The Birth of Israel?

Before I begin, i say “GOOGLE EVERYTHING”….i wish i was wrong….

The Birth of Israel, was a plan, long written by Theodre Herchel in 1895, a plan to steal the land Of PALESTINE from the Arabs. His plan was just the blue-print but the story grows richer. At the same time of Theodre Herschel, another Jew was dismayed by the Jewish lack of Power in Europe, and he hatched a plan to steal the Power from Christians in the name of the Worker.

Who was he? why, of course Karl Marx, the hero champion of the Worker. Herschel and Marx were contemporaries, and another man rose in New York, another Jew called Leon Bronstein, or Trotsky. He wanted to put in power the policies of Karl Marx. He flew in from New York to Russia, and plotted on how to take over power form the Christian Romanov Czar Nicholas II. the writings of Karl Marx were adapted in simple formulas for the common Worker. Billions of dollars were poured in by Jewish American, Jewish German Bankers to finance the Bolshevik revolution, all across Europe including Germany and Russia.

The Jews stabbed Russia in the back in 1917, when Russia was fighting for its life, against the German Army, Lenin, the Jew, decided to make unconditional peace with the Germans so that the  Bolshevik Jews could finally deal with the White Christian Russians led by the Romanovs. The Red Jewish Army with thousands of “brainwashed Workers” turned on the Imperial Christian White Army, and eventually defeated the White Christians. Yakov Yuronovsky, the leader of the Jewish secret Police, the Cheka, slit Anastassia’s throat, and killed her Czar and Czarina Parents.

A Jewish reign of terror fell on Russia, and the land trembled at the sight of the Red Jewish Star of David on every “RED” soldier. The Jewish Cheka killed tens of millions of Christians and Muslims. The first Jewish Death Camps were opened, and operated by the Jews. Then the First Israel was FOUNDED in the USSR…thats right folks,,,inside the USSR called the “Jewish Autonomous Republic or Oblast” . that was the first Israel, then since that wasn’t SEXY enough, the Jews came to steal Palestine. The story is long and interesting but it s too long for over here. Google the rest…
Welcome to Israel!


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  1. Herbie, the love-starved Emir Says:

    Drill a hole in your brain & let the mice out…do it…DO IT NOW!

  2. Herbie, the love-starved Emir Says:

    🙂 😉 B-) O:-)

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