Did Putin poison another rebel general?

Publication time: 25 June 2011, 12:58 An Italian newspaper, Il Manifesto, reported in an article entitled “Strange Death of Rebel General. News from the Evil Empire” about a possible assassination of General Achalov by the FSB: “The general was the founder and a longtime chairman of the far-right Nationalist organization Rodina (Homeland)”, which was later renamed into the “Union of Officers”. Recently, while keeping links to most extreme Nationalist movements, the general founded an organization “Union of Russian Paratroopers” with clearly subversive goals. It was a suspicious death. The official report tells about a “long illness”, without going into further details. But last November, the general was in good health. Achalov was linked to another general, Vladimir Shamanov, who participated in last year’s attempt of a military uprising. Shamanov narrowly escaped death in a road incident on October 30, 2010, when a truck collided with his car”. Meanwhile, the Nationalist media in Russia noted that Putin had poisoned or violently killed quite a large number of rebel generals and senior officers in the past: – Victor Ilyukhin demanded from the FSB and the prosecutor’s office to initiate a criminal case against Vladimir Putin under article 275 of the Russian Criminal Code for state treason. Naturally, on March 19, 2011 Viktor Ilyukhin “suddenly died” in his country house near Moscow. – Recently, Russian freemason Poltoranin blamed personally Putin for the murder of General Rokhlin. Immediately after the assassination of Rokhlin, the FSB head of Kovalev was forced to hand over his post to Putin in accordance with the decree of Boris Yeltsin. – On October 28, 2010, at 7 pm, one of the leaders of the united military opposition, the chairman of the Russian Supreme Officers Council, Lieutenant-General Dubrov died under “unknown circumstances”. The 73-year-old retired general “fell under a train”, with no eyewitnesses. An All-Russian Officers’ Meeting was held under the chairmanship of General Dubrov in February 2010 at which it was decided to launch concrete actions to prepare toppling of the Putin-Medvedev’s regime. – On October 28, the body of another retired lieutenant general in the Russian Defense Ministry, Boris Debashvili, was found in downtown Moscow. Up till now, no other details have been reported in Russian media. – On October 2010, a major general, former head of the Intelligence Command of Internal Troops of the Russian Interior Ministry, a 47-year-old Victor Chevrizov, was killed in Moscow. He allegedly shot himself in the head with a pistol in his apartment building. – On August 2010, it became known that Deputy Chief of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), Major-General Yuri Ivanov, who was involved in the FSB terrorist attack on the Polish president’s airplane on April 10. 2010 in Smolensk, was killed “under unknown circumstances”. – On November 2009, a GRU officer Anton Surikov suspiciously died after drinking a cup of coffee in a provincial restaurant in the Volga town of Izhevsk. – On 21 June 2009, Gen. Petrov, head of the opposition group “Concept of Public Safety”, died in Moscow. Supporters of General Petrov unanimously said that Gen. Petrov had been poisoned. – In February 2009, an FSB General Alexander Rogachev died from “heart attack” in Moscow while driving his car. Later, it became known that investigators found a gunshot wound in the head of the general. – In January 2009, a Navy colonel Valentin Polyansky was shot dead in Moscow. According to the “investigation”, the colonel shot himself. The professional trooper obviously forgot shooting skills. First, he fired on the floor, and afterwards on himself. – The list seems to be endless and should include the mysterious deaths of such well-known Russian generals as Troshev, Lebed, Rokhlin and others. But lately, the rate of murders started to increase sharply, the Nationalists write. Department of Monitoring


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