German Gestapo, Stasi in action, Berlin

Brutal German police extradiсts refugee to death

in Russia Publication time: 23 June 2011, 23:07

On Thursday around noon, the German political police arrested in Berlin a native of Dagestan, Kamil Nadirov, born in 1976, who resides permanently in the Czech Republic, and immediately handed him over to Czech secret police. Nothing is known about his fate at the moment. There is a concern that the Czech spy services will hand him over to the mercy of the gristly Russian security services, reported the website VDagestan. Kamil went to a hospital to pick up his wife after surgery. When they left the hospital, police pounced on him and pinioned him. His wife was left alone with her belongings, although her stitches were not taken out after surgery. The brutal German police said it was her problem how she goes home. The police behaved very rudely. Czech spy services have demanded his extradition from Germany in a fabricated case of a so-called “terrorism”. On May 3, Muslims from the Caucasus were arrested in the Czech Republic for the sake of that case, but Kamil was in Germany at that time. Three weeks ago, his companion, Tagir Aliyev, born in 1981, was also arrested in Berlin. He was charged for the sake of the same case, fabricated by Democratic Czech and German spy services by agreement with bloody Moscow. Nothing is also known about his fate. Both Muslims, arbitrarily arrested by the servants of Democracy, are natives of Dagestan.

Department of Monitoring


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