Another Holocaust “tear jerker”

., 12 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am usually a fan of comic turned movies, but I have grown old and weary over the Proverbial Nazi bad guy…I’m tired off yet another Holocaust themed movie. Are there no other villains? And is the Jewish sob-story required to wrench out the last Holocaust tear an older generation can produce,,,and brainwash another whole young-adult Generation in Holocaust and Jewish suffering?….”Never Forget” is the theme, and tinged with it, though cleverly overturned at the end, as the Jewish “Magneto”.

The movie was beyond slick, clever special effects that only “Banking” big money can provide. It was well acted, edited, superbly crafted, directed…the only problem for me was the “Story-line”. I give this movie only one star, because I dislike politically themed movies being dished out to our young adults…especially comic book story impressionable audiences. I heard stories, that the Jewish authors wrote the Marvel comic books, as a response to the Holocaust, but we are now in the 21st century. Enough with the past…we can dig up Hundreds of Millions of Christian, and Muslim victims slaughtered by entities worse than the other.

The Mongols, Jews, Hindus, Germans, Russians, Africans have all killed and been murdered in our Earth’s glorious time-line. Is this more evidence of a particular race/faith’s domination of Hollywood? “Inglorious Basterds” and a whole host of Jewish-Nazi themed movies are coming our way. Must we see these tired stories time and again?.. no wonder people are moving to European and Indie cinemas, for Those Who Know. However wisdom comes too late in our lives,,,and our young adults are already in the theaters and being sub-consciously brainwashed… The theme of “revenge” and “killing” versus the Forgiveness, was there in the end, but the sub-conscious effect of “revenge” and killing was glorified and even savored, and shown as more powerful than ordinary pathetic and mistaken “forgiveness”. X-professor, realizes the dangers of Forgiveness…”better to destroy first and think later” is the dominant theme, and carried forcefully by Magneto.

These are not Christian themes, but here a lust for revenge is clearly put forward, as we see too well in the World today with the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the ADL, JDL, all specialists in hunting 90+ year old Nazis. There is no forgiveness being taught here,, only murder and more murder…and Endless War… Small wonder that even with Mr Bin Laden dead, we are stuck in an Endless war with Islam, and with anyone who disagrees. It is movies like these that re-enforce Palestine and Israel issues,,,and the endless cycle of Talmudic violence.

I find this a terrible movie, only bent of reinforcing the “Popular Notion”, to Prepare our Youth for Endless War. Endless Revenge, and the most pathetic of all, “Never Forget!” Impressionable minds are at stake here, and we have not seen the last of these Hollywood, funded by Mega Wall Street Shyster Hoodlums, bent on truly destroying Civilization. It is only with sadness that i write this review, on a so-far amazing franchise/series, with “Wolverine” being a clear favorite of mine.


One Response to “Another Holocaust “tear jerker””

  1. Just started watching xmen first class and was thinking the same thing! Along with captain America you would think were going to fight in world war 3. I’m tired of this Israel propaganda that everyone is buying into.

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