Israeli-Iranian Wars (covert and non-covert)

The hidden master-stroke that the Zionists and their Christian Militias, A.K.A,,,America and Europe, have played is to sharply divide the Islamic World into Sunni and Shia…Now America befriends even the Sunni Taliban, and has taken Mullah Omar off the Terror list,,,,I’m sure soon to be replaced by Ahmedenijad. Iran can expect no help from the Arabs and its Russian ally has been bogged down by expertly timed “Jewish Russian Opposition”….
The Zionists have left nothing to chance as most Human predictable behavior has played perfectly to plan coupled with European economic woes, placing reliance on the Jewish IMF and World Bank effectively neutralizing dissenting political voices within Europe.
The only recourse for the Iranians in the face of these Zionist/Talmudic chess moves aligned against them, is for Strategic Alignment of the Persians with fellow Oil Producing ethnic Persians, such as Azerbaijan, occupied Iraq, Turkmenistan, Chechnya, and being able to use covert Russian help.
This brief interlude till March, 2012 is going to be an Intelligence War with the CIA-MOSSAD combine versus the secretive Iranian Intelligence, which is known to have grown and nurtured both Hezbollah and Hamas into effective fighting forces.
if Iranian Intelligence begins a covert war in Iraq drawing massive fire on the secret American bases, along with aiding the Taliban in destroying ISAF bases over in Afghanistan, along with a closure of Homuz straits seriously affecting world oil supplies and thus Pricing. Added to this if Iranian Intelligence can absorb/control Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan’s oil flow with covert Russian Special Forces/FSB help, then the Price of Oil will rise in Europe to unbearable levels overland while impacting American and Global Oil Shipping, leading to an unbearable situation which would need to be resolved immediately.
Meanwhile as the Oil wars are going on, Iranian Intelligence must strengthen Hezbollah enough to begin a Third Lebanon War tying down popular Sunni Islamic sentiment against Israel and putting pressure on “Quisling” Arab regimes to act against Israel…..This is key, even if Iran is attacked physically, it must START the THIRD LEBANON WAR, to effectively mobilize over 200 million Arabs in the region into its arms….and against Israel and its Proxies (America and Europe)….
Should a Physical War with Iran start, the Persians must exact “horrific consequences” on Israel as a deterrence against further Jewish military expansion/adventurism in the Region, even at the cost of sparing its Christian Militias i.e America and Europe, who will be taking the brunt of the casualties, in-addition to footing the bill for this latest Talmudic “Game Theory” chess games with the Islamic World.
Iran must immediately at this point activate Iranian Intelligence in Central Asia, and Russia to prevent a massive degradation of its Present Capabilities. If all else fails, we can tighten our belts for a very Man-made Armageddon…


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