bandera’s Trident sawed off with a chainsaw the idol’s head.

Comrade Stalin was an activist of Democracy during the Great Germany’s Freedom Fight, the German name for the so-called “2nd world war”, and brought Democracy, GULAG, holocausts, collective farms, genocides, slavery and other Democratic values to Free Europe.

The idol of Comrade Stalin was completely destroyed in the explosion.

The KC has received an “Official Statement by the Movement First January on Blowing-Up of the Stalin’s Heathen Temple” in Ukrainian. A similar statement was received by a Russian emigre news agency The Right-Wing News.

Here is the English translation of the full text of this statement:

Official Statement of the Movement First January on the Blowing Up of the Stalin’s Heathen Temple

With hatred and reckless struggle you will meet the enemies of Your Nation.

In honor of the 102 anniversary of the birth of the Leader of the Ukrainian people, Stepan Bandera, the heathen temple of the butcher of Ukraine Stalin (Dzhugashvili) has been blasted by a special combat group of the Movement First January.

This is our first action only in destroying the enemies of the Ukrainian Nation. Our next targets will be anti-Ukrainian officials, police and thugs from the SBU gang (Ukrainian equivalent of Russian KGB-FSB – KC), prosecutors and judges who persecute Ukrainian patriots. We will destroy all Ukrainian Zionists and their filthy synagogues on our Holy Land, no mercy would be granted for them!

We urge all patriots to unite into autonomous armed groups, to train and study warfare and explosives. Our time has come, the National Revolution is at hand! Freedom or Death!”.

Department of Monitoring

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