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Israeli-Iranian Wars (covert and non-covert)

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The hidden master-stroke that the Zionists and their Christian Militias, A.K.A,,,America and Europe, have played is to sharply divide the Islamic World into Sunni and Shia…Now America befriends even the Sunni Taliban, and has taken Mullah Omar off the Terror list,,,,I’m sure soon to be replaced by Ahmedenijad. Iran can expect no help from the Arabs and its Russian ally has been bogged down by expertly timed “Jewish Russian Opposition”….
The Zionists have left nothing to chance as most Human predictable behavior has played perfectly to plan coupled with European economic woes, placing reliance on the Jewish IMF and World Bank effectively neutralizing dissenting political voices within Europe.
The only recourse for the Iranians in the face of these Zionist/Talmudic chess moves aligned against them, is for Strategic Alignment of the Persians with fellow Oil Producing ethnic Persians, such as Azerbaijan, occupied Iraq, Turkmenistan, Chechnya, and being able to use covert Russian help.
This brief interlude till March, 2012 is going to be an Intelligence War with the CIA-MOSSAD combine versus the secretive Iranian Intelligence, which is known to have grown and nurtured both Hezbollah and Hamas into effective fighting forces.
if Iranian Intelligence begins a covert war in Iraq drawing massive fire on the secret American bases, along with aiding the Taliban in destroying ISAF bases over in Afghanistan, along with a closure of Homuz straits seriously affecting world oil supplies and thus Pricing. Added to this if Iranian Intelligence can absorb/control Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan’s oil flow with covert Russian Special Forces/FSB help, then the Price of Oil will rise in Europe to unbearable levels overland while impacting American and Global Oil Shipping, leading to an unbearable situation which would need to be resolved immediately.
Meanwhile as the Oil wars are going on, Iranian Intelligence must strengthen Hezbollah enough to begin a Third Lebanon War tying down popular Sunni Islamic sentiment against Israel and putting pressure on “Quisling” Arab regimes to act against Israel…..This is key, even if Iran is attacked physically, it must START the THIRD LEBANON WAR, to effectively mobilize over 200 million Arabs in the region into its arms….and against Israel and its Proxies (America and Europe)….
Should a Physical War with Iran start, the Persians must exact “horrific consequences” on Israel as a deterrence against further Jewish military expansion/adventurism in the Region, even at the cost of sparing its Christian Militias i.e America and Europe, who will be taking the brunt of the casualties, in-addition to footing the bill for this latest Talmudic “Game Theory” chess games with the Islamic World.
Iran must immediately at this point activate Iranian Intelligence in Central Asia, and Russia to prevent a massive degradation of its Present Capabilities. If all else fails, we can tighten our belts for a very Man-made Armageddon…


Did Putin poison another rebel general?

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Publication time: 25 June 2011, 12:58 An Italian newspaper, Il Manifesto, reported in an article entitled “Strange Death of Rebel General. News from the Evil Empire” about a possible assassination of General Achalov by the FSB: “The general was the founder and a longtime chairman of the far-right Nationalist organization Rodina (Homeland)”, which was later renamed into the “Union of Officers”. Recently, while keeping links to most extreme Nationalist movements, the general founded an organization “Union of Russian Paratroopers” with clearly subversive goals. It was a suspicious death. The official report tells about a “long illness”, without going into further details. But last November, the general was in good health. Achalov was linked to another general, Vladimir Shamanov, who participated in last year’s attempt of a military uprising. Shamanov narrowly escaped death in a road incident on October 30, 2010, when a truck collided with his car”. Meanwhile, the Nationalist media in Russia noted that Putin had poisoned or violently killed quite a large number of rebel generals and senior officers in the past: – Victor Ilyukhin demanded from the FSB and the prosecutor’s office to initiate a criminal case against Vladimir Putin under article 275 of the Russian Criminal Code for state treason. Naturally, on March 19, 2011 Viktor Ilyukhin “suddenly died” in his country house near Moscow. – Recently, Russian freemason Poltoranin blamed personally Putin for the murder of General Rokhlin. Immediately after the assassination of Rokhlin, the FSB head of Kovalev was forced to hand over his post to Putin in accordance with the decree of Boris Yeltsin. – On October 28, 2010, at 7 pm, one of the leaders of the united military opposition, the chairman of the Russian Supreme Officers Council, Lieutenant-General Dubrov died under “unknown circumstances”. The 73-year-old retired general “fell under a train”, with no eyewitnesses. An All-Russian Officers’ Meeting was held under the chairmanship of General Dubrov in February 2010 at which it was decided to launch concrete actions to prepare toppling of the Putin-Medvedev’s regime. – On October 28, the body of another retired lieutenant general in the Russian Defense Ministry, Boris Debashvili, was found in downtown Moscow. Up till now, no other details have been reported in Russian media. – On October 2010, a major general, former head of the Intelligence Command of Internal Troops of the Russian Interior Ministry, a 47-year-old Victor Chevrizov, was killed in Moscow. He allegedly shot himself in the head with a pistol in his apartment building. – On August 2010, it became known that Deputy Chief of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), Major-General Yuri Ivanov, who was involved in the FSB terrorist attack on the Polish president’s airplane on April 10. 2010 in Smolensk, was killed “under unknown circumstances”. – On November 2009, a GRU officer Anton Surikov suspiciously died after drinking a cup of coffee in a provincial restaurant in the Volga town of Izhevsk. – On 21 June 2009, Gen. Petrov, head of the opposition group “Concept of Public Safety”, died in Moscow. Supporters of General Petrov unanimously said that Gen. Petrov had been poisoned. – In February 2009, an FSB General Alexander Rogachev died from “heart attack” in Moscow while driving his car. Later, it became known that investigators found a gunshot wound in the head of the general. – In January 2009, a Navy colonel Valentin Polyansky was shot dead in Moscow. According to the “investigation”, the colonel shot himself. The professional trooper obviously forgot shooting skills. First, he fired on the floor, and afterwards on himself. – The list seems to be endless and should include the mysterious deaths of such well-known Russian generals as Troshev, Lebed, Rokhlin and others. But lately, the rate of murders started to increase sharply, the Nationalists write. Department of Monitoring

German Gestapo, Stasi in action, Berlin

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Brutal German police extradiсts refugee to death

in Russia Publication time: 23 June 2011, 23:07

On Thursday around noon, the German political police arrested in Berlin a native of Dagestan, Kamil Nadirov, born in 1976, who resides permanently in the Czech Republic, and immediately handed him over to Czech secret police. Nothing is known about his fate at the moment. There is a concern that the Czech spy services will hand him over to the mercy of the gristly Russian security services, reported the website VDagestan. Kamil went to a hospital to pick up his wife after surgery. When they left the hospital, police pounced on him and pinioned him. His wife was left alone with her belongings, although her stitches were not taken out after surgery. The brutal German police said it was her problem how she goes home. The police behaved very rudely. Czech spy services have demanded his extradition from Germany in a fabricated case of a so-called “terrorism”. On May 3, Muslims from the Caucasus were arrested in the Czech Republic for the sake of that case, but Kamil was in Germany at that time. Three weeks ago, his companion, Tagir Aliyev, born in 1981, was also arrested in Berlin. He was charged for the sake of the same case, fabricated by Democratic Czech and German spy services by agreement with bloody Moscow. Nothing is also known about his fate. Both Muslims, arbitrarily arrested by the servants of Democracy, are natives of Dagestan.

Department of Monitoring

Egyptians, the dumbest Arabs on Earth.

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Did Egypt really open Rafah crossing?
By Ramzy Baroud

For most Palestinians, leaving Gaza through Egypt is as exasperating a process as entering it. Governed by political and cultural sensitivities, most Palestinian officials and public figures refrain from criticizing the way Palestinians are treated at the Rafah border.

However, there is really no diplomatic language to describe the relationship between desperate Palestinians – some literally fighting for their lives – and Egyptian officials at the crossing which separates Gaza from Egypt.

“Gazans are treated like animals at the border,” a friend of mine told me. She was afraid that her fiance would not be allowed to leave Gaza, despite the fact that his papers were in order. Having

crossed the border myself just a few days ago, I could not disagree with her statement.

The New York Times reported on June 8: “After days of acrimony between Hamas and Egypt over limitations on who could pass through the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt, Hamas said Egypt had agreed to allow 550 people a day to leave Gaza and to lengthen the operating hours of the crossing.”

And so the saga continues.

A few weeks after an official Egyptian announcement to “permanently” open the border – thus extending a lifeline for trapped Palestinians under siege in Gaza – the Rafah border was opened for two days of conditional operation in late May, and then closed again for four days. Now it has once more “reopened”.

All the announcements are proving to be no more than rhetoric. The latest “permanent” reopening has come with its own conditions and limitations, involving such factors as gender, age, purpose of visit, and so on.

“Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country,” states Article 13 (2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This universal principle, however, continues to evade most Palestinians in Gaza.

I was one of the very first Palestinians who stood at Rafah following the announcement of a “permanent” opening. Our bus waited at the gate for a long time. I watched a father repeatedly try to reassure his crying six-year-old child, who displayed obvious signs of a terrible bone disease.

“Get the children out or they will die,” shouted an older passenger as he gasped for air. The heat in the bus, combined with the smell of trapped sweat was unbearable.

Passengers took it upon themselves to leave the bus and stand outside, enduring disapproving looks from the Egyptian officials. Our next task was finding clean water and a shady spot in the arid zone separating the Egypt and Palestinian sides. There were no restrooms.

A tangible feeling of despair and humiliation could be read on the faces of the Gaza passengers.

No one seemed to be in the mood to speak of the Egyptian revolution, a favorite topic of conversation among most Palestinians. This zone is governed by an odd relationship, one that goes back many years – well before Egypt, under Hosni Mubarak, decided to shut down the border in 2006 in order to aid in the political demise of Hamas.

The issue actually has nothing to do with gender, age or logistics. All Palestinians are treated very poorly at the Rafah crossing, and they continue to endure even after the toppling of Mubarak, his family and the dismissal of the corrupt security apparatus. The Egyptian revolution is yet to reach Gaza.

When the bus was finally allowed to enter about five hours later, Palestinians dashed into the gate, desperately hoping to be among the lucky ones allowed to go in. The anxiety of the travelers usually makes them vulnerable to workers at the border who promise them help in exchange for negotiated amounts of money. All of this is actually a con, as the decision is made by a single man, referred to as al-Mukhabarat, the “intelligence”.

Some are sent back while others are allowed entry. Everyone is forced to wait for many hours – sometimes even days – with no clear explanation as to what they are waiting for, or why they are being sent back.

The very ill six-year-old held on his dad’s jacket as they walked about, frantically trying to fulfill all the requirements. Both seemed like they were about to collapse.

The Mukhabarat determined that three Gazan students on their way to their universities in Russia were to be sent back. They had jumped through many hoops already to make it so far. Their hearts sank when they heard the verdict. I protested on their behalf, and the decision was as arbitrarily reversed as it was originally made.

Those who are sent back to Gaza are escorted by unsympathetic officers to the same open spot, to wait for the same haggard bus. Some of those who are allowed entry are escorted by security personnel across the Sinai desert, all the way to Cairo International Airport to be “deported” to their final destinations. They are all treated like common criminals.

“I can’t watch my son die in front of my eyes,” screamed the father of 11-year-old Mohammed Ali Saleh, according to Mohammed Omer for Inter Press Service (June 10). He was addressing Egyptian troops days after the border was supposedly “permanently” reopened – for the second time in less than a week.
Such compelling needs as medical treatment, education and freedom keep bringing Palestinians back. The Israeli siege has choked Gaza to the point of near complete strangulation. Egypt is Gaza’s only hope.

“I beg you to open the crossing … You brothers of Egypt have humiliated us for so long. Isn’t it time we had our dignity back?” said Naziha Al-Sebakhi, 63, one of the many distressed faces at the Rafah border, according to Mohammed Omer.

As they crossed into Egypt, some of the passengers seemed euphoric. The three students and I shared a taxi to Cairo. A tape of Umm Kulthum’s Amal Hyati – Hope of my Life – played over and over again. Despite everything, the young men seemed to hold no resentment whatsoever towards Egypt.

“I just love Egypt …I don’t know why,” said Majid pensively, before falling asleep from sheer exhaustion.

I thought of the six-year-old boy and his dad. I wonder if they made it to the hospital on time.

Ramzy Baroud ( is an internationally-syndicated columnist and the editor of His latest book is My Father Was a Freedom Fighter: Gaza’s Untold Story (Pluto Press, London), available on

(Copyright 2011 Ramzy Baroud.)

The Birth of Israel?

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Before I begin, i say “GOOGLE EVERYTHING”….i wish i was wrong….

The Birth of Israel, was a plan, long written by Theodre Herchel in 1895, a plan to steal the land Of PALESTINE from the Arabs. His plan was just the blue-print but the story grows richer. At the same time of Theodre Herschel, another Jew was dismayed by the Jewish lack of Power in Europe, and he hatched a plan to steal the Power from Christians in the name of the Worker.

Who was he? why, of course Karl Marx, the hero champion of the Worker. Herschel and Marx were contemporaries, and another man rose in New York, another Jew called Leon Bronstein, or Trotsky. He wanted to put in power the policies of Karl Marx. He flew in from New York to Russia, and plotted on how to take over power form the Christian Romanov Czar Nicholas II. the writings of Karl Marx were adapted in simple formulas for the common Worker. Billions of dollars were poured in by Jewish American, Jewish German Bankers to finance the Bolshevik revolution, all across Europe including Germany and Russia.

The Jews stabbed Russia in the back in 1917, when Russia was fighting for its life, against the German Army, Lenin, the Jew, decided to make unconditional peace with the Germans so that the  Bolshevik Jews could finally deal with the White Christian Russians led by the Romanovs. The Red Jewish Army with thousands of “brainwashed Workers” turned on the Imperial Christian White Army, and eventually defeated the White Christians. Yakov Yuronovsky, the leader of the Jewish secret Police, the Cheka, slit Anastassia’s throat, and killed her Czar and Czarina Parents.

A Jewish reign of terror fell on Russia, and the land trembled at the sight of the Red Jewish Star of David on every “RED” soldier. The Jewish Cheka killed tens of millions of Christians and Muslims. The first Jewish Death Camps were opened, and operated by the Jews. Then the First Israel was FOUNDED in the USSR…thats right folks,,,inside the USSR called the “Jewish Autonomous Republic or Oblast” . that was the first Israel, then since that wasn’t SEXY enough, the Jews came to steal Palestine. The story is long and interesting but it s too long for over here. Google the rest…
Welcome to Israel!

Another Holocaust “tear jerker”

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., 12 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am usually a fan of comic turned movies, but I have grown old and weary over the Proverbial Nazi bad guy…I’m tired off yet another Holocaust themed movie. Are there no other villains? And is the Jewish sob-story required to wrench out the last Holocaust tear an older generation can produce,,,and brainwash another whole young-adult Generation in Holocaust and Jewish suffering?….”Never Forget” is the theme, and tinged with it, though cleverly overturned at the end, as the Jewish “Magneto”.

The movie was beyond slick, clever special effects that only “Banking” big money can provide. It was well acted, edited, superbly crafted, directed…the only problem for me was the “Story-line”. I give this movie only one star, because I dislike politically themed movies being dished out to our young adults…especially comic book story impressionable audiences. I heard stories, that the Jewish authors wrote the Marvel comic books, as a response to the Holocaust, but we are now in the 21st century. Enough with the past…we can dig up Hundreds of Millions of Christian, and Muslim victims slaughtered by entities worse than the other.

The Mongols, Jews, Hindus, Germans, Russians, Africans have all killed and been murdered in our Earth’s glorious time-line. Is this more evidence of a particular race/faith’s domination of Hollywood? “Inglorious Basterds” and a whole host of Jewish-Nazi themed movies are coming our way. Must we see these tired stories time and again?.. no wonder people are moving to European and Indie cinemas, for Those Who Know. However wisdom comes too late in our lives,,,and our young adults are already in the theaters and being sub-consciously brainwashed… The theme of “revenge” and “killing” versus the Forgiveness, was there in the end, but the sub-conscious effect of “revenge” and killing was glorified and even savored, and shown as more powerful than ordinary pathetic and mistaken “forgiveness”. X-professor, realizes the dangers of Forgiveness…”better to destroy first and think later” is the dominant theme, and carried forcefully by Magneto.

These are not Christian themes, but here a lust for revenge is clearly put forward, as we see too well in the World today with the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the ADL, JDL, all specialists in hunting 90+ year old Nazis. There is no forgiveness being taught here,, only murder and more murder…and Endless War… Small wonder that even with Mr Bin Laden dead, we are stuck in an Endless war with Islam, and with anyone who disagrees. It is movies like these that re-enforce Palestine and Israel issues,,,and the endless cycle of Talmudic violence.

I find this a terrible movie, only bent of reinforcing the “Popular Notion”, to Prepare our Youth for Endless War. Endless Revenge, and the most pathetic of all, “Never Forget!” Impressionable minds are at stake here, and we have not seen the last of these Hollywood, funded by Mega Wall Street Shyster Hoodlums, bent on truly destroying Civilization. It is only with sadness that i write this review, on a so-far amazing franchise/series, with “Wolverine” being a clear favorite of mine.

Necrophilic Russian killer colonel eliminated in Moscow

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Last update: 10 June 2011, 17:28 Publication time: 10 June 2011, 14:13 A colonel of the Russian army Yury Budanov has been eliminated in Moscow. “The best Russian” called him the Russian patriotic movement after the Kremlin launched a farce with the so-called “trial” in connection with the brutal murder of 17-year old Chechen girl Elsa Kungayeva in the village of Tangi-Chu followed by an act of necriphilia. Russian poets and singers wrote a song, praising the necrophilic colonel as a Russian hero. The Russians know better what their real heroes are. It is to be recalled that the Russian hero Budanov abducted a Chechen girl, took her to his unit, brutally tortured her, and when she died, he sadistically raped the dead body. Budanov said that he had raped the girl’s dead body while in the heat of passion, because, they say, she was a “Chechen sniper”. In 2003, Budanov was formally sentenced to 10 years in prison. In fact, the necrophilic colonel never stayed in prison and was secretly released after trial. In December 2008, the court in Dimitrovgrad (Ulyanovsk region), where Budanov was formally “completing his sentence”, authorized the parole for the Russian officer. It is to be recalled that in 2001, the units of Emir Khattab and Shamil Basayev routed in a battle near the village of Janni-Vedeno a group of the Permian special police unit, killing more than 40 invaders, and capturing 11 Permian commandos. The Chechen side has offered to exchange the imprisoned commandos to colonel Budanov. The Russians refused, after which the captured invaders were executed. At that time, the Mujahideen Command sentenced Budanov to death with no term of prescription. Meanwhile, Russian media outlets report some of the details on the elimination of Budanov. It is reported that the necrophilic colonel was shot dead in downtown Moscow on Friday afternoon near a house # 38/16 on Young Communists Avenue. Budanov was leaving a notary’s office when a man approached him and fired from his pistol with a silencer in his head (see the video from the scene). Moscow is confident that the operation of the elimination of Budanov was carefully prepared and that he had been shadowed for some time. It is reported that a burnt car, which used by a sabotage group, and a pistol with a silencer, were discovered. Meanwhile, according to other sources, as reported by a KGB website LifeNews, Budanov was shot six times straight from a car. Four bullets hit the head of the colonel. How many people were in the car is unknown. The car waited for Budanov in a yard for several minutes. Russian KGB nationalists have reacted to the elimination of their national hero. One of the leaders of the KGB movement “Russians”, Dmitry Demushkin, threatened with “a surge of nationalist sentiment” in Russia in connection with the elimination of Budanov. According to him, “the nationalists have no doubt that the traces of the murder are leading to Chechnya”. Russian human rights activists condemned the elimination of the necrophile. The head of the Moscow Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alekseyeva made a statement. It is to be recalled that after the martyrdom of Shamil Basayev, Alekseyeva who is considered to be an old KGB/FSB agent, publicly expressed her joy in connection with his death and even gave an interview on this occasion to the Interfax news agency. Alekseyeva said then: “It would have been fine if Basayev were caught. But this is a rare case when news of the death of a person is met with satisfaction”. The head of the Civic Assistance Committee, Svetlana Gannushkina, also suspected in working for the KGB/FSB, condemned the elimination of necrophilic colonel. “I condemn this murder and I believe that it is a crime”, said Gannushkina. Department of Monitoring