the life

So as we sit around again on the coffee table it gets real weird thinking how technology has progressed. So many people in this world with enough leisure time to do what they do best, BLOG!
Amazing the energy and the creativity of humanity to sit and toil and express their creativity. How we merge worlds and technologies. What was once a phone is now a typewriter, a computer, a camera, a video camera, and god knows what other new fangled features it has. This is the blackberry! The pinnacle of phone technology. I never fell for the i phone hoopla. Not meant for serious typers and writers. Hell I think we can make the blackberry and everything we want it to be. Just the power of google and gps now that it has is unimaginable. Its a great feature. Love it. So cool to have a memory card of 8 gb which stores a hell lot of music and equivalent to an ipod touch or nano. Damn my full on ipod has 80gb and its awesome with the capacity to meet my travelling needs. You see iv bought almost all the gadgets that anyone ever wanted,yet been with all the girls,still played the video games , am a doctor and seen the world and want to see more as my journey has only begun. Ah the adventure of life. To stay young and youthful words that people have forgotten as they rush or hurtle towards their martyrdom or rather old age.
I seek none of that but contentment and education. So much does this wonderful planet have to offer. Technology and the wonderful advances of humankind. Darkness of the obscurantists who want their primitive thoughts and ideals of destruction threaten us all. I refer to the taliban and their ilk who understand nothing but have become a wave of locusts in this modern world. What kind of purity do they want. A world devoid of pleasure and amusement. As God has said we are free to behave as we want and not to be subjected to fascist governance. Freedom for everyone is our most cherished motto. What we must do is to travel and educate people on the beauty and importance of a full life. It is fascinating and a grand experience. And then ofcourse psytrance or the psychedelica of trance. That which moves our soul. There is no question of our being inactive and lazy. With psytrance in our bood we will move and so will our bodies compelled by our brain and higher command. Ordinary fatigue and bodily conditions don’t concern the higher thought in the slightest. The body as a vehicle must be in a state to perform the higher tasks commanded of it. Thus this is the approach that I take for physical fitness. Higher command structure stimulation of the body automatically forces the body to exist in a fit state ready to obey at the slightest stimulation. Or woe be on it!
This human body must perform and perform it must. Feels a little nazi like but really this body is far too easy to spoil to let it relax too much. I travel the world in tough conditions without much luxuries inorder to give it some action that modern life has taken away from us. Modern life has given us so much in the third world. Our lives have become so much better, africa and asia two of the most inhospitable continents have been given a chance for decent civilized life to flourish.
India one of the harshest countries to live in or the deserts of arabia have now been conquered by the airconditioner. Ah praise be to that man who invented it, lord kelvin if I’m not mistaken. Ah for me india is indeed a far cry from the third world conditions that I had to suffer not too far ago. Still there are the reminders , the mosquitoes the not too often power cuts and the potholed roads and ofcourse a dip into hell as we step out into the open.
India hell on earth.
The west so beautiful and temperate. Beautiful. The pinacle of current civilization!


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